Sunday, 15 April 2012

Slave to the Moment

I was hoping to tease Hearts this weekend and then yesterday morning while browsing Facebook I saw an image which impacted on me so much I just had to write a story about it. I'm not normally one to be inspired by images, but this one just begged to have a story told about the man and woman depicted.

I enclose the image with the story and hope you enjoy! xxx


Slave to the Moment

The slave was kneeling against the far wall of the tent, his close shaven head bowed down towards the floor. Unlike most of the other slaves within the camp, he retained his clothes though they were ripped in most places. His course, black tunic had rents in the sleeves, back and front. His black breeches were held up with a piece of twine and parts of his upper thighs were exposed by slashes in the equally coarse material.

Rvan knew he was lucky to retain even this modicum of decency. Most of his fellow captives had lost their clothing long ago during the hard trek to this new stronghold of their captors. The victors didn’t care about such things as human decency. All they cared about was keeping the slaves alive to be sold at auction.

Four seasons had passed since the invaders had arrived and ransacked their village. Rvan’s memories of that day were hazy, having taken a strike to the head early on from a stone wielded by a catapult. It was probably only this that had saved his life. Most of his friends, young men of fighting age, had been killed in the initial fighting. Most of the elderly had been too, only the young being taken as captives.

Somehow his life had been spared and he’d regained consciousness to find himself fitted with a thick iron collar with a hoop attached to the back of it. Threaded through the hoop was thick rope, linking all the captives together. He’d been barely awake when the sounds of whips cracked through the air, and the long line of his friends and fellow villagers had begun the slow trek to their current destination.

At first Rvan had no idea what his captors were saying. They wore shiny armour in many different hues and spoke in a language he’d never heard before. It quickly became apparent that the language barrier would cause issues once the slaves were auctioned so an older, grizzled warrior had been assigned to teach them some of the basics of the language.

Now Rvan could hold a conversation with his captors, not that they wanted to hear anything other than “Yes, sir.” More importantly, he could understand what they were saying which meant fewer lashings of the whip and was one of the reasons his clothes hadn’t been flayed from his body as they had the others. His speed at picking up the language must have been a gift from the Gods because he’d had no idea prior to this that he had a natural ear for language. But then he’d never had any cause to.

The four season trek through rough terrain had strengthened Rvan’s already athletic physique. His chest and abdomen muscles were now taut, his thighs hard and strong. Their captors had kept them adequately fed on the march. Emaciated slaves didn’t bring much profit and profit was their end goal. He knew he would most likely be one of the more sought after slaves because of his condition. He just had no idea who would purchase him or how they would treat him.

A few of the villagers hadn’t been able to survive the long trek to the market place and had been cut from the line as they marched. The warriors speared them through with swords to end their suffering but left them to be carrion for the scavengers following the marching troupe. Rvan had watched each death mourning the loss of one of his people, wanting them to have someone care about their passing even if their captors didn’t.

Now they had reached the end of their journey and the surviving slaves were in the holding tent, waiting to be called out for their turn on the auction platform. Rvan knew he would be one of the first called. He was the one who would most likely make the most profit and the mercenaries wouldn’t want the gathered patrons to spend all their coin on lesser slaves and not have enough when it was his turn.

The flutter of the tent being opened almost caused him to raise his head but he managed to stifle the action. He didn’t think he would be whipped so close to auction but it didn’t hurt to exercise caution. The tap of a coiled whip on his shoulder brought him to attention.

“Move, slave.”

It was the grizzled warrior, the one who had taught him their language. He wasn’t as bad as the others so Rvan raised his eyes slightly. His slave collar wasn’t tethered to the ground rings so he rose fluidly to his feet.

“Show well,” his captor grunted. “Make me a good profit.”

Rvan had every intention of doing his best to be purchased for as much as possible. Anyone parting with a lot of coin would be less likely to damage their investment. He had to make himself worth something in this new world he was now part of. It was his best means to survival and he was determined to survive.

He would be what they wanted; the perfect slave, until they became complacent and then his bid for freedom would commence. For he would be free, of that he had no doubt. The desire burned deep within him, carefully hidden behind a mask of weary acceptance.

Squaring his shoulders, Rvan followed the other man from the tent, relieved to find it was early morning and the heat hadn’t begun to build yet. By midday it would be so hot his body would be bathed in a sheen of perspiration. He was thankful he was to be auctioned early. Possibly he would be within his new master’s abode before the twin suns rose too high.

He was getting his first glimpse of the normal populace of the invaders. His deep brown eyes roamed surreptitiously over the waiting crowd as he walked up wooden steps onto the auction platform. He was surprised to see they looked like normal people. He didn’t know what he’d expected them to look like, monsters maybe? Instead he found wealthy individuals of both sexes wearing strange, colourful clothing.

The auctioneer was a short male of rotund stature. He had a loud voice and was enthusing the crowd with praise for Rvan as he walked front and centre keeping his head bowed as was his place.  

“What a fine specimen we have hear, Lords and Ladies. Fit and strong, this slave will be able to work in all areas required of him. Look at the definition of his muscles…turn around slave…look at that strong back, my friends. How much will you bid for this fine, young man?”

“Twenty dinara!” A male voice rang out. Rvan couldn’t see the individual as his back was on display. He knew it was foolhardy to turn his head in the direction of the voice.

The auctioneer tapped his shoulder once, laughing as he did and Rvan knew that was his queue to turn around and remove his tunic. They had all been coached on the signals that would be given to them.

Rvan removed his tunic letting his arms drop to his sides but holding onto the fragile material. He had no idea if his new master would furnish him with new clothes so didn’t want to lose what he had.

“Such a pitiful offer for one so young and strong,” the auctioneer was shouting jovially. “Look at that chest and abdomen, Lord and Ladies. When was the last time many of you have seen such definition on a healthy specimen like this?”

“Forty dinara!” This time it was a female voice calling out and Rvan could just make out a portly lady licking her lips as she eyed up his half naked body. Dear Gods, would he be sold to some matron who would require bed services of him? The thought was enough to make him want to heave but he stayed strong.

“Raise his head.” The new female voice sounded younger and Rvan obeyed the tap to his chin, raising his head and staring out across the gathering. He tried to find the woman who had made the request. She had sounded a bit distance so he anticipated she would be at the back of the crowd.

“Sixty-five dinara!” a man called out near the front and there was a slight gasp among the crowd. Having no concept of these people’s currency Rvan could only assume this was a substantial amount for one slave.

“Remove the breeches.” Again it was the younger woman and this time his head was raised so he could track where she stood. His gaze found her and he had to work to keep his expression bland as their eyes met.

Her eyes were the palest green he could remember seeing, her face a delicate oval shape. A pale blue shawl covered her hair but he could see it was a deep brunette colour from the tendrils framing both sides of her face. She was an exquisite creature and the cut of her sky blue gown hugged her body like a glove, showing her womanly curves to their full advantage.

Undergarments didn’t appear to be something these people cared for which was why Rvan had to take a deep breath as the auctioneer tapped his right hip and he undid the twine holding up his breeches. As they slithered to pool at his ankles he worked to keep his body under control.

It was hard not to react to the young woman in blue, the hint of her hard nipples pressing against the material covering her. He hadn’t been with a woman since his capture and it was only natural an attractive, young female would spark his body into life. But he would not harden and add to the perverse enjoyment these people were taking out of auctioning him off.

There was another audible gasp around the gathering but Rvan refused to look away from the woman who had demanded to see him naked. He watched her gaze travel downwards to stare unashamedly at his groin area, a slight twitch of her lips being the only indication of her emotions as she enjoyed the view of his impressive manhood.

He had always been larger than his friends in that department. Before his capture it had appeared his manhood was out of proportion for his physique but now he had hardened up, his shaft appeared more fitting. It hung proud between his legs, long and thick even in its present flaccid condition.

The matron in the front row cried out, “One hundred dinara!” a hint of desperation in her tone. It produced uproar from the gathering, the auctioneer apparently speechless at so high a price being offered.

Still Rvan watched the lady in blue as her gaze travelled upwards once more and their gaze met.

“Five hundred dinara.” He watched her lips move, the words issuing quite low but loud enough to be heard by the auctioneer and all surrounding her.

Total silence greeted her words, a hush descending on all around her. The auctioneer swallowed in stunned surprise before he gathered his wits and banged his gavel down on the wooden block before him.

“Sold to Lady Neve!”

It was only as the gavel came down that Rvan noticed the older male beside her who moved forward to complete the transaction with the auctioneer as the Lady turned around and moved towards the stone city gates behind her.

He stood as he was, awaiting instructions to clothe himself as he continued to fight with his body’s reaction to the departing woman. The morning sun was shining through the filmy material of her dress, giving him a perfect view of her bare bottom as she walked.

A tap to his hip drew his attention from the view, and he hastily retied his breeches and donned his tunic. Around him there were muttered whispers and a voice raised in quiet complaint. It was the matronly woman, obviously distressed that she hadn’t secured the slave of her choice.

For that Rvan was thankful. If he was to be used to pleasure a woman then at least he wanted to be attracted to the one whose legs he would be spreading to receive his attentions. He knew he would not have an issue achieving hardness for his lady in blue, if that was what she required of him.

“Come, slave. The Lady Neve does not like to be kept waiting.”

Rvan automatically bowed his head as was expected, following behind the older man who had parted with the coin to make his purchase.

“May I ask a question, Sir?” It was bold of him to talk without being spoken to but he decided to chance his luck.

“Speak and what is your name, slave?”

“Rvan, Sir.  I was wondering if it was permissible to ask what duties would be expected of me from my new Mistress.”

His question brought a chuckle from the other man who stopped to peruse the new addition to the household.

“The Lady Neve has many tasks for her slaves. Obey her wishes to the letter and you will be treated fairly and well fed. Disobey and you will be punished. I know not what the Lady has in mind for you, Rvan. All I know is you should obey when she asks. My name is Jether and it is my job to mete out the punishments. I love my Lady Neve and am harsh on all who disappoint her.”

Rvan filed the information away as they began walking again. Jether did not wear a slave collar and his devotion to his Lady appeared absolute. It would be wise to keep on his good side as well as his new Mistress’s.

They entered the city and strode briskly through the stone streets, passing market places and inns, domestic abodes and shops until they came to a three storey town house surrounded by a large brick wall. Jether opened the heavy irons gates and they entered into a colourful garden in full bloom.

“The Lady Neve will be around the back of the house in her private garden. Attend to her at once.”

Rvan didn’t question the order, walking quickly along the path surrounding the house until he was at the back of the building. His steps faltered in surprise as his gaze fell across the mountain wall the property backed up against. He had noticed a mountain range quite close by but hadn’t realised that part of the lower level actually met with the city itself.

What was even more surprising was the pool at the base of rocks and the flow of water falling like a curtain into the pool. The Lady Neve was obviously of some substantial means to own not just the house but also a personal waterfall.

“Impressive is it not, slave?”

Rvan was unable to hide his surprise as the woman in question spoke from behind him. He felt soft fingers tickle his cropped hair at the back of his head.

She couldn’t resist touching him. From the moment she’d chosen her course of action, Neve had known that what she was about to do was barely considered acceptable within her society. Some would say that it wasn’t but by the letter of the law she could do this and maintain her position.

Outwardly she appeared calm and composed, but within, her heart was trying to escape from her body she was so afraid of what was to come. She was left with no choice though and had to proceed. She wasn’t responsible for her current circumstance; she just had to work with it. Maintaining her outer calm, she pushed forward with her plan. Excitement began to war with her trepidation.

“I like impressive things and my father was fortunate in his business dealings to be able to provide the best for his only daughter,” she continued moving around him to come to block his perfect view of the waterfall.

She had removed her shawl and he could see her deep brunette locks more clearly. Her hair was glorious, pulled back at the sides and pinned daintily at the back of her head to flow down her back in a silky wave. Her small ears were decorated with diamond piercings from shell to lobe and she wore a tiny diamond piercing in her left nostril.

Her pale green eyes regarded him curiously, admiring the deep bronze of his skin from the harsh sunlight he had been forced to endure on his march to her city. Surprisingly her skin was pale which appeared odd for someone who lived in such a warm climate.

A delicate eyebrow arched and her lips twitched in a smile.  Neve could see the question in the slave’s eyes though he was prudent enough not to voice it. The Auctioneer had said he was from across the mountain range and newly to the life of a slave. It was obvious he was of sound intelligence to have adapted to his circumstances so quickly. Or had he? She would have to tell Jether to watch this one for she wasn’t about to let him escape her, not after she had paid a small fortune to ensure Lady Manda didn’t purchase him.

“An anomaly,” she answered his unspoken question. “Once in every second generation a child is born with pale skin which the sun cannot caress. We know not why and as it isn’t harmful we don’t really care to know.”

It appeared odd to Rvan that something so unusual would not be investigated but he held his peace as he had not been asked a direct question. He remained still awaiting his new Mistress’s pleasure.

Neve was impressed when he retained his silence. He really was a stunning specimen. His closeness incited reactions within her body she hadn’t experienced before. His skin kissed by the sun made her want to stroke every inch of it slowly. The feel of his short hair against her fingertips a moment before had made her stomach flutter in anticipation.

He was stunning, fit and strong and when he had released his breeches…she’d thought her heart would stop from the heady sight before her. She hadn’t viewed an intact man before but even she could tell by the gasps that what this man carried between his legs was an impressive tool.

So she had outbid Lady Manda, naming a price so high no one would compete against her. She needed his virility to achieve her aims. More importantly, she wanted it. If she had to open her legs to let a man ride between them then she wanted to feel every moment of being taken and she knew she would experience it with this slave.

The Lady Neve knelt gracefully to the grass before him, her eyes travelling his body as she did, her tongue licking nervously across her lips as she sat so close to what she craved. “What are you called?”

“Rvan, Mistress.”

Even his voice was appealing, deep and melodic. There was no turning back now. She had to continue with her plan no matter how hard her heart was pounding in her chest. “Kneel before me, Rvan. You may address me as Lady Neve.”

Because of her proximity, when he knelt to obey her, their bodies were so close he could feel her heat and his groin stirred in reaction. He knew he had to obey her and whilst obeying had chafed with his other captors, with his lady in blue it wasn’t such an ordeal.

He could see the excitement in her eyes. He could hear the pounding of her heart. Despite her outer calm, he knew she was nervous about what was to come and he was almost certain that he knew what was required of him. She just had to name it.

“You are very impressive, Rvan.” This close her breath whispered across his jaw stirring his groin even more.

“In my culture a father selects the first male to relieve his daughter of her maidenhood. She has no choice in his selection and must surrender her body to be used at her father’s will. Once this act has been completed she is considered a woman and suitors may vie for her hand in marriage.”

Rvan remained silent meeting her beautiful green eyes and wondering why she wasn’t admonishing him for his boldness. Possibly it was because of her inner anxiety. He was appalled at hearing of her society. Where he was from no woman would be so disrespected.

Neve swallowed hard, continuing on in a matter-of-fact tone though she felt her face flush slightly at her slave’s intent perusal. She should really admonish him for his boldness but for some reason his quiet regard was making this less of an ordeal than she’d thought it would be.

“My father died before I came of age. Usually the eldest brother would take up the role of father and provide for his sister. Alas I have no male siblings or cousins and I may not choose a husband until I have been relieved of my maidenhood.”

There she had said it, made it clear to him what her requirement was. Under normal circumstances she had no issues instructing her slaves but this was of such an intimate nature it felt different. The compassion she saw in Rvan’s eyes almost made her lose some of her composure. Instead her small hand reached up and caressed the light growth that covered his strong jaw.

“If it pleases my Lady Neve for me to speak, Jether appears to be devoted to you. I have no doubt he would be more than willing to assist you with your predicament.”

Soft laughter greeted his statement as a hand travelled lightly over his chest moving slowly lower.

“Jether would no doubt be most amenable to riding between my legs, Rvan, as would any of my male slaves. Only they have been with the household since they were children. It is customary for male slaves to be given the choice of residing with a family with daughters of puberty age…but only if they agree to be neutered. All my males are eunuchs.”

Her laughter was one of nerves as she swallowed hard. His muscles were bunching under her touch and she felt a stirring between her legs as she boldly stroked his body. He knew nothing of her customs but he appeared to sense her anxiety and sought to offer solutions which would make her more comfortable. It alluded to his kindness as a person and she found herself liking this slave from a foreign realm.

“Forgive my boldness, Lady Neve,” Rvan said, his body tightening with need as he felt her hand reach the twine securing his now fully erect staff in place in his breeches. “I know nothing of your culture. Could not Jether as your right hand approach a suitable man on your behalf?”

Neve’s hand still for a fraction, having reached the area she had admired at the auction. If she stopped now she would be too humiliated to proceed. The twine loosened under her touch and his breeches rode low on his hips.

“He is a slave though he has earned the right not to wear the collar,” she sighed, slipping her hand inside the front of his breeches and closing it around his thick shaft.

It felt so warm, so soft and yet hard at the same time. It was apparent he lusted for her body and a thrill ran through her at the thought of what he would do with this beautiful shaft.

“No man will speak of such things with a eunuch,” she explained stroking the wonderful piece of meat within her grasp and loving the feel and textures against her palm

Rvan shuddered at her touch, taking a deep breath as she gripped him hard and stroked firmly. His hands moved of their own accord. He couldn’t help himself as a wave of pleasure rolled through him and his own urges rose. He slid the thin straps holding her dress to her bodice downwards, freeing her full breasts to the morning air.

“So you purchased me to take your maidenhood?” He asked the needless question for it was apparent that was her requirement of him. What concerned him was what would happen once he had performed his task of taking her maidenhood.

“What then? Am I forced to become a eunuch afterwards to reside here?” He would rather give up his life than spend eternity feeling primal urges he would never be able to act upon.

Another long hard stroke up his shaft had him shuddering in ecstasy, his seed ready to spill in an instant it had been so long since he’d last taken this type of pleasure.

“I am no longer a young girl at puberty, Rvan. That custom applies only to ensure a daughter’s chastity until she is of age and her father has provided the instrument of her deflowerment. There will be no requirement to relieve you of your manhood once the act is complete.”

It would be criminal to take this slave’s manhood. It was throbbing in her hand, jerking and twisting with each stroke she gave it. If he performed as well as she expected him to then possibly she would want to ride with him again while her suitors vied for her hand in marriage.

Rvan shuddered again both in pleasure and relief, leaning his head forward to capture the temptress before him in a long, slow kiss. He gripped her upper arms, sliding his tongue slowly in and out of her mouth as she worked his shaft up and down in steady strokes.

He broke for air meeting her gaze, his blood rushing to his groin and leaving him light-headed.

“Lady, it has been over four seasons since I have lain with a woman. The pressure within me is great and must be relieved. It’s my wish to make this pleasurable for you and I fear I lack the control to achieve that in my current state. I must have release before I ride between your thighs.”

He knew he couldn’t refuse her order. She had bought him with a purpose, to provide bed services. While a part of him rebelled at being used as such, another part of him was craving the experience. She was beautiful, her body curvy and lush and he was male enough to want to ride her hard until they were both weak from their pleasure.

If he could pleasure her to the point she wanted to keep him, then he was more than willing to show her just how good a lover he could be. That meant he had to maintain control at all times and at the moment his need was too great to maintain that control.

With a groan, his hand moved to cover hers, wrapping around her smaller one and showing her the speed and tempo he needed. His heart was thundering, his thighs shaking with strain as he pumped his shaft with her, coaxing his seed to rise and erupt.

“This is how you pleasure a man with your hand, My Lady,” he grunted, lost within the pleasure he was receiving. “Hold me tightly; be firm and masterful with each stroke. Yes…just like that. Grip me harder. Stroke me faster…” He groaned again as his hips bucked and his breeches slipped lower, exposing him fully to the morning air.

Glancing down he watched their joined hands working his dick furiously and the sight was too much for him. With a muffled shout his seed boiled up and burst from the tip of his shaft spraying Lady Neve’s naked breasts with each pump. She moaned softly, her breathing fast as the thick white fluid decorated her body.

Heart fluttering wildly, Neve stroked Rvan in time with his hand, loving the decadence of being instructed in how to pleasure a man. Her slave wasn’t acting very much like one but these circumstances were not the usual slave/Mistress relationship.

There was something thrilling about letting him take control of the situation. She could feel a wetness between her legs as his face contorted in ecstasy and his seed pulsed against her body.

She was astounded at the pleasure she took from knowing she had contributed to his release but now he was replete she was uncertain of what to do. His seed was cooling on her breasts and Rvan was clearly distracted from issuing any further instruction. She chose to wait until he had recovered.

Rvan’s breathing finally calmed and he sat back on his heels, his deep brown eyes admiring the evidence of his pleasure on his Lady’s body. She appeared to be at a loss to what to do now the moment had passed, so he stripped off his tunic and dipped it in the cool water of the pool.

“Men take a lot of pleasure from seeing their seed on a woman’s body, Lady Neve,” he said quietly, beginning to wipe away the sticky mess with sure strokes. “It’s my personal opinion that it is something akin to when a dog marks its territory. Men appear to be more primal when it comes to matters of sex.”

“It was certainly a very interesting experience, Rvan,” she replied breathlessly, her chest rising and falling sharply as the wet cloth dampened her skin and her breasts tightened.

His knuckles grazed her pale pink nipples and her breath sucked in sharply at the contact. It felt good and she wanted him to do it again. Should she order him to or wait and see how he would proceed? It was unlike her to be so unsure of something and she didn’t particularly like the feeling. She could see him watching her intently as he cleaned her skin.

“You have pretty breasts,” Rvan breathed, tossing away the tunic and cupping them with his hands. He met her gaze and ran his thumbs lightly over both nipples, smiling as her breath caught again and her pupils dilated at the contact.

“Breast is the respectful word to use for these beauties but there are many other words used when a man lies with a woman. What would you prefer, My Lady? Would you like me to respect you or treat you as a woman who wants her body to be ravished in the truest sense of the word?”

Rvan knew he had crossed the boundaries between slave and Mistress but his naturally dominant side had kicked in and his hunger was great to ride this alluring woman until they were both replete with pleasure. He had an inkling she would respond to a more dominant male and from her expression he could see he was correct in that assumption.

“Ravish me, Rvan,” she answered in a breathless tone, a pale pink flush covering her cheeks.

Where the bravery had come from to say the words she had no idea but Neve knew that what her slave had to offer was different from what her prospective husband would offer.

This may be the only time she would know what real passion would be like and she wanted that experience. And the heated expression on his face was making her bolder than she had ever believed she would be. Rvan was a man from a society so different from hers and it was evident that he liked to be in control.

“As you command, my Lady Neve.” It was said respectfully but there was also a hint of finality to his tone. She knew that from this point forward she was surrendering to his every whim.

He thumbed her nipples lightly again and then rolled them between his thumbs and forefingers eliciting another soft moan.

“You have such sensitive nipples, my lady, begging for a man’s touch. I’m going to lick and suck your titties now and when I do it will make you so wet between your legs.” He bent his head and tongued the nearest nipple, wrapping an arm around her back as her knees buckled at his first touch.

The first touch of his tongue against her body and she knew she was his to do with as he pleased. Neve’s knees became weak and he had to support her body as waves of pleasure began to assault her. His coarse words should have shocked her; instead they sent the blood rushing between her legs and the promised wetness there to begin to build with heat.

She wanted…no she needed him to touch her breasts firmer. She wanted to grind her body against something hard to release the growing pressure deep within but she didn’t know how to ask for it.

Using his superior strength Rvan bent her backwards until her breasts were his for the taking, then he opened his mouth over the closest one and sucked her nipple hard. Neve cried out at the sensation and he groaned at the soft flesh in his mouth. He had always loved a woman’s breasts and could suck on them endlessly.

Rvan gave into his base urges and pulled hard on the tender nipple in his mouth, using his tongue and teeth to tantalise the woman in his arms. The sound of her moans heated his blood and he felt his groin stir anew and suckled harder at her breast.

He licked, bit and sucked firmly against one nipple before trailing wet kisses across the valley of his Lady’s chest to maul its twin. He attacked the nipple with vigour, giving no quarter from his rough treatment of her tender flesh. She had chosen to be ravished and ravish her he would.

The thought of what he was going to do to the delicious body in his arms sent the blood surging to his dick and soon he was fully hard and ready to press into her warm heat. But he knew she was nowhere near ready and he wanted to take his time and achieve full pleasure from riding her. He knew not when the next time would be that he’d lie with another woman, so he was going to enjoy this while he could.

Neve was in a world of sensations she’d never experienced before. The feel of the tugging at her breasts was sending a pulse down her body making her sex weep with anticipation and pulse in time with Rvan’s suckling. There was no gentleness to his touch and she gloried in the wildness he was displaying. It was erotic and heady to know that she was the cause of that loss of control and she wanted more of his ministrations to ease the ache between her legs.

Raising his head, Rvan looked down at his Lady’s breasts and smiled as he saw her pale pink nipples were now a deep red, evidence of his mouth torturing them to pleasure. The paleness of her skin called to him and he leaned forward again and bit into the fleshy whiteness of her mounds, suckling as he did.

Neve was crying out with pleasure as he bit and suckled every inch of each voluptuous breast and then he raised his head again to admire his handiwork. Rvan stroked each soft mound tracing the marks of his mouth as his shaft throbbed painfully between his legs. She looked so beautiful, her breasts covered in hues of red and blue and purple from his ardent sucking.

“You look so pretty now.” He tweaked a nipple hard and she gasped out loud. He was skilled at the art of pleasuring a woman and knew that though his touch was rough he wasn’t crossing the boundary into pain. He was giving his Lady just the right amount of pleasure/pain to drive her wild but he stopped to ensure her pleasure.

“Do your nipples hurt, My Lady Neve? Would you like me to stop sucking your beautiful titties now?” He waited for a response, pinching her other nipple hard when she was slow to answer and eliciting another drawn in breath.

Oh the Gods no…did he just say he was about to stop? Neve was on fire, every nerve of her body in tune with his touch. He couldn’t stop now…not when she was so close. “No, please don’t stop,” she whispered arching her back for more of his delicious torture.

“Say the words, My Lady. Tell me what you want.” Rvan deliberately softened his touch, feathering caresses across her nipples as she squirmed for more. He wanted to hear the words issue for her sweet lips.

“Please, Rvan,” she gasped arching into his arms more, a desperate note to her voice which made him smile with pleasure.

His breath whispered across a nipple, he dragged the tip of his tongue lightly over the swollen peak. “Tell me…”

With a muffled sob Neve gripped his head, pulling him to her breasts. “Suck me, Rvan. Suck and bite my titties…please.” She was desperate for him to continue. She didn’t care how submissive she sounded; she just wanted him to use his wicked mouth on her body once more.

Rvan had always loved to tease his lovers, loved to hear them beg and speak words that would make them blush for weeks on end afterwards. With a throaty chuckle he captured her nipple in his mouth and proceeded to suckle and bite it as he had before.

From the sounds Neve was making he knew she was close to reaching completion just from his suckling. That made his shaft thicken even further and he pressed one thigh between her legs and positioned her so the apex of her thighs was resting against his thick one.

“Rub yourself against my thigh,” he muttered switching to her other breast and beginning his torture anew. His free hand massaged the abandoned breast roughly as he tongued and licked, bit and suckled with fervour at the nipple in his mouth.

Neve was burning up in his arms, her cries a sweet aphrodisiac. His dick throbbed and his hips bucked in unison, as she writhed against his thigh rubbing her sex frantically against his bunched muscles.

The scent of her arousal was overpowering to the point of maddening and Rvan was concerned that he may lose control with her even after achieving release by her hand.

Being astride Rvan’s hard thigh gave Neve what she craved, something to press herself against, to rub furiously against to relieve the building pressure within. Her heart was beating so fast, Rvan was tugging mercilessly at her swollen breasts and the heat between her legs was unbearably.

She rode his thigh with abandon, her body pulsing with sensation as she felt her approaching release. It rushed through her body, igniting every nerve ending as her climax exploded over her and she was falling into the abyss of pure, unadulterated pleasure.

Her sudden sharp cry, the stiffening of her body told Rvan she’d achieved her release and he softened his touch as she rode the wave of her pleasure. He wrapped his arms around his Lady and held her shaking body as she slowly descended from the heights of her pleasure.

When she had her breath back he cupped the back of her head and devoured her mouth with a searing kiss using his tongue to delve deep into her moistness and taste every inch of her sweet lips and mouth.

Neve was breathless again, her hair dishevelled, her breasts bare to the morning air. She wore the look of a woman who had been totally ravished and he had yet to sink into the warmth of her sex.

“That was amazing, Rvan,” she sighed against his chest, her lips tasting his skin and making him shudder.

“That was nothing, My Lady,” he answered trailing his fingers down her spine. “A small sample of the pleasure between a man and a woman. When I spread your legs and ride you hard, then you will know what true pleasure is.”

She took a deep breath and raised her eyes to meet his gaze. Excitement shone in their green depths as well as a hint of uncertainty. “And will you do that now, Rvan?” Was this the moment she would finally be made a woman?

He smiled and teased a finger down her cheek. “No, my lady, I must prepare your body first to accept me otherwise this will be a very painful experience for you. Your first release had begun that process, now I will give you your second.”

Her exquisite face showed her confusion. “We will do the same again?”

Rvan laughed, throwing his head back as he did. “Slightly differently,” he chuckled when he had his mirth under control.

He lay back on the grass. “Kneel on either side of my head and raise your dress to your waist.” It was an order and there was no mistaking it but she began complying, slowly inching the sheer fabric of her dress up to expose shapely thighs.

Her sex still throbbing from her earlier exertions, Neve stood above Rvan watching his face as she slowly inched up her dress to expose herself fully to him. The look of lust in his eyes made her heart kick up a beat. The way he licked his lips made a thrill shiver through her. He was very talented with his mouth against her breasts. What plans did he have for that wicked mouth this time?

Rvan manoeuvred his slave collar so the ring was to the side and he could rest his head back easily. His body throbbed in anticipation as he watched each pale inch of flesh being exposed. He groaned loudly when he got the first look at her sex. She was beautiful, the apex between her legs having a light trimming of hair to hide its secrets.

“Come here,” he growled, his mouth watering as her scent filled the morning air. He wanted to taste her, needed to sink his tongue deep into her body to feast on her cream.

Lady Neve lowered her body down until she was kneeling astride his face, her sex mere inches from his waiting mouth. Her breath was fast and shallow, a hint of anxiety in her eyes at being in such an exposed position.

“If you thought me sucking your titties was amazing, wait until I lick you sweet sex into a frenzy.”  Rvan gave her no time to ponder his words. He leaned up and kissed her vulnerable place, inhaling deeply at her heady aroma.

Neve jerked in surprise and tried to move away but he gripped her hips tightly with his hands. “Stay, enjoy. My tongue is going to drive you wild until you ride my face as mindlessly as you rode my thigh but moments before.”

Rvan held her firm and slid his tongue between her folds, licking firmly in one long stroke. She cried out loudly and he licked her again, groaning as her taste filled his mouth. He pulled her down closer, forcing her legs wider as he did, opening the secrets of her body to his probing tongue. Rvan slid it home, into the opening that would soon be stretched to accommodate his dick.

Neve screamed with pleasure, her body arching as he held her just right so he could begin to use his tongue in earnest. In and out…in and out he probed and pushed, licked and kissed, using his tongue as he would use his shaft very soon, to plunge in and out of her soaking wet hole.

Oh dear Gods the pleasure was more than she could stand. Rvan was feasting on her sex, licking every crease and crevice. When his tongue pushed into her body Neve thought she would release again on the spot at the heady pleasure of feeling her body being invaded so intimately.

She tried to move but his strength was no match for her. He held her in place so he could take what he wanted. And it appeared he wanted to taste all of her as his tongue curled and probed, lapping eagerly at her most vulnerable place.

Jether had told her about this kind of pleasuring and she’d always imagined it was something only the peasants did. The words he’d used to describe it had been crude and vulgar but dear Gods it felt so good and she wanted to cry out those words to Rvan and beg him for more.

“Does my Lady like that?” Rvan murmured against her body, taking a moment’s pause from his ministrations. “Does it feel good to have me tongue your sweet sex?” It was clear he wanted an answer like before and wouldn’t proceed until she gave him one. And it would have to be an appropriate one he liked.

Neve wracked her mind for the words Jether had spoken in relation to this act. “Oh yes, Rvan. I like it. Please don’t stop. Please lick my sex. Use your tongue to fuck me.”

Her words had the desired effect, drawing a deep growl from the man she straddled. “Such a dirty word from such a high Lady,” he breathed against her heated body. “As you command, my lady Neve, I am going to fuck your sweet body until you release into my mouth.”

Rvan plunged his tongue deep once more, his body pulsing hard with excitement as her words heated his blood. She was loving every second of it, mewling her pleasure and pressing down to meet his mouth, riding his tongue with abandon. Her honey dripped from her body, covering his mouth and chin with its sweetness. Rvan swallowed and licked, drinking down everything she gave him and going back for more.

She tasted divine and he delved deeper curling his tongue to capture every drop before he repositioned his lady and began to pay homage to the pearl at the top of her apex. She went wild with his first flick across the hard button, letting out a scream and bucking wildly. He flicked again and again, soft touches designed to tease out more of her sweet nectar so he could drink it down with relish.

Neve hadn’t thought anything could be more pleasurable than Rvan’s tongue deep within her but then he found her secret place and began to lick and tease it mercilessly. The pressure was building inside her once more, burning her up until she knew she was moments away from another release.

Rvan continued his sweet torture, gentle flicks of his tongue, not applying the pressure she needed to be tipped over into the abyss once again. Neve tried to grind down harder, tried to force him to give her what she wanted but he wouldn’t concede control, chuckling against her sex before swiping his tongue along her core and dipping into her body once more.

“Please, Rvan,” she half sobbed, writhing against his mouth. “Please take me to my release.”

The sound of her frantic plea was what he’d been waiting for. His teeth grazed her button, closing gently around it and biting lightly. His Lady screamed and shattered, bathing his face in her release. While she was still in the throes of her pleasure, Rvan moved fluidly, flipping her onto her back and dragging a finger along her wet slit.

Neve came apart again at his touch and while she shuddered in bliss he spread her legs wide. He was almost at the end of his control. He needed to be buried in her lush body and she was as prepared for him as she was ever going to be.

He positioned his aching dick at the entrance to her body. Holding her legs open wide he pressed the head of his dick hard into small opening. Her wetness coated him and eased his entrance as his head engaged inside but then he could go no further as her body refused to accept him.

Neve felt the pressure between her legs and forced her eyes to open. She looked up to see Rvan’s head bent forwards; looking at something she wasn’t able to see. She turned her gaze to follow and saw his shaft pushing at her entrance. It felt uncomfortable and she instinctively froze, afraid of the pain about to come.

Rvan was holding onto his self control with all he had. His Lady was so tight, her body resisting his intrusion even after three releases. “Look at me, Neve,” he ground out, struggling to maintain control, his breathing ragged with the effort it took him. “Keep looking at me,” he ordered and pressed forward once more into her tightness.

Neve stifled a gasp of pain, meeting his gaze and trying hard to maintain it as she felt her body being stretched beyond bearing. Her eyes pinched with discomfort and her next cry was one of pain. “Rvan…”

“Keep looking at me, Neve,” he groaned, pressing in a little further, willing her to relax and accept him. “Breathe through the pain, my Lady, and relax for me. It will last but a moment.”

Her wetness coated him, her tight tunnel pressing almost painfully around him. Rvan eased out gently and pressed in again, slowly and carefully, only proceeding as far as her body would comfortably accept. It was slow and torturous working to have her body accept his thick shaft, but he didn’t want to hurt her any more than the initial loss of her maidenhood would.

Neve knew he was holding back to spare her. She was aware that all women experienced pain their first time and it was a necessary part of becoming a woman. But she was also aware that once that initial moment had passed there was more of the bliss she’d previously experienced.

She astounded him as well as herself by pressing up, pushing him deeper inside even as she winced. “Do it, Rvan, before I lose the will to complete this. Ride between my legs and make me woman.”

It was more than he could stand. If she’d said anything else he would have been able to maintain control but her words drove all thoughts from his head except the need to bury his dick deep within her waiting body. With a cry, Rvan withdrew and surged back in, hard and fast.

The barrier preventing his full entrance gave way on a sharp cry from Neve as he slid all the way into her maiden body until his balls connected with the cheeks of her bottom. He held still, forcing himself not to move as she tried to accommodate his thick shaft within her virgin body.

Tears escaped her, sliding down the side of her face as he leaned forward and caught her trembling lips in a light kiss. “Forgive me, my lady,” he whispered. “It will ease soon.”

She nodded and her arms wrapped around his neck as they lay joined but unmoving for a few moments. Her body felt stretched beyond bearing, the sharp sting of pain still flooding her as she held onto him for support. Gods she hoped this really did only happen once in a woman’s lifetime because no amount of pleasure was worth enduring this endlessly.

Neve breathed deeply, relaxing her inner muscles as best she could as her body worked to accept Rvan’s hard shaft impaling her so forcefully. In another few moments, the pain receded and she was left with a feeling of such fullness that she inadvertently flexed her inner muscles causing Rvan to groan loudly.

“Neve…” It was said in a warning tone, the tone of a man who was at the end of his endurance. She was the cause of that and it gave her a heady feeling so she flexed her muscles again drawing another desperate groan.

“Do it, Rvan. Take what you want from me. Finish making me a woman.”

Carefully Rvan withdrew, watching her face for any further discomfort and seeing none. He slid slowly back in, groaning at how tightly she gripped his throbbing body in her sheath.

He began slowly until he was sure Neve was taking only pleasure from each thrust into her. When he was sure of her pleasure he increased his strokes until he was surging hard and fast, growling with each thrust.

“Is this to your liking, my lady?” he grunted. “Do you like getting a good dicking?”

“Oh yes, Rvan,” she moaned arching to meet his thrust. “Please don’t stop.” Like didn’t even begin to cover the sheer bliss Neve was experiencing from being taken so roughly by her slave. He was so large and hard within her, reaching such depths and sending fire racing through her veins as he used her body.

He stretched and filled her, hitting spots within her body that made her shudder with the pleasure she was receiving. Her heart was pounding so loudly, her voice hoarse from the cries she was unable to stop. She never wanted this to end. She wanted him to keep riding her hard and fast until they were both exhausted and couldn’t move.

“Oh I have no intention of stopping,” he laughed softly, “Except to reposition you.” He pulled out of her body and moved her onto her hands and knees, running his hands over the perfect globes of her backside.

He gathered his damp tunic and placed it over a smooth rock, pressing his Lady down onto it.

“I like to have my women in this position for a number of reasons. The first being it is a very submissive position and sometimes I like submissive very much. The second is it opens a woman’s body more fully so I can slide my dick deeper and harder into it. The third is her titties hang down and sway with each thrust into her body. That’s a very erotic sight to witness and it makes my dick even harder when I see it. And the fourth…well I’ll show you the fourth in a moment, my Lady, but first I need to have my dick back inside your tight little body.”

He lined himself up once more, holding his aching shaft in one hand and guiding its head to her soaking wet sex. Rvan surged back inside with a loud growl, sinking deeper than he’d been before causing Neve to scream her pleasure into the morning air and thrust back to meet his invasion.

Rvan leaned down and kissed her shoulder, his teeth scraping lightly across her soft skin. “Now I will show you what a true dicking feels like, my Lady.”

Taking her hips in his hands, he held her immobile and pulled out, slamming back in hard. His grunt was met with a sharp cry from Neve and he knew he’d judged her correctly. She was a woman of power and position in her normal life, in matters of sex she wanted someone to take control and make the decisions.

He gave her what she wanted, taking her with hard, powerful strokes which shook her body and made her breasts sway with each powerful lunge. He loved watching her breasts, loved seeing his marks on her delicate skin as he pounded her sex with a strength that bordered on violence but didn’t quite cross that line.

She felt so good massaging his dick, her cries were heady and he used one hand to stoke her backside and squeeze her cheeks as he ravished her body with his. He knew she was close to releasing again. He knew he was too.

“My Lady, may I release my seed within your body?” It took the last of his coherent thought to stop long enough to ask the question.

Neve heard him from afar and moaned with pleasure. All she could feel were the hard, deep thrusts of him impaling her over and over again as he took her rampantly. She couldn’t comprehend what he was saying, she didn’t want to. All she wanted was for him to keep spearing her, to keep pounding her abused sex until she crested once more and achieved her release.

“Don’t stop,” she groaned in response, her breath catching as he slammed in deeply. “Do what you need to, Rvan, just don’t stop.”

It crossed his mind that she wasn’t thinking clearly but the frantic edge to her words pushed him over the edge and his instincts took over. Rvan slid a hand over her stomach to find the small button at the top of her sex.

“This is number four,” he growled, pinching hard as he surged up inside her.

Neve screamed and shattered instantly, her inner walls tightening around his shaft, squeezing him hard. His dick surged deeply again and again, slamming into her mindlessly as he sought his own release, his fingers stroking and pinching her button sending her shattering over and over.

Rvan shouted his release, throwing his head back as his balls tightened and his seed raced up his shaft to explode deep inside Neve’s body. He jerked hard, his thighs trembling as each jet of seed sprayed deep within her and she cried out in ecstasy, joining him with one final release.

It felt like forever before his heart stopped thundering from their exertions. He was aware of his Lady lying in the crook of his arm, her breath slowly calming at the same rate as his. He turned his head to look to his left and was greeted by the most beautiful vision he had ever seen.

His Lady Neve was lying with her dress ruined around her waist, her breasts covered with his love bites and her face flushed with her passion. Her thighs were slightly apart and he could see the evidence of their combined release on her legs and her beautiful sex. She was indeed the very vision of a woman ravished and he couldn’t remember a time when he’d experience sex as enjoyable as that which they had just shared.

Neve breathed deeply, her rational thoughts finally kicking in and a feeling of dread overcoming her. She could feel the wetness between her thighs, Rvan’s final question repeating in her mind. Oh Gods no!

Her eyes opened and she blinked slowly as she gazed back at him. “What have we done, Rvan?” she asked struggling to sit up, a hand reaching between her legs. “If I am with child because of this…” The dread began to escalate until it formed a hard knot in her chest.

Rvan sat up meeting her troubled gaze. “But surely there is some potion that can be taken to ensure that doesn’t happen? Otherwise how do your women lose their maidenhood without becoming with child?”

He knew nothing of her customs and while her fear was beginning to fray her temper, she was aware that this was her responsibility. She had asked him for bed services and he had obeyed as a good slave should.

“I’m sure there is only my father passed before he ever told me what it was,” she answered rising and trying to right her dress into some kind of decent covering.

Rvan rose too, pulling up his breeches and searching for the twine to hold them closed. “My Lady Neve, forgive me for causing you distress.” There was a hint of nervousness in his tone and she assumed it was because of whatever Jether had said to him earlier. Her head slave liked to ensure that all new additions were aware of the penalty for disobedience.

Despite Jether’s warning, it was very infrequent that a slave was punished in her service. Her household ran smoothly with only the severest infractions earning punishment. No, this was not Rvan’s fault but her own. She would have to find the solution.

“Just go,” she ordered with her back to him. “Tell Jether I am pleased with my purchase and he is to put you to work in the fields for the remainder of the day.”

Rvan knew he couldn’t argue with her. His time of being in control was over and he was once more the slave to do her bidding or be punished for disobedience. With one last glance, he turned and made his way to the front of the house again.

He had no idea what was in store for him or if there would be a consequence to the sex they had shared. But what he did know was his Lady Neve was a remarkable woman and one he wanted to lay with again and as often as she would invite him into her bed until she found her future husband.

He could be content to stay as her slave until that time came to pass.

The End


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