Sunday, 7 September 2014

Marvellous Mess

Marvellous Mess

The wind whipped slowly across the rooftop, catching her hair in the soft breeze, but she was oblivious to its light caress. Her eyes stared vacantly across the skyline, her gaze failing to register the lights, the buildings, and the thrum of life being played out within each window.

She had once been one of those people, scurrying about the surface of the planet going about her business. Everything had been so important, of such significance it had to be achieved instantly.  Now, she was nothing. A solitary figure, alone and lost in a world where no one noticed her any more.

How had it come to this?

When had everything turn into a pain that felt so right, so beautiful, that it was perfection?

Had there been one instance in her life that was the harbinger of what was to come?

She couldn’t recollect an instance but that didn’t mean there hadn’t been one. Memories were hazy today, ethereal moments that eluded her grasp, vanishing completely when she tried too hard to remember. All that remained was the emptiness, the aloneness…

The wind swirled stronger, her hair obscuring her vision as her hands rose in air. This had to be what flying felt like, that moment of being utterly free. 

She was so tired, so weary of everything. All it would take was one step forward…just one tiny, little step…

“It’s okay to give up…”

The voice whispered in her mind, the same voice that had been with her for what felt like forever. It was beautiful and insidious, and the only constant she still had in her life.

A tear slid down her cheek and she nodded her agreement. She’d fought the voice for so long, and she was tired of fighting. She was tired of the perfect pain than scythed through her soul. One step…today was that day…

A flutter of colour, bright blue and so tiny…the butterfly hovered for a fraction of a second before her eyes, and then it vanished into the darkening sky. Nature’s perfection, it all its glory…the tiny harbinger of destruction or so the old saying went…”If a butterfly flapped its wings at one end of the world…”

Everything was silent. 

Everything was peaceful. 

The wind whipped her hair again and she moved, taking a step…

She took another and then another, moving back from the ledge, the bright blue butterfly emblazoned on her memory. It was beautiful and it was perfection. It was destruction and it was awe-inspiring. It was a reminder of what she has grown too weary to see for so long…Life was such a marvellous mess…


  1. Very powerful imagery!

  2. Evocative and beautifully written. Choosing happiness and positivity can seem so challenging and you've captured a first step here so beautifully.