Sunday, 14 April 2013

See Me, Hear Me

See Me, Hear Me

She stands alone, a throng of people surrounding her.  
She knows their faces, their names, their lives.
She knows their voices, their hopes, their dreams…
and still, she stands alone.

A chill of ice invades her soul,
the insidious melancholy seeping deep within.
Her ever-faithful companion,
shadowing her life for as long as she can remember.

A friend turns to address her, and she smiles a soft smile,
the warmth not quite reaching her pale blue eyes.
A nod of her head, a muttered few words,
her friend turns away oblivious.

So easy it is to play the part,
to appear a part of the group even as she remains separate.
How her soul cries as she stands on the outside,
looking in at the warmth denied her.

Once she used to be part of the group.
Once, so very long ago, she felt that sense of belonging.
Now it is a dull echo,
a memory slowly fading into the distance.

Everything ends and everything changes.
What was once vital becomes a ghost of the past.
Inside her heart shatters, her grief never-ending,
 as she smiles a soft smile, all alone.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Jennifer's FTI Parody Contest Entry

From Tears of the Fallen, Ch 03....
At the point where Cassia is on her way to see Pietro for the first time and get the "hair sample" ....

Why was she suddenly feeling so antsy? Why was the need to find a cure suddenly so much more important to her? And why hadn't she noticed it until now? It was as if the knowledge had been buried until she made her decision to collect the hair sample.

Overwhelmed by her feelings and her wolf pushing them forward, Cassia rapped on the door, her head cocking to the side as she scented within. Loretta and Andrei didn't appear to be home so she twisted the doorknob and entered. She was part of their family and they wouldn't mind her intrusion. The pack was pretty relaxed as a whole and it was only the fact Weres were so uninhibited when it came to their sexuality that most people knocked before entering.

The door swung open just as a tall dark-haired vampire was descending the last of the stairs from the upper floor. The first thing Cassia noticed were his eyes, one the most amazing shade of hazel, the other as dark as a moonless night. Her wolf caused her to shift and before she knew it she was tracing the scar running from the corner of his right eye, down the curve of his cheek to end at his jaw, with her tongue and lapping at the unnatural male beauty that astounded her.

As her tongue lapped over his face, she realized that she was in her wolf form and commanding Pietro’s attention, perusing the male before them as greedily as she was. The black T-shirt he wore tucked into dark blue jeans left some of the scarring on his neck visible and she knew where it disappeared to, beneath the cloth, was a place so sacred to a wolf it was a crime for it to be damaged in any way.

Cassia's wolf threw her head back and gave one long baleful howl, at the sudden need to cry for the male in front of her.

"Get a good taste of the freak show?"

Pietro's cold words were like ice water flowing over her, allowing Cassia to gather her composure more as she shifted back to human form and asked him just as coldly. "I need some of your hair."

Cassia would have dragged the words back if she could. Judging from the dark scowl twisting his face, Pietro was none too pleased at the request or her actions upon coming here. It had been one thing that had come to mind as she'd tried to settle her wolf who was reacting unpredictably to the vampire. It was as if the animal was both furious for the vampire and furious at the vampire at the same time. Her reaction made no sense and until it did, she was going to be on edge around Pietro de la Rios.

E's FTI Parody

This is not part of the contest, it was a personal incentive I earned from my Canadian for finishing a chapter and made me laugh. Wanted you to enjoy it to :)

The Ancient walked with purpose. His rugged looks and severe expression spoke of thousands of years of hardship. He was Gard, oldest of the old, the eldest vampire in existence. He had lived through countless millennia and survived when others had not. He had seen the fall of the old Kingdom and the rise of the Council. He had been witness to wars upon wars, the rise and fall of civilizations and he stood today proud of that fact.

With each stride he neared his goal, a slow smile creeping across his visage. He thought to himself that his Ancient counterparts thought themselves so strong and invincible. Chuckling to himself he would keep this errand a secret, allow himself a laugh when the inevitable happened.

Reaching his goal, he looked at the target and spoke...  “What aisle is the Fixadent?”


He watched with admiration as he stared down at his son Kothari. He had begged for months on end to allow him a pet, and finally he had relented and allowed his son the privilege. His son sat cross legged on the floor, playing gently with his new kitten, dangling a piece of yarn watching in fascination as the young cat leapt for it.

Gard couldn’t help but smile. This would be a great responsibility for his son, but he would meet this with determination and Gard was confident his son would succeed. 

While his son took care of his own tasks, Gard had his own problems. 

Turning slightly he eyed the other cat on the floor. Rayne was in cat form mewling as she fought with the biggest ball of yarn he could find and had ever seen... How was he going to get his wife away from that yarn...

Mistress of Shadows' FTI Parody Contest Entry

Fighting the Inevitable Ch. 09 Parody

"Millie, for the love of God will you please calm down?!" Jared yelled, as he ducked another flying saucepan and tried to work out the best way to get to his irate mate without allowing her to do him any bodily harm. He was dressed in just his jeans, the only thing he'd taken time to pull on as he chased her out of the bedroom.

He was mentally kicking himself. Maybe, he should have waited to tell her he was a wolf. Coming so soon after their first time together, it was probably too much for her to take in. He tried moving around to her right side, but she tracked him swiftly and another saucepan barely missed his head.

He couldn't stop the wide grin which crossed his handsome face. His woman was an excellent aim. She'd managed to get him with most of her throws. It was only the last two he'd been able to avoid and barely at that. She was glorious to behold, and he felt his wolf try to surface at her aggressiveness. It would be easy to let him out again. He'd tackle her and bring her down and force her to submit.

"You're a fucking animal!" Millie shrieked at him. "You took me to bed, and you're a fucking animal!"

Jared stifled down a deep sigh. "Baby, come on, it's not that bad," he pleaded. "I know it was a bit of a shock me changing like that, but you wouldn't believe me when I just told you. I had to get you to see I was telling you the truth. Didn't you like my wolf? He certainly likes you, Millie. In fact, he adores you, as much as I do."

Her final saucepan caught him square on the chest, and he muttered an oath, as he felt his anger starting to rise. This was really getting beyond a joke now. The bloody pans hurt!

"You should have told me BEFORE you had sex with me!" Millie screamed. "I deserved the right to make a fucking choice whether or not I slept with a fucking animal!" Frustrated at having no more saucepans to throw, she looked around for something else and came up with the knives in the butcher's block.

Jared cursed when her hand wrapped around the handle of a particularly large carving knife. That was really going to hurt if she stuck it in him. It probably wouldn't kill him, but it would put him out of action for a few days.

"Baby, you're not seriously going to throw that knife at me, are you?" he asked, carefully allowing more of his wolf to come to the fore to give him a faster reaction time if she did throw it.

Millie noticed the change of his stance, as he began stalking toward her. Catching the feral gleam in his eyes, she felt her own gaze narrow. Oh, he wanted to play dirty, did he? Well, if the puppy wanted to come out to play, she had a few tricks up her own sleeve now that she knew what she was up against.

Laying the knife down on the counter, she turned to her spice cabinet. She could feel his predatory gaze on her back like a heated caress as her fingers searched frantically through the jars.

Smiling triumphantly, she spun on her heel, catching him off guard just as he reached for her. Popping the top on the ground pepper container in her hand, she threw the contents in his face.

Jared sucked in a deep breath as she surprised him by turning around quickly when he was only a step away from her. It was the worst possible thing he could have done. His wolf-enhanced senses went into overdrive as his nose was assaulted by the spice, and he actually squeaked in surprise as he backpedaled away from her.

His eyes blinking rapidly in an attempt to clear the water that had sprung up in them, he could just barely make out her image as she became the predator, stalking him across the kitchen. His nose was burning, and he couldn’t help the purely wolf-like response making him bat at his face with his hands in an attempt to get rid of the offending smell.

An evil smile spread across Millie’s face as she uncorked the top of the cayenne pepper container. She could tell from Jared’s scrambling that she’d caught him off guard, and she wanted to make sure to push her advantage. She had exhausted the burst of adrenaline which had coursed through her after Jared changed from a man into an enormous black wolf, scaring the complete shit out of her.

Logically, she knew it was him inside the wolf, could see Jared's eyes staring back at her from the huge beast; she had still screamed in terror and launched herself from the bed, grabbing her robe and slamming the door shut as she ran from the animal. He had followed her of course, but in his man form not as the wolf. She supposed she should have been thankful for that. She was still going to take as much delight as possible out of removing that smug sense of control he’d exhibited since walking through her door.

Jared started sneezing, still backing away from her. He cursed as his hip bounced off of her kitchen table, and cursed even louder when he tripped over the chair he’d dislodged. He’d almost managed to get himself back under control and his vision cleared when a red cloud suddenly appeared in front of his face. His senses went absolutely out of control when the burst of powder hit him, and he lost his balance when he tripped on her magazine rack.

Millie couldn’t help giggling out loud as the pompous ass tripped backwards over her stack of magazines, and both of his feet flew up in the air. He wouldn’t be able to regain much dignity from that, she thought to herself. She advanced steadily on him, the now empty pepper containers forgotten as she basked in her ability to outsmart his canine senses.

Jared finally stilled, having flailed his arms wildly as he tripped and fell unceremoniously on his rump. He could feel his face burning as both of his feet flew up in the air, and his hand bashing into the wall on the way down. As the tears streamed down his face from the effect the cayenne pepper had on his nose, the sound of Millie’s enjoyment finally filtered through.

“Woman, you’re going to be the death of me. Can we talk about this rationally?”

Millie could feel hysterical laughter starting to bubble up inside her. He really thought he was going to talk her down? The idiot really thought she was going to put the spices down and fall into his stupidly sexy arms and tell him she was just fine with having a relationship with a bloody wolf?!

She did have to admit though, that seeing him bust his ass like a normal man was pretty gratifying. She chuckled to herself, and suddenly realized how insane she must look, standing in the middle of her kitchen brandishing a spice arsenal.

"I'm sorry, Millie," he said roughly, rolling over on his stomach so he could push his way back up to his feet. "I know I should have told you before we made love; but you kept avoiding me, and I needed you so badly I couldn't stop myself. I had every intention of telling you before we got to this stage, but things just didn't work out that way."

She raised her head and looked at him. He was a wolf, but he was still Jared. He was still the man who had just worshipped her body and taken her to heaven and back again. He was still the man who arrogantly declared she was his even as he happily admitted that he was hers. She really did need to find out what that meant. It probably had something to do with him being a wolf.

"This being a wolf complicates things, doesn't it?" she asked quietly and saw the truth in his eyes, even as his lips tightened slightly and he nodded his head. She sighed deeply, and he pulled her into his arms pressing her head against his chest. She let him hold her. Hell, she needed him to hold her. She leaned against him for a long moment and wallowed in his strength, as she tried to find some inner balance, then she took a deep breath and stepped back.

"I'm going to have a shower," she said firmly. "When I'm done you are going to tell me absolutely everything, and you'd better not leave a single thing out, Jared. I need to know just what I've gotten myself into here."

"I promise I'll tell you everything, baby," Jared answered brushing her lips gently with his and almost sighing with relief when she not only let him but also returned his light caress.

She headed toward the bathroom, pausing in the doorway and peering back at him with a devilish glint in her eye. “I will try to adjust to your idea of “puppy love”…as long as you’re man enough to realize that when you push me with your inner wolf, my inner “bitch” is gonna push back!” With a cheeky grin, she closed the door behind her.

Jared chuckled to himself. He wondered if she’d remember that remark after he explained how mating with a wolf was going to change her life. She had no idea, yet, just how in tune with her “inner bitch” she was really going to be.

Sean's FTI Parody Contest Entry

Making love with Loretta was the best, most intense experience of his life. He wanted her constantly, craved her so much every moment they were apart that it was slightly scary. He rocked his hips hard, sliding deeply into her scalding heat and growling with pleasure as her body deliciously massaged his aching cock .

He would never tire of being with his wolf, of loving her like this over and over again. She was so firmly embedded in his heart that he didn't even need to ask himself if he had fallen in love with her. He knew it. She was as important to him as Alexei was, probably even more so but on a different level. She was his beautiful wolf, his wild, spirited little Rose.

"You feel so fucking good," he groaned out surging hard and deep inside her. "So totally perfect, Loretta." He couldn't stop thrusting deeply, his groans telling her how much pleasure he was taking from her luscious body.

Their bodies slapped together hard, water rippling wildly around them as their ragged breathing and harsh moans filled the morning air. Andrei could feel the tension begin to coil in his stomach, knew he was seconds away from losing himself within her beautiful body. He increased his pace, slamming into her hard as her body stiffened and she screamed out his name as she shattered on his cock, loud breathy moans dragging from her throat.

"Loretta," he groaned loudly, chanting her name as he swelled inside her and she took him over the edge with her silken sheathe rippling around his aching cock. He jerked hard into her, his hot cum bathing her insides over and over again as his world exploded in total bliss. 

His fangs slid easily into the side of her neck, piercing her fragile skin and nicking her artery to allow her sweet life's essence to fill his mouth. 

Lost in the haze of his lust he drank greedily, his body thrumming with ecstasy as her sweetness enveloped him completely and he drowned in her delicious flavour. Her utter stillness slowly seeped into the fog that engulfed him and he realised what he was doing. A loud guttural roar of anguish escaped him as he ripped his fangs from her neck, his heart crashing painfully in his chest.

"No!" he groaned in anguish. "Loretta! Oh, sweet Jesus, NO!"

Fear like nothing he had ever experienced before crashed through him. A second after that, a mind numbing pain followed it. The pain was so overwhelming his legs trembled with the force if it and he had to fight hard not to sink to his knees as he cradled his precious wolf in his arms. He'd bitten her! He'd lost control and destroyed the one perfect thing in his life!
She was so still in his arms, her face pale, her eyes closed. Andrei shuddered wildly, tears springing to his eyes as he held his wolf tightly, praying for a miracle that he knew just wasn't coming.

There was a moment of utter silence as he stared at the woman he loved, his wolf who he had just killed because he was unable to control his base needs.
And the bad ass vampire who most other vampires feared turned pale and jumped 20 feet in the air and attached himself to a tree.  He turned back to her and hissed.
Loretta let out a loud guffaw “Did you think it would be that easy to kill me Andrei. I thought you had more balls then that.  Look at you!”
“I thought I Killed you, you crazy wolf!”
“Ha ha, you can’t get rid of me that easy vampire”
Andrei dropped from the tree next to her.
"Loretta?" he whispered softly, a shaky hand coming to her face, disbelief in his tone. "Are you okay? Do you feel alright? Oh, God, I'm so sorry! I lost control. I didn't mean to bite you."

"I feel fine, Andrei," she answered slowly. And she did feel fine, in fact she felt utterly incredible. She was as confused as he was as to why his bite hadn't killed her but she felt a deep joy within her too. If he could bite her then they could complete the mating ritual. Actually, they just had completed the mating ritual only he didn't know it yet.