Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sean's FTI Parody Contest Entry

Making love with Loretta was the best, most intense experience of his life. He wanted her constantly, craved her so much every moment they were apart that it was slightly scary. He rocked his hips hard, sliding deeply into her scalding heat and growling with pleasure as her body deliciously massaged his aching cock .

He would never tire of being with his wolf, of loving her like this over and over again. She was so firmly embedded in his heart that he didn't even need to ask himself if he had fallen in love with her. He knew it. She was as important to him as Alexei was, probably even more so but on a different level. She was his beautiful wolf, his wild, spirited little Rose.

"You feel so fucking good," he groaned out surging hard and deep inside her. "So totally perfect, Loretta." He couldn't stop thrusting deeply, his groans telling her how much pleasure he was taking from her luscious body.

Their bodies slapped together hard, water rippling wildly around them as their ragged breathing and harsh moans filled the morning air. Andrei could feel the tension begin to coil in his stomach, knew he was seconds away from losing himself within her beautiful body. He increased his pace, slamming into her hard as her body stiffened and she screamed out his name as she shattered on his cock, loud breathy moans dragging from her throat.

"Loretta," he groaned loudly, chanting her name as he swelled inside her and she took him over the edge with her silken sheathe rippling around his aching cock. He jerked hard into her, his hot cum bathing her insides over and over again as his world exploded in total bliss. 

His fangs slid easily into the side of her neck, piercing her fragile skin and nicking her artery to allow her sweet life's essence to fill his mouth. 

Lost in the haze of his lust he drank greedily, his body thrumming with ecstasy as her sweetness enveloped him completely and he drowned in her delicious flavour. Her utter stillness slowly seeped into the fog that engulfed him and he realised what he was doing. A loud guttural roar of anguish escaped him as he ripped his fangs from her neck, his heart crashing painfully in his chest.

"No!" he groaned in anguish. "Loretta! Oh, sweet Jesus, NO!"

Fear like nothing he had ever experienced before crashed through him. A second after that, a mind numbing pain followed it. The pain was so overwhelming his legs trembled with the force if it and he had to fight hard not to sink to his knees as he cradled his precious wolf in his arms. He'd bitten her! He'd lost control and destroyed the one perfect thing in his life!
She was so still in his arms, her face pale, her eyes closed. Andrei shuddered wildly, tears springing to his eyes as he held his wolf tightly, praying for a miracle that he knew just wasn't coming.

There was a moment of utter silence as he stared at the woman he loved, his wolf who he had just killed because he was unable to control his base needs.
And the bad ass vampire who most other vampires feared turned pale and jumped 20 feet in the air and attached himself to a tree.  He turned back to her and hissed.
Loretta let out a loud guffaw “Did you think it would be that easy to kill me Andrei. I thought you had more balls then that.  Look at you!”
“I thought I Killed you, you crazy wolf!”
“Ha ha, you can’t get rid of me that easy vampire”
Andrei dropped from the tree next to her.
"Loretta?" he whispered softly, a shaky hand coming to her face, disbelief in his tone. "Are you okay? Do you feel alright? Oh, God, I'm so sorry! I lost control. I didn't mean to bite you."

"I feel fine, Andrei," she answered slowly. And she did feel fine, in fact she felt utterly incredible. She was as confused as he was as to why his bite hadn't killed her but she felt a deep joy within her too. If he could bite her then they could complete the mating ritual. Actually, they just had completed the mating ritual only he didn't know it yet.


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