Saturday, 12 May 2012

Poll Results

Happy Saturday!!!!!

Yes it's the weekend and the sun is shining here in my part of the world. Oddly, I am awake O_O hahahaha.

So I was going to let my recent poll run for a while because I thought it would take a while to build up a reasonable number of votes to get a true feel for the question posted. But you guys have been so great at responding that I don't feel I need to leave it up any more.

Thank you so much for taking a moment to vote in the poll. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and I'm so happy to see that, for the most part, I'm still managing to keep enough freshness in this world to keep people entertained.

You guys ROCK!!

Poll Results below:

So recently I've noticed a few readers commenting on characters in FTI world being repetitive, objecting to the reactions of the males and what I read as being dissatisfied with the general world and it being perceived as being 2 dimensional. Thoughts? 


Mostly Agree: 3

Sorta Agree: 13

Don't Agree: 80

Total votes cast: 96


  1. It isn't the world that is repetitive and insipid, but the characters. I absolutely adore your stories but the more they continue, the less character development there is. I personally just feel like every character's personality in the FTI series has no uniqueness and disntinctiveness anymore...(i.e. Cedar, Loretta, Jen, Mara, and Lacey all have similar dispositions, as with numerous men). The only characters that have been separated enough are Demetri (fantastic job with him by the way) and the Varcolac...

    1. I think that is unjustly said.. I think the women have similar sexual dispositions but they have very distinct personalities... The males also have some similarities but when you make characters who are the.same breed and also have to be close friends so have common traites it nights seem like characters are bleeding into eachother into similar but I don't think they actually are

  2. Loretta and Lacey are polar opposites! Can you seriously see Loretta teaching?

  3. Always late to the party, but school work trumps reading for pleasure, allways.

    I remember when I first stumbled on a Jaz story. I HATED the whole vampire ware thing, that changed quickly. I've followed this story from the start, re read several parts, commented profusely on a few and provided encouragement. Perhaps to a casual reader just skimming the stories to get to the "good parts" they are long, drawn out and flat.

    Having done that a few times (guilty as charged) that's certainly what it ends up reading like. The characters all tend to melt into one of two massively polar characters, one I insanely dominant male, one sexually aggressive female. Actually most of the characters can be at one point in time classified as such. Reading for content does however change this perception greatly. Annie and Mara both can be tanatiously sexual, and also incredably supportive of their man. Annie though is very much so a family person, Mara not so much. She likes her man and tolerates the extended family. The characters do have depth and each one is slightly different. Sure they do tend to blend at times, as do we all. We all tend to pick up the "personality" of the group we associate with, so to a lesser degree. It only made sense to me that in a ware story with a pack like mentality, this would be the case.

    Sure you can endlessly pick apart each story, scoff at the homogenization of characters but then again one could argue that every major story with plural characters trends this way. Heck I thought that the characters in the Harry Potter books were very similar, but that story was still very good.

    It's been great to watch this story unfold, I'd much rather the world be flat and stagnant than an absolute train wereck of continuity errors. (which by the way are VERY hard to avoid) I welcome the predictable atmosphere (world wise) because it just makes the changes and shakeups that do happen stand out blatantly rather than collect in an ever increasing vortex of escalating events.

    I am sure Jaz will confirm I don't always write line after line of praise, I do point out flaws, and if things don't jive I am also sure Jaz will confirm that her inbox will be graced with a lengthy note with the likes of the issue at hand.

    As to the issue here, I think I've made my point known. The argument is not totally unfounded, but it's also not completely true either. In what I call typical Jaz style, there is something for anyone it just depends on how much the reader is willing to participate in the story.