Thursday, 26 December 2013

Chronicles of a Vârcolac: Kothari's Journal Part 1

A few months ago I asked my Canadian BFF if he would be so kind as to add some of his talented writing skills to my FTI world. In particular, I asked for three Journal's written by Kothari, one I needed quite soon and the others for Kothi's story which will be the next tale. 

Imagine my surprise when in my Christmas parcel from Canada...I had thirty handwritten Journals!!!!  

I asked for *dark* and *chaotic* thoughts from a male perspective, and what I received just blew me away #stunned.

So as a treat, I will give you each Journal in picture format so you might enjoy them as they were written. My Canadian knows where Kothari is journeying, and he has brought his thoughts to life exactly as I have pictured it.

Thank you my KBF!!! You so totally rock!!!! #superhugs




  1. Oh this is such a wonderful additional your already fantastic have a good BFF please let him know I like his work even if at this point it's just a paragraph

  2. Is chilling the right word?

    This makes me want this story even more.


  3. More, More, More!!

  4. Ooo how exciting! I can hardly wait!

  5. OMG you are such a tease!!!! I love you though and can't wait!! <3

  6. sounds amazing..gotta post more...imagine in the future when you publish the books..the journals can accompaniment novels or something.