Saturday, 6 April 2013

Jennifer's FTI Parody Contest Entry

From Tears of the Fallen, Ch 03....
At the point where Cassia is on her way to see Pietro for the first time and get the "hair sample" ....

Why was she suddenly feeling so antsy? Why was the need to find a cure suddenly so much more important to her? And why hadn't she noticed it until now? It was as if the knowledge had been buried until she made her decision to collect the hair sample.

Overwhelmed by her feelings and her wolf pushing them forward, Cassia rapped on the door, her head cocking to the side as she scented within. Loretta and Andrei didn't appear to be home so she twisted the doorknob and entered. She was part of their family and they wouldn't mind her intrusion. The pack was pretty relaxed as a whole and it was only the fact Weres were so uninhibited when it came to their sexuality that most people knocked before entering.

The door swung open just as a tall dark-haired vampire was descending the last of the stairs from the upper floor. The first thing Cassia noticed were his eyes, one the most amazing shade of hazel, the other as dark as a moonless night. Her wolf caused her to shift and before she knew it she was tracing the scar running from the corner of his right eye, down the curve of his cheek to end at his jaw, with her tongue and lapping at the unnatural male beauty that astounded her.

As her tongue lapped over his face, she realized that she was in her wolf form and commanding Pietro’s attention, perusing the male before them as greedily as she was. The black T-shirt he wore tucked into dark blue jeans left some of the scarring on his neck visible and she knew where it disappeared to, beneath the cloth, was a place so sacred to a wolf it was a crime for it to be damaged in any way.

Cassia's wolf threw her head back and gave one long baleful howl, at the sudden need to cry for the male in front of her.

"Get a good taste of the freak show?"

Pietro's cold words were like ice water flowing over her, allowing Cassia to gather her composure more as she shifted back to human form and asked him just as coldly. "I need some of your hair."

Cassia would have dragged the words back if she could. Judging from the dark scowl twisting his face, Pietro was none too pleased at the request or her actions upon coming here. It had been one thing that had come to mind as she'd tried to settle her wolf who was reacting unpredictably to the vampire. It was as if the animal was both furious for the vampire and furious at the vampire at the same time. Her reaction made no sense and until it did, she was going to be on edge around Pietro de la Rios.


  1. I think I did pretty

    I love the entire FTI saga, so making a cute parody was fun and the thought of Cassia and Pietro getting together is soooo good! :)

    Please vote for mine! ;)

  2. Well im late commenting but i love it i cant wait to see how Jaz puts them together and dara a.d kothi and liam and resa oh and elina and karn