Sunday, 21 September 2014

Chronicles of a Vârcolac: Kothari's Journal Part 29 & 30 & End

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  1. Sometimes we have to let out the part we subdue. The trick I guess is to find a balance because if you don't...., and you swing to the extremes..., like a broken pendulum..., you will never reach a state of calm stillness. It is interesting that even though we "know" they are different, no one knows them. Maybe the Queen knows, and that is part of her sadness. I believe "Agony" is supposed to exist. As sad as he makes me, I believe that Kothi has never experienced his full self and I think that there is more than Kothi and Agony. But since there was an imbalance for so long..., his pendulum has just tilted in the other direction. It was brought out by trauma. It needs to feed it's existence. Agony is totally what needs to be present to find his parents. Agony's perception is very specific. Creepy or insane as he is...., this persona seems to fit as a counter to the great evil that is approaching. At least to me. Jaz, you make us think a lot about your characters. I am not sure why or how - complete destruction or absorption or just plain sacrifice will be the answer. Lol - Just like everything. These are just my musings. I cannot wait for what you create for us. I don't know how you do it, but God Bless You for it!! ��