Saturday, 29 January 2011

Chronicles of a Vampire: Demetri

Donald asked me a question a few days ago and I had to disappoint him by saying no. But it did get me thinking and this is what I've come up with. Unlike my previous two story postings here, this one will not feature anywhere else online. It is solely for my Tweeters.

So Don, here is the start to the tale of why Demetri took out Janick's coven.

Hope everyone else enjoys it and bears in mind that this takes place long before the story of FTI. The boys are not as civilised as they haven't met their mates to help teach them the joy of what it is to love.


The music vibrated around the room, bodies lost to the heavy beat, but even wrapped up in their own desires subconsciously people moved out of the path of the tall, dark man who strode through their midst as if they were not in his way.

His big body screamed out danger with every lithe movement, his anger palpable like a cloak shimmering over him. Long black hair swayed down his back, deep green eyes were narrowed and intense. Everything about the man told the world around him that he was ready to explode and everyone knew instinctively to get out of his way.

Everyone except the tall brunette who deliberately stepped into his path. He stopped when she did so, his expression tightening even further as he wordlessly reached out and wrapped a large hand around her slender neck. The room suddenly went quiet, the dancers ceasing their movements to watch the unfolding scene with avid interest.

Tongues licked at lips, eyes shone with excitement as they waited to see what he would do with the woman who had been foolish enough to get in his way. If they were lucky there would be some blood tonight. Vampires so loved the scent of blood even if it came from one of their own kind.

A little tremor of fear shivered through the woman’s body as she was held fast by the man towering over her. His fury washed over her and she shivered again, feeling fingers tightening around her throat, cutting off her ability to breathe. One little twist and her head would be detached from her body. It was one of only two ways to kill her and she knew she was walking a fine line at the moment.

The danger was an aphrodisiac like none other to her. Heat pooled between her legs and her instant arousal scented up the room which was already full of the scent of lust.

The man’s nostrils flared and his eyes narrowed further, then his fingers relaxed slightly and he pulled her towards him. “You play with fire, Youngling. His voice was deep, guttural growl a second before he ground her lips hard under his in a kiss that was nothing less than savage, containing all his pent up fury.

She took his assault on her mouth, luxuriating in the pleasure pain he gave her. The queue of woman for his bed was so long that most didn’t add themselves to it figuring it was a waste of time. Caris was always close to the top of it anyway and most knew she was a tough cookie to push down it despite her Youngling status. Sometimes he was the one who sought her out rather than the other way around. For a man like him that was practically unheard of.

The scent of blood rose as the savage kiss continued, his teeth sharp and painful against her full bottom lip, then his tongue slowly laved the bruised flesh with surprising gentleness. The kiss softened and some of the tension oozed from his big body.

When he finally raised his head slightly his eyes didn’t appear as wild though it was clear his fury still rode him hard. He brushed a thumb gently over her already healed lips and let out a harsh breath. “Stay away from me tonight, Caris. I have no gentleness in me.”

Soft laughter escaped her on a breathy sound. “Your touch calls you a liar, Demetri. I am here if you need me. It is always better to soothe your fury with passion than to break something that cannot be mended.” She stood on her toes and pulled him back down for a brief meeting of lips. “Come find me when you’re finished with them.”

The other vampires turned away, disappointed there would be no violence or even any sex. The music started again and the Youngling vanished into the crowd, the man watching her disappear with a carefully neutral expression on his face.

Demetri Bozic watched Caris walk away from him and he had to concede she had a point. The way he was feeling right now he was ready to take heads. That wasn’t a good thing particularly when he needed to be more clearheaded. Janick was a crafty bastard and not to be underestimated despite that fact he was less than five hundred years old.

He felt his fury start to rise again and pushed it down ruthlessly. He had to think clearly because he didn’t have anyone else around him to do it for him. He’d been running wild for so long now he knew it would soon be time to return to the one person who anchored him as no other could. It had been too long since he had been in Caleb’s company and the signs of their separation were beginning to tell.

Thinking of his friend brought a smile to his lips and he moved again, heading towards the long bar that stood close to his destination. The dark haired vampire behind it watched him approach, his hazel eyes dancing with amusement. “She’s hot. Can I have her when you’re done with her?”

His teasing brought a dark scowl to the other man’s face as he held out a hand and waited for the full bottle of whiskey to be placed in it. “Caris is a free agent, Pietro, but no pushover. Try your luck if you want but make sure you’re ready to protect your balls if you’re not to her taste.”

Demetri objected to his implication that his dalliance with Caris was more than it was. Like any other vampire, his appetites ran high and he indulged them liberally. The Youngling was good between the sheets, good enough that he went back to her if the mood took him, but it was just sex.

There were only three people in the world that he had any genuine feelings for. Caleb and the two men he was about to go down and see. Everyone else was simply there to be used to suit his needs. It was the way of a vampire and the bartender knew that being an Elder himself. Still, it didn’t stop him teasing Demetri mercilessly.

Pietro was lucky that his boss liked him so much otherwise Demetri would have been tempted to take his head years ago. “I look forward to the day you piss Andrei off. Then he won’t mind when he has to interview for a new bartender.”

Pietro laughed loudly, his gorgeous face lighting up with his amusement. “Now you know you love me really, Demetri,” he quipped turning away to serve someone else and ignoring the cold, green eyes following his movements.

Demetri took the whiskey and headed through the door marked private and downstairs to the basement office and other rooms that snaked under the seedy nightclub above. He knew the twins would be aware he was coming down. The bartender would have alerted them to his presence.

Alexei Romanov was lying on the leather sofa beside the door when he entered, his long blond hair fanning across the black material as his deep brown eyes watched him enter the room.

His twin brother Andrei was sitting behind his large desk as usual, light brown hair tied back at his nape, his brown eyes equally as intent though his danced with laughter and his lips were curled in a small smile. “Stop threatening my staff.” It was said abruptly but there was no heat in the words. Andrei knew Demetri wouldn’t do anything unwarranted on his premises.

Demetri looked at his friends and smiled. He genuinely enjoyed spending time in their company even if Caleb did frown at the mere mention of their names. The Romanovs were huge men, powerful within the vampire hierarchy even though they weren’t Ancients.

They were the oldest vampires in existence with the exception of the five Ancients. It took a lot of skill for a vampire to reach the vaunted two thousand year mark and keep his or her head. The Romanovs had under a century to get there and Demetri had no doubt that they would. They were vicious, merciless in their dealings with anyone who crossed them. And they backed each other up as only siblings could. Add to that they had Demetri as their closest friend and they were practically untouchable.

Having an Ancient as a friend seriously raised an Elder’s status within the vampire hierarchy. Of the other four, Demetri was closest to Caleb. They had run together for centuries, occasionally branching off to do their own thing every now and then when a change was required but always coming back together.

Demetri was in such a phase right now, having run with Richard Graves for a while but found the other Ancient’s tastes not to his. He had recently ended his association with him though they remained on friendly terms.

The remaining two Ancients were siblings. Nors he liked well enough though the other man preferred Caleb’s company due to some favour done in the past. The only female Ancient was Nors’ sister Freya. She was a law unto herself and seldom seen. She cared for nothing other than her brother and was alive only because he protected her. Demetri had no time for the woman and was glad he didn’t have to put up with her.

With such a lack of people to respect of his rank, he supposed it was only natural that he would fall in with the next best thing to another Ancient, the Romanov twins. He had known them centuries and trusted only Caleb over them. They had never let him down.

“Pietro should learn to hold his tongue and maybe he’d stand a chance of living longer,” he finally answered his friend as he walked over to a wall unit to grab a glass and pour himself a drink. He sat down in front of Andrei’s desk.

“Was he teasing you about your Youngling again?” Alexei laughed from the sofa and his friend shot him a withering look which he ignored. He couldn’t understand why Demetri bothered with another vampire who wasn’t even a hundred years old. Younglings were so stupid they invariably lost their heads. It was pointless to even acknowledge their existence until they proved they were smart enough to stay alive.

“I wouldn’t push my buttons tonight, Alexei. I’m already pissed off enough as it is.” The words were cold and hard but still the blond vampire just smiled.

“Janick still getting on your nerves?” Andrei pulled their friend’s attention back to him, immediately stepping in between them. Alexei was pissed after his last assignment for The Council and was spoiling for a fight. He didn’t want to have to clean up the mess Demetri would make if the two of them went head to head.

He met Demetri’s hard gaze unflinchingly, a smile on his face as it so often was. Everyone thought Alexei was the one to watch out of the brothers. They were wrong. Andrei Romanov hovered on the very edge of insanity though only those closest to him knew it.

When it came to killing, he was the one who took the most pleasure in it, came up with the most inventive ways to take a life. The only reason he hadn’t completely crossed over was his brother reined him in though sometimes even Alexei had to call on Demetri to help.

“He’s trying to push into my business territory now,” Demetri sighed running a hand through his midnight black hair. “He keeps just on the right side of the line of respect, hides behind his Council friends. I can’t move against him until he does something that the Council can’t condone.”

The Vampire Council didn’t usually get involved in personal issues between vampires though if someone had a friend who sat on the Council, it made it a bit harder to touch them without having a valid reason to. Undercutting someone in business wasn’t classed as valid.

Janick had been yanking Demetri’s chain for two years now and it was seriously starting to piss him off that an Elder so young thought it was acceptable to do so. It was making Demetri look stupid and he couldn’t tolerate that.

Andrei pursed his lips thoughtfully. “Have you spoken to Caleb about it?” Most people listened to the oldest Ancient when he spoke. Maybe a quiet word in Janick’s ear would be enough to get him to back down.

A loud growl vibrated through the room and Alexei swung his legs over the side of the sofa and sat up alertly. Demetri’s body language was so tense that for a moment he thought he was going to fly across the desk at his brother but then his friend appeared to force himself to relax a bit.

“Unlike you, Andrei, I don’t need anyone to hold my hand when someone pisses me off.” Demetri’s words were quiet, too quiet.

Andrei merely smiled wider and shrugged his shoulders. “It was just a thought. Personally, I’d prefer you to take Janick out. Assuming you’d allow us to play with you.”

His enthusiasm at the prospect was evident and Demetri relaxed more and even laughed. It transformed his already beautiful face into something spectacular and was a clear indicator why he was in such vast demand with the ladies. When in a good mood, Demetri Bozic could charm the panties off any woman with just one smile.

“Don’t worry when I get my opening you’ll be there, Andrei,” he smiled. “Janick’s coven has grown to over twenty now. Intelligence says they reckon twenty five give or take a couple. There will be plenty of vampires to go around.”

He let out and sigh and then stood up. “Do some digging. See if you can find out anything that can nullify Janick’s support on the Council. I want something soon. He’s making me look a fool.”

The brothers nodded their agreement both of them excited about the chance of being in on whatever their friend eventually planned for the jumped up Elder who thought he could take on an Ancient and win. Janick was a fool of the biggest proportions. Demetri would eat him up and spit him out and they would be right at his side when he did so.

Janick had already signed his death warrant. It was just a matter of time before it was executed.

Demetri made his way back upstairs feeling calmer than he had when he’d first arrived. He quickly scanned the room until he found what he was looking for. Caris was feeding on an unsuspecting human female in one of the back booths and he felt his body react immediately. There was nothing like a little girl on girl action to send a man’s blood to the correct part of his body.

He strode over and slid into the other side of the booth to watch. One of the things he enjoyed about Caris was her sexuality. She loved sex and didn’t give a shit about the gender of her partner. She’d chosen another pretty brunette to feed from and having clouded the woman’s thoughts, was sucking hard at her breasts.

He watched her luscious lips tug on a swollen, red nipple and felt his cock harden further. She was being rough with the girl but not too rough, enough to get the other woman used to a bit of pain at her breast so she wouldn’t notice the difference when her fangs sunk into her flesh.

“Sexy,” he growled softly, leaning over to run a hand through Caris’ thick brown locks. “I think she needs some fingers too, ma cherie.”

It was an order, there was no mistaking that but Caris was used to him directed her pleasures from time to time and his presence made her hotter than she already was. She continued to suck at the woman’s nipple hard as she trailed her fingers along her spread thighs until she pressed against her wet panties.

Someone moaned softly and she didn’t know which of them it was. It was most probably the woman in her arms but she didn’t particularly care. Shredding the panties quickly, she exposed her partner’s lush sex to her fingers and Demetri’s greedy gaze.

Expertly parting the soft folds she teased her fingers up and down the wet heat before she pushed two ruthlessly into the woman’s body. As she gasped and threw her head back, Caris pierced her breast with her fangs and began to pull hungrily at the hot blood spilling into her mouth.

“Nice and hard, Caris. She’s loving it.”

Demetri’s instructions had her fucking the woman furiously with her fingers, plunging in and out of her tender flesh relentlessly as she writhed and moaned with pleasure. She knew the woman would climax quickly, knew that was Demetri’s goal. He was enjoying the show but he was being cruel too.

He knew she was hungry and needed to feed for longer. The moment the woman climaxed she would have to stop before she had satisfied that hunger. God, he was a complete bastard at times and yet he pulled her like a moth to a flame. Demetri cared nothing for her except for when it came to sex. She had no illusions about that even though deep down a small part of her wished that he did.

It was only a small part though. She had been a vampire long enough not to want her own actions to be curtailed by one man. If Demetri Bozic ever came to care about a woman there would be no other partners for her, only him. Caris didn’t want that kind of limitation in her life.

But she did enjoy her time spent with the Ancient so she fucked the woman vigorously until she screamed out her pleasure and then she detached herself from her breast and healed her puncture marks.

“Thank you, gorgeous,” she whispered to the woman, slowly releasing her from the hazy mind control she’d thrown over her to prevent her from realising she was being fed on by a vampire. She hadn’t coerced the woman to have sex with her. She had wanted it. But keeping the vampire nation a secret was ingrained on all of them. Some mind control was required to ensure that.

She gave the woman a slow, sensual kiss with lots of tongue. They kissed enthusiastically as Demetri watched and then Caris released the woman to return to what she’d been doing before she’d tempted away.

She held out her hand to Demetri, growling with pleasure as he accepted her offering and slowly licked the other woman’s juices from her fingers with obvious relish. “Very nice,” he breathed against her hand, his voice low and husky.

“You’re in a better mood,” she laughed throatily, crawling around the table in their way and trailing a finger along the rigid bulge of his erection through his tight jeans.

He growled back at her, his eyes flaring with hunger as he gripped the nape of her neck hard. “Improve it some more for me,” he ordered pulling her head down.

Caris hissed her pleasure, her agile fingers immediately releasing his straining shaft from his jeans. He had one of the sexiest male bodies she had ever seen, his thick hard shaft making her mouth water. She didn’t need his guidance to suck him deep into her mouth but he obviously still felt feral enough to want to be in control.

He kept her pressed against him as his breath rushed out loudly, holding her captive on his cock until he felt her start to tense. He released his hold and allowed her wet mouth to slide back along his length as she sucked in a noisy breath. He knew she was strong enough to cope with him at his most feral and he was feeling close to that now.

“Suck me good and I’ll let you control the pace,” he growled softly. It was all the warning he was going to give her.

Heat exploded between her legs and Caris plunged onto his throbbing flesh with relish taking him easily down her throat as she had so many times before. She loved it when he was in this mood. His unpredictably brought a true edge of danger to their play which appealed to her feral side so much.

Demetri rested his head back against the cushioned booth and closed his eyes. He gave himself up to the hot sensation of Caris’ mouth stroking his cock as if it was her favourite thing to eat. She knew just what he liked, teasing him by changing her suckling to light flicks of her tongue before taking him in her throat again. It was another one of the reasons he came back to her time and time again. She knew how to suck cock like a professional.

His head dropped forward and he pulled her hair back so he could watch the delicious sight of his length disappearing into her hot mouth. It was as sexy as watching her suck of the other woman’s breast earlier. He knew he was an immoral bastard. She did too and it mattered nothing to her. It was the norm for their kind.

He groaned loudly when her teeth scraped the base of his cock as she took him down her throat once more. He was close to his climax already. She had pleasured him greatly and his earlier cruelty vanished as he stroked down her throat and pressed gently. “You may finish feeding, ma cherie.”

It was an intimate trust he was bestowing upon her, one he knew she wouldn’t abuse. He moved her body enough so he could slide his free hand between her legs without dislodging himself from her mouth. She slid slowly off his cock and looked up at him, a feral glitter in her eyes. And then he pushed her head down again as she eagerly took him down her throat.

Her fangs pierced his cock at the same time he pushed three fingers into her wet body. Her groan vibrated down his length as ecstasy shot through him at her bite and his fingers began fucking her hard. His thumb rubbed against her hard clit, rough and merciless as she sucked at him greedily, drawing his blood into her mouth as well as tempting his seed from his body.

Demetri came with a harsh groan, spilling into her grasping mouth as her own body began to convulse and she clamped hard around his fingers. Another ruthless stroke of her clit and she came with him, no longer feeding though still eagerly swallowing his seed.

It took a moment for his head to clear as Caris languidly cleaned his shaft and he stroked her lightly a few more times between her legs. He couldn’t resist a hard rub against her oversensitive clit and she shuddered and let out a muffled groan.

“You’re such a bastard, Demetri.” There was no heat in her words, her lips curling in a smile as she sat up and righted her clothes.

He licked his hand clean leisurely before he fixed his own clothes and rubbed his knuckles lightly against the side of her face. It was the closest he ever came to showing any sign of true affection towards her. “You love bastards otherwise you wouldn’t keep trying to crawl into my bed.”

She snorted a laugh at his arrogance. “Talking of beds, are you coming back to mine?”

Demetri sighed and took his hand away. It was tempting to say yes but he didn’t want to give her the wrong idea. She was pleasant company and good sexual relief but she couldn’t be allowed to think she was anymore than that. “Another time, ma cherie. I have things to do.”

He gave her a quick kiss and then decided to head home. Now he had satisfied his lust he had plans to make on how to counter Janick’s increasing encroachment into his territory. With another sigh he pulled out his phone as he exited The Dive and hit speed dial.

“Fuck off, I’m busy!”

The terse response he got to his call had him laughing in delight. “What’s her name?”

“How the fuck would I know?”

The grumbled response only made him laugh louder. “Just wanted to check you don’t have any issues with me taking out Janick.”

There was a pregnant pause on the line and then a muffled curse. “Give me a minute.”

Demetri waited, lounging against the side of his Porsche and flicking his bored eyes over the street.

“What have you gotten yourself into now, Demetri?” Caleb Cullen’s tone was cool when he came back on the line.

“He’s fucking with me, has been for two years now. I’ve had enough. As soon as I can find a way to separate him from the Council I’m taking him out. I just wanted to check you didn’t need him for any ongoing business deals.”

Caleb’s breath hissed out loudly. When he next spoke there was a touch of concern in his voice. “I personally can’t stand him but that’s not the point, Demetri. He’s got serious backing on the Council and a few powerful Elders in his coven. If you go off half cocked it’s going to get messy.”

Demetri expected his friend to counsel caution. It was one of the reasons he hadn’t wanted to call him but he knew he needed Caleb’s calm, analytical take on the situation before he acted. “When I take him out I’ll be sure that nothing can stick to me.”

Another long pause and then Caleb’s voice was back, the coolness melting away. “Taking on Janick’s coven is suicidal,” he sighed. “You want me to come home?” It was his way of letting his friend know that he’d be there to support him no matter what.

Demetri smiled. He knew he could count on Caleb for anything but he didn’t want to embroil him in this little war. “ No, it’s okay. The Romanovs have been showing signs of getting a tad restless lately. I’ve earmarked them for this task. It will cool their blood for a while.”

Caleb’s grunt was his only comment on the subject of the twins’ involvement. “Just give me a shout if you need me. Now fuck off and let me get back to what I was doing before I was so rudely interrupted.” He hung up.

Pocketing his phone, Demetri climbed into his car, his gaze turning thoughtful. Having Caleb in the background was always an asset but he didn’t anticipate he’d need him. Getting the green light was all he’d been looking for. It brought Janick’s death sentence that little bit closer.

To be continued…