Saturday, 6 April 2013

Aflah's FTI Parody Contest Entry

Caleb continued to sit and stare at Demetri as the enormity of what he was asking him to do continued to
sink into his stunned mind. "You would really do that for her, Demetri?" he asked in a hushed tone. "You are really willing to take that risk?"

"She's not really living at the moment, Caleb," Demetri answered, his voice low and full of anguish. "She's just going through the motions but her lust is eating her up inside. I can't watch her suffer like that anymore. You have to help me. Please, Caleb."

Caleb was stunned by his request. His friend must love Mara so much if he had to go on with this strange request. Of course Mara was beautiful but should he take advantage of Demetri's offer. "Have you discussed this with Mara?" he finally asked.

Demetri shook his head. "There's nothing to discuss. She wants a big one she always had wanted only big ones since her first time wth som bazooka guy, beleive me i cant loose her now n if i could find anothr option i wouldnt b here caleb, i knw u wont fall in luv with her cause u gt Anne"

"I mean it, Demetri. Talk to Mara first. I'm not taking the risk until I know it's what she wants."

"Fine, I'll talk to Mara," he grumbled, his eyes flashing angrily. "But I mean for this to happen, Caleb. I'm half expecting Jorge or Philippe to show up n take advantage f her lust"

Mara had retreated to her wing of the house by the time he got back but he was determined to go ahead
with his plan. He opened the connecting door and blinked in surprise when he realised it wasn't
locked. When did Mara start leaving the door unlocked? "Mara, I need to talk to you," he called down the hallway and waited until she appeared at her bedroom door, a confused expression on her face.

He was thankful to see she was still dressed n nt frskn wth sombody else again. She looked so utterly adorable standing before him, her glorious brown hair tumbling down her back in silky waves. His greedy
gaze memorised every detail of her beautiful face as he took a deep breath. "I've found ur bazooka 4 u"

"Plz tell me its Caleb!" said Mara in a dreamy voice

"Hw did u knw"

"I hv seen his tent pole when he caught me n Anne in bed, hv wanted it bad since then"

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  1. Absolutely terrible with no give a fuck or sense made...