Saturday, 5 July 2014

Chronicles of a Vârcolac: Kothari's Journal Part 25

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  1. There is so much to Kothari. I truly believe his darkness is going to be their salvation. I am not sure why, but there is sinister, innocence, desperation, need, love, hate, discontent, insecurity and confusion all churning within him. That great evil that is stirring up malevolence will have to combat the Queen, the King and the weapon that is Kothari. That is just my musings. I want Kothari to not be so alone in his darkness, but I don't believe all darkness is bad. Kothari needs some sort of release and a figure that he can talk to about who he is and who he may become. Battling that great evil will in my mind conquer the blood lust. That may mean massive slaughter of the enemy to ease the pull, but after the haze someone or some thing can guide the Kothi that has yet to live. The Kothi that doesn't have to spend all his energy keeping his family and friend safe from him. He is such an interesting character. I don't know if Dara is his mate or friend, but he needs someone who has their own sense of "try me and die" aura that even his darkness is uneasy around. Maybe an angel is the right figure. Maybe Dara is the equalizer. No one said the "light/angel" could not bring about the end of things as we know it. Hmmmmm - Jaz, your work has me up late and pondering. This is such an amazing story, I cannot wait for more. YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!!