Sunday, 12 February 2012

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  1. Please dont let the negative people prevent you from writing the FTI stories I love all the Characters from first seeing Andrei as just the friend helping Demetri out, to the overprotective boyfriend/mate to the loving father... I love the development of all the characters and check in almost everyday for your stories.. Ive also read 50 shades and rather read your stories anyday.. thanks for the great stories

  2. in regards to the comment above...
    50 shades has NOTHING on your saga. I cringed my way through that series just to see what all the hype was about. I reread the FTI series continuously while anxiously awaiting each new installment. I fall in love with each and every character, love how there are always new twists and unexpected surprising lurking in every chapter. Jaz, you are an amazing author - what wouldn't i give to be able to pluck the rest of the series from your head to end this WAITING :P keep it up! and best of luck with publishing! ill be buying them :D

  3. I read most of your stories in a row and only had to wait for the last two chapters. God, its terrible, the waiting. I know writing cannot be too easy, and if its a little encouragement you need, you've got it in spades!!!! Do you have an outline for the whole saga in your head before you begin writing? Because, everything just flows. Wishing you the very best, publishing your works.

  4. Write MORE. Write FASTER. Thanks!! Love ya!! Smooches!!

  5. I just thought I would say you are amazing and a very talented writer.I have been sucked into your stories and am anxiously awaiting more. It takes true talent to write as many stories as you have and still have your readers right there with you wanting more. I can't wait so see what transpires in the stories to come. Thank you for your writings and the joys it brings me to read them.

  6. Wow I'm just seeing these comments here now as it's not a page I visit regularly on my Blog.

    I just wanted to thank you all so much for taking time out to comment and share your thoughts


  7. Tears of the Fallen Ch. 10 not yet posted in Literotica.... Why can't we read it here?? The wait is killing me................
    Thanks for your fascinating story writing LOVEEEE the FTI Saga !!

  8. Loving Tears of the Fallen,

    Can't see how it's not going to end in tears for either Liam or Cassie or both. Theresea doesn't just deserve to die, she deserves to be tortured for days and weeks on end until her mind is a shell and then allowed to wither and die.

    I have a feeling that's not what you have in mind though.

  9. Hello Jaz,

    I have been reading your posts since you first started with Lit. and have since friended you on facebook and followed your blog. I can't get enough of your characters and am in half love with more than one. lol.
    My question to you is this have you or will you be continuing Shadow Walker? i have been looking forward to seeing where it was going.
    Anyway Thank you for creating these (stories does not seem to be an adequate word) worlds for me and everyone else to explore.

    Your devoted fan.
    Mdm. T. Amara

  10. Please make Kallum's mate a human. PLEASE

  11. Missing you and your stories - Hope all is well with you and yours - Looking forward to once again being able to immerse myself in your fabulous stories - Take care Toni

  12. Will you be adding to your Literotica story, Storm of Shadows? Your last post was March 2017. Or is it available else where for your readers.......