Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Reluctant Love Ch 18.3

Chapter 18.3: Throw Back Thursday. 

She moaned as he lifted her body up from the bed and slid her down onto his cock as he knelt on the bed. He suckled against one breast and then the other as he held her still against his body. He leaned her backwards over his arm, his eyes glittering as he ran a hand over her breasts.

"Do you want to ride me, wife or shall I ride you?" he asked huskily, moving deep inside her.

Emily moaned and writhed against him. "Take me, husband," she moaned. "Ride me hard."

He groaned and lowered her to the bed, thrusting into her sweet body as he did so. He raised her arms above her head and held them there securely with one hand. His other hand moved to her hip and he gripped her tightly before he began to push hard into her, taking her with short, fast strokes, his breathing laboured as he pounded against her.

Emily cried out and bucked up to meet each thrust, her head thrashing from side to side as their lovemaking quickly reached a breathtaking intensity.

"Harder, Cullen," she cried, wild with need.

He responded to her urging, ramming into her hard and fast, his need at feverish level as he took her almost violently and she responded equally as ferociously.

They cried out together as their pleasure peaked and they shuddered wildly against each other.

Cullen collapsed on the bed beside her, spent for the moment but knowing that he would soon be craving her sweet body again. He couldn't get enough of his beautiful wife.

He pulled the covers around them and cuddled into Emily's back, holding her securely in his embrace. He kissed her shoulder leisurely, brushing her tangled curls out of the way so he could taste more of her sweet flesh. One hand curled around her breast and stroked lightly as they lay together, their breathing slowly beginning to calm.

"You work to hard," he said quietly.

"How would you know, you've only just come back?" Emily laughed, her hand coming to his against her breast and stroking him lightly.

"Why do you think I called Dorian just about every day," he smiled as his mouth roamed over her shoulder. "I love Dorian but I really didn't need to be in that much contact with him. I was calling to find out how you were, what you were doing. If you were coping okay without me. So I do know you've been working too hard, love."

She glanced at him over her shoulder. "Really, Cullen?" she asked softly.

"Really, Emily," he smiled. "I may have been thousands of miles away but I couldn't get through one day without knowing what you were doing, that was how much I missed being with you."

"And you determined from this second hand information that I've been working too hard," she said quietly.

"Haven't you been?" he asked, his lips once more moving over her skin.

Emily sighed. "I suppose I have been," she admitted. "I needed something to fill my time, to make things a bit more bearable."

"Janick was right when he said you need to take some time for yourself, love," he said slowly, afraid to get her hackles up.

"What did you have in mind?" she asked carefully, her body slightly tense against him.

"A second honeymoon," he smiled. "Just you and me, alone, lying like this in each other's arms after making hot passionate love together."

Emily relaxed and then giggled. "I think I could be persuaded," she sighed. A whole week, maybe even two of just her and Cullen sounded like sweet bliss.

"It took millennia for our kind to stagnate the first time, love," Cullen said gently. "I'm sure they'll survive just fine without you for a week or two."

"I'm so glad you're home, Cullen," she whispered. "I don't think you've ever really understood how much your Princess needs you as badly as your wife does. I could have a hundred wise heads around me but you are the only one who has the real power to make me stop and see what I'm doing wrong."

Cullen swallowed hard and closed his eyes. He had been so wrapped up in his own issues that what she said was true. He hadn't realised how hard it was for her to take on the responsibility she had. He hadn't known just how much she needed and relied on him to keep her feet on the right path.

"You're right, love," he said softly. "I didn't understand. But I do now, Emily and I'm going to be with you every step of the way. And I've decided that a second honeymoon is imperative to the health and well being of not only my wife but also my Princess. So I'll accept no arguments from you about that."

Emily sighed and pulled his hand to her mouth so she could kiss it. "And I will give you none, my husband," she said and then she sucked a finger deep into her mouth and laved it gently with her tongue.

Cullen groaned and felt his body stir against her.

"Again? So soon," she laughed huskily and proceeded to suck his fingers rhythmically until he pulled his hand away and raised her leg so he could slide into her from behind.

"Again," he breathed against her shoulder, feeling her hot tightness surrounding him. He began to move inside her, taking her with long, slow strokes, his hand coming between her legs to dance lightly and teasingly over her heated flesh.

Emily moaned and raised an arm back behind her to clasp around the back of his neck and he nibbled and licked at her shoulder as he moved inside her.

"I can't get enough of you, Emily," Cullen groaned deeply. "I want to be buried deep inside you forever, feeling your hot, wet tightness wrapped around me. Your body is so beautiful, so sexy, so incredibly hot."

They moved together slowly and leisurely, their lovemaking achingly tender as they whispered words of love to each other until Cullen took her tumbling over the edge again and she cried out her sweet pleasure as he groaned his against her shoulder.

Emily didn't know what time they finally fell asleep. She just knew her body was entirely satiated from Cullen's sweet lovemaking and her spirit was soaring as she basked in his love for her. She curled into his embrace and closed her eyes.

She woke first the next morning. Cullen was sound asleep so she slipped quietly from their bed and had a quick shower and dressed. She suddenly remembered about her torn underwear and retrieved it from his jeans, a wry smile on her face as she dumped the shredded material in the bucket.

She made her way out to the common room. Janick was playing chess with one of his friends but he looked up as she entered.

He stared at her for a moment, his expression unfathomable but then his beautiful face broke into a big, welcoming smile and she relaxed slowly and walked over to them.

"Who's winning?" she asked lightly glancing at the board.

Janick shot her a 'you have to be kidding me look?' and she burst out laughing.

"Pardon me for asking," she said when she finally stopped laughing. She beckoned to one of the serving staff and sat down to watch the end of the game. Janick really was thrashing his friend she saw as she sipped at the drink she had been brought. The game ended soon after she sat down and Janick turned to her as his friend moved away.

"Now that's the kind of look I've been longing to see on your beautiful face, Emily," he finally said with a small smile.

She flushed slightly and looked away, feeling sad for her friend.

"Don't be sad, sweet one," Janick said softly. "I am surprising myself by discovering that of the two choices before me yesterday, this one is the one which gives me the most pleasure."

She looked back at him and smiled. "Thank you, my friend. For everything."

"It is my pleasure to serve, Highness," he said giving her a mock bow and a leering grin.

Emily burst out laughing again. "You are so bad," she laughed, her eyes shining.

"Is it safe for me to be seen with you or is your husband going to appear out of nowhere again and threaten to rip my head off?" Janick joked. "That was a pretty impressive display he put on last night. Talk about marking your territory."

Emily blushed and groaned. "Don't, Janick," she laughed. "I'd just about forgotten about that embarrassing episode. And yes, you are perfectly safe in my company."

"Just checking," he said with a smile. "I quite like my head where it is."

"Cullen isn't like that, Janick," Emily protested. "He doesn't go around beating his chest and threatening to decapitate other men just because they find his wife attractive."

Her friend raised an eyebrow at her. "But you told him about our kiss, did you not?" he asked. "It's one thing to look and another to touch, Emily."

"Janick," Emily sighed patiently. "Of course I told him about the kiss. You knew I would. I wouldn't keep something like that from my husband. He was fine about it, very understanding even. There really is no issue with us being friends. Cullen still cares for Elizabeth. I know that and I understand it too. I dare say once everything dies down and gets back to normal, Elizabeth will start coming around more often. I'm more than comfortable with that even though I know she still loves him. Cullen feels the same way about you as I do about Elizabeth."

"Okay, I give up," Janick laughed. "No point in arguing with you about it. Just don't be surprised if things are a little bit tense for a while. Men can be a lot more territorial than women are when it comes to their mates."

Emily sighed and decided to let the matter drop. She really hoped that Janick was overstating things. She really didn't want to be butting heads with her stubborn husband so soon after he'd come home.

"So what are you plans now?" Janick asked.

"Some time off," Emily sighed a blissful smile on her face.

"About bloody time," Janick said. "Let me guess, Cullen's orders?"

Emily laughed. "Right with your first guess. He insists on a second honeymoon away from this place."

"Then I am really pleased that he's returned. He seems to be the only person you really will listen to when you've got your stubborn head on, Emily. You seriously need the break."

"I know, my friend," she said quietly. "I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to no bowing, no, my Princess, no, Highness! It's going to be heaven."

The sound of a door opening made her turn her head and there was Cullen, his eyes searching for her and finding her immediately. She watched him closely for any signs that he was unhappy to find her sitting with Janick but his eyes were warm and his beautiful smile was radiant as he strode towards them.

He kissed her lightly and sank down on the sofa beside her, grabbing her glass and draining it.

"Hey, that was mine, get your own," Emily said indignantly, slapping his arm playfully.

"What's yours is mine, wife," he laughed and kissed her again before signalling the serving staff for some more drinks.

"I was just telling Janick about taking some time off," Emily said as he looped an arm lightly across her shoulder.

"A great idea, Cullen " Janick said. "And long overdue."

Cullen smiled at the other man. "How many times did you suggest it to her?" he asked.

"Must be close to about twenty," Janick laughed. "She never listened though."

"Excuse me, I am still here," Emily said tartly and the two men laughed.

"When do you want to go, love?" Cullen asked when he'd stopped laughing.

"Next week?" she proposed. "There's a couple of things I need to do this week and then I'm at your disposal."

"Do you have time to slot in some house hunting?" Cullen asked sipping at his drink.

"House hunting?" she said surprised. "Where did that come from? And what's wrong with here?"

Cullen rolled his eyes. "This is your place of work as well as your social life. Did you ever see me with a bed at Cullen and Cross?
 Our room here is supposed to be for a bit of privacy when we're out. Not a permanent residence. We need a house, Emily."

She frowned at him. "We have the apartment."

"You can sell that. It's in your name remember," Cullen said.

"Why would I want to sell a perfectly good apartment?"

"Because we're buying a house and we won't need it anymore," Cullen sighed as if it was the most logical thing in the world.

"Cullen," Emily said quietly, her tone annoyed. "Do you not think we should discuss this first?"

"Isn't that what we're doing right now?" he asked his expression innocent.

"I hardly think this counts as a discussion, Cullen. You're telling me what's happening, not asking my opinion about it."

He smiled. "I guess I am," he said, his tone blasé which made her hackles rise more.

"Oh, I know that look," he laughed. "This is when you start lecturing me isn't it, wife?"

"We'll talk about this later," she said shortly, her eyes flashing angrily.

Cullen grabbed her and kissed her until all the anger melted from her body.

"So can you fit the house hunting in this week?" he asked, his eyes twinkling.

"Fine," she said breathlessly, "Just not Wednesday. I'm busy on Wednesday."

"See that wasn't so hard now, was it?" Cullen laughed and then ducked as she went to hit him.

"I suppose you have a point," she finally conceded. "You're going to be a right pain in my royal backside aren't you, husband?" she laughed.

"I'm going to be exactly what you need, Emily," he answered. "Someone who takes care of you when you don't do the job yourself."

"I can see now why none of the rest of us could ever get her to listen," Janick laughed "Interesting technique you have, Cullen."

Emily blushed, having forgotten he was there for a moment and Cullen laughed.

"She's a stubborn woman," Cullen smiled. "Sometimes drastic measures are called for the get through to her."

"I'll leave you two male chauvinists to sit and beat your chests and discuss the correct techniques for subduing women," Emily said waspishly, standing up. "Oh, and Cullen, just beat your own chest. Janick can do his own by himself, he won't need any help."

She waltzed off leaving Janick looking slightly uneasy and Cullen roaring with laughter.

Janick watched Cullen carefully. "You know I love her," he said to the other man. He may as well get this conversation over and done with.

Cullen nodded. "I know she cares about you too and that you kissed. She told me everything."

"I guess that doesn't sit too well with you," Janick said.

"It's not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be," Cullen admitted. "When I was thousands of miles away wondering what was going on here, it was slightly different. Look Janick, I was an ass. I left her with no idea whether I was coming back or not. She's a beautiful woman. It was only a matter of time before someone fell in love with her. I can't fault any man for feeling like that about her, not when I love her too."

"I was willing to take things further with her, Cullen," Janick said. "I was willing to take your place even though what she feels for me pales into insignificance compared to how she feels about you."

"I know," Cullen answered. "If I hadn't come back, she would have accepted your love too. She would have done her very best to love you as you loved her. It maybe even might have worked. If I'd chosen to stay away I would have wanted that for her, Janick, irrespective of how jealous and hurt I would have felt. I would have wanted her to find happiness with someone else. It actually gives me some comfort knowing that you were always there for her. I don't begrudge you trying to win her hand. I don't begrudge you kissing her either or being her friend. As long as it is in the past now that I've returned."

"It is in the past, Cullen," Janick said. "I know you heard everything we talked about last night. The two parts of how I was feeling about your return. I love her but I found today when she walked through that door with joy and happiness in her eyes, that I was glad you'd stayed. I would much rather see her so radiant and alive than being merely content to be with me. It's what she deserves."

"Janick, she is graced with such good fortune to have a friend such as you in her life," Cullen said quietly. "I hope over time that some of that friendship rubs off on me too."

"I don't think that will be too hard a task for me to undertake, Cullen," Janick smiled. "I liked you before I loved her, even though you act like a fool sometimes."

Cullen laughed and raised his glass. "To friendship," he said.

"To friendship," Janick echoed.

The End. :)