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A Reluctant Love Ch 07

Chapter 7: Throw Back Thursday

Cullen declared all-out war on Emily starting the very next day. His first move was waiting for her when she arrived at work. She was running ten minutes late because she’d finished off the bottle of wine Cullen had opened the night before. The wine had knocked her out and she had slept through the alarm.

Alice was dancing excitedly outside her office when she stepped off the lift.

“These just arrived for you,” she said, excitedly, holding up a small lilac heart shaped vase with generous amounts of lavender spilling out of it. “There wasn’t a card.”

Emily stared at the vase of flowers in shock and then her mouth curved into a smile.

“You know who they’re from, don’t you?” Alice said accusingly, her eyes sparkling with curiosity.

Emily didn’t answer and her PA huffed at her and entered her office to put the vase down.

Emily turned her head to see Cullen leaning against his office door watching her. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him, heat flooding her face when she thought of his lips against hers. He laughed loud enough for her to hear and she blushed even more furiously and followed Alice into her office.

Apart from that one incident, the rest of the day passed normally. Any time she had any contact with Cullen he was friendly and helpful if she had a question needing answered. He never alluded to the night before.  Emily found herself on tender hooks all day, wondering if he was going to say anything but he didn’t.

The next morning she was already in her office when a small basket of coconut macaroons was delivered. Alice stared at the confectionary with a puzzled expression and a raised eyebrow but Emily merely smiled and popped a sweet into her mouth. She chewed on it slowly, savouring the taste of the coconut.

Again the rest of the day was uneventful on a personal level. Work wise, she was busy with the last few meetings she had planned. She e-mailed Cullen and Dorian telling them she hoped to have some rough recommendations for them by Friday and asking to schedule a meeting.

A bottle of perfume arrived on the third morning. Emily gasped when she saw it was the perfume that she usually wore. How could Cullen have known the exact brand? Was his sense of smell really that good?

Emily decided that he was having way to much fun at her expense. She knew he had a meeting away from the office that morning so she snuck into his office and liberally sprayed some of the perfume on a few pages of his leather bound notepad.

She was heading into the Boardroom a few hours later when he cornered her and closed the door behind him. His eyes were twinkling with amusement.

“It’s going to be nigh on impossible for me to get any work done today now,” he said laughing. “My office reeks of your scent.”

He began stalking her slowly until she was backed breathlessly into a corner. He leaned into her and she was surprised to find her back pressed against the wall.

Emily felt his lips took forever to finally reach hers. She saw Cullen’s eyes flash with desire seconds before she felt his mouth brush hers gently. She sucked in a deep breath as he slowly coaxed her lips to part and then slid his tongue deep inside her mouth.

Cullen groaned softly as he felt her mouth open under his. She tasted so heavenly. He wrapped a hand into her hair and lifted her from the floor with one arm around her tiny waist. He pressed his body into hers as he deepened the kiss and she moaned against his mouth.

Emily felt as if her body was going up in flames as Cullen rubbed his body against hers as his kisses became more urgent. She could feel his arousal pressing against her stomach and it both excited and frightened her a little. She felt his thigh slide between her legs and begin to rub against her as he trailed hot kisses along her jaw line and down her throat.

“Cullen,” she groaned, her hands in his hair, trying to force his head away. “Stop, Cullen. Dorian will be here any second.”

She didn’t know how she managed to make any coherent sounds as he was slowly and mercilessly intent on igniting a white, hot need in her body.

“Dorian can go to hell,” Cullen growled, capturing her lips again, his mouth feverish on hers, demanding her response.

Emily moaned and the hands that had been trying to push him away suddenly began to pull his head closer to her as she ground her lips against his. She felt his hand leave her hair and move to cup her breast through her blouse. His thumb rubbed against her nipple and white hot flames seemed to explode through her body.

“Cullen,” she moaned, arching her breast against his hand. “Cullen, we need to stop now.”

He growled his disapproval and rubbed against her again but she could feel him begin to struggle to get his control back. His thumb rubbed against her nipple again as his mouth softened against hers and his kisses became more gentle.

Finally he lowered her back to the floor and gave her one more slow, gentle kiss before he moved away from her and ran a shaky hand through his thick hair.

Emily pressed her hands back against the wall to keep her traitorous legs from buckling under her. She saw Cullen smile in satisfaction as his eyes roamed over her flushed face.

“I think you may find it nigh on impossible to get any work done today as well,” he chuckled.

“You started it,” Emily grumbled, moving away from the wall and sitting in the first chair she came to, her knees feeling as if they were made of rubber.

“And I intend to finish it,” he whispered against her ear before he sat down beside her. “Fix your hair,” he added softly.

Emily tried to get her breathing under control as she  unclipped the clasp holding her curls up and shook them loose. She quickly gathered the curls at the nape of her neck and locked the clip back in place.

Seconds later Dorian entered the Boardroom. He looked from Cullen to Emily and raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything.

Emily tried to hide a blush as the meeting began. She tried to concentrate by taking notes but was having a hard time because Cullen kept lazily rubbing his leg against hers. She prayed that Dorian couldn’t tell what they had been up to.

Dorian was in fact multi tasking. As he spoke aloud about the first subsidiary they wanted Emily to audit, he was having a mental conversation with Cullen.

“What are you doing to the poor girl, Cullen? She looks like she’s ready to jump off her chair and flee the Boardroom,” he laughed.

“She sprayed my room full of her bloody perfume,” Cullen laughed back. “I’m just having some payback.”

Dorian fought back a laugh and listened intently as Emily asked some questions about the timescale they were looking for to have her proposals ready for the subsidiary company.

The meeting seemed to last forever. Finally Emily could flee the Boardroom and head back to her office.

Alice raised an eyebrow as she saw the huge smile on Emily’s face. “Good meeting?” she asked curiously.

“Excellent meeting,” Emily said breezily and entered her office and closed the door behind her. She threw herself into her chair and sucked in a deep breath. Cullen had teased mercilessly the whole meeting and she felt wound up and confused and exhilarated.

She checked her e-mail just as one arrived from Cullen. She read it and laughed. So he would never quite view the Boardroom in the same way again? Neither would she after today.

He was waiting for her at the elevator at the end of the day.

“Want to go for a drink?” he asked, his beautiful lips twitching with a little smile.

“It’s a school night,” she laughed. “I’ve already been late once this week because I was drinking. My bosses might frown on me being late again.”

“I’m sure you could convince your bosses to go easy on you,” he teased, his golden eyes sparkling with amusement.

Emily sucked in her breath as he ratcheted his charm offensive up to full power. It was so unfair that both he and Dorian could do that.

“Have you been taking dazzling lessons from Dorian?” she asked with a breathless laugh.

“Why, is it working?” he grinned unrepentantly.

“Cullen,” she groaned as the elevator arrived and she stepped in. “No, it is not working,” she continued.

He held the door open and smiled. “You can’t leave until you say yes,” he said softly.

Emily shook her head and then laughed. “Yes,” she finally said, conceding defeat.

Cullen’s beautiful face light up with a huge smile. “I’ll pick you up at eight,” he smiled. “Dress sexy, Emily,” he added softly as the elevator doors closed.

Emily realised that she didn’t have any sexy clothes. All her ‘going out’ clothes had gone up in smoke along with her house and she hadn’t replaced them. She decided to buy something on the way home.

So Cullen wanted something sexy. She’d give him sexy! She quickly found the most amazing dress she’d ever seen. They even had it in her favourite colour, purple.

It looked like it was in two pieces but was, in fact, one item. It had a little slip dress, which came to mid thigh, made of satin with an intricate lace covering. It had thin straps and the cleavage plunged low. Underneath the bodice was a gathered satin band with a beaded broach in the centre, meeting the V of the plunging cleavage.  Yards of purple satin flowed from the band, hiding the dress beneath until she moved.

‘Eat your heart out, Cullen,’ she laughed to herself as she quickly found a matching satin wrap and a pair of four inch sandals which criss-crossed once over her feet before securing, delicately around her slender ankles.

Emily got ready, her stomach fluttering with butterflies as the time wore on. She surveyed herself in her full length mirror and gasped as she saw the sultry woman staring back at her.  She’d left her hair loose, knowing that Cullen liked it that way. It was tumbling down her back in thick, vibrant red curls. The dress looked as if it had been made just for her. She really looked amazing she had to admit.

Cullen rang the doorbell dead on eight o’clock and she took a deep breath before she opened it. He stood staring at her, a totally stunned look on his beautiful face as his eyes roamed slowly over her body. She saw desire flare brightly in his golden eyes and his jaw clenched tightly.

He looked pretty amazing himself. He was wearing a black suit with a black silk shirt underneath. The top two buttons of the shirt were open and she could just see a light smattering of golden brown hair on his chest. His thick luscious locks were loose and flowing over his shoulders. His golden brown eyes had darkened as he dragged them back up her body.

“Get your bag,” he said in a strained voice.

“You’re not coming in?” she asked surprised.

“Emily,” he breathed raggedly. “If I step foot in your home right now, we won’t leave it tonight. Just get whatever you need and meet me outside.”

He spun away and leaned his back against the wall so that he couldn’t see her. His breathing was heavy and his heart was pounding. His body had hardened the moment she had opened the door. He struggled to get some control as he heard her moving about the room before she came out and closed and locked the door.

“You did say dress sexy,” Emily said quietly, coming to stand in front of him.

“Oh, you’ve done that all right,” he managed to laugh. “You’ve just managed to invent a whole new meaning to the word.”

She frowned worriedly and he gently stroked a finger over her cheek and smiled gently. “You’re perfect,” he said softly. “So perfect that all I want to do right now is take you back inside and slowly peel that dress off you and make sweet love to you, Emily.”

Emily sucked in a sharp breath as his eyes devoured her.

“Come on,” he said, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and heading towards the elevator.

“Where are we going?” she asked, the heat of his body against her side sending butterflies through her stomach.

“I want to show you my world, Emily,” he said suddenly serious, his eyes searching hers intently. “Are you up to that challenge?”

Her violet eyes widened as she realised what he was saying. “We’re going to one of your places?” she asked breathlessly.

“Only if you want to, Emily. We can go somewhere else.” He seemed nervous as he waited for her to respond.

“Let’s go,” she finally whispered, giving him a small smile. “I want to know everything about you, Cullen.”

He hugged her against him and kissed the top of her head, the sweet scent of the perfume he’d bought her, drowning his senses. “You smell delicious,” he growled as the elevator finally arrived.

She laughed and entered the elevator.

Emily was surprised to find that she wasn’t the least nervous as Cullen parked in the private car park underneath Karpathia’s.  The club had looked like any normal club as they’d swung past it on their way to the car park.

“Nervous?” Cullen asked, his eyes glued to her legs as he helped her from the car and the satin parted to reveal her slender form.

“Excited,” she breathed, her violet eyes shining up at him.

His beautiful smile broadened and he dipped his head for a quick kiss and then hugged her close to him. “If it gets too much, let me know and we can go somewhere else,” he told her.

He inserted a key into the waiting elevator and it glided upwards quickly. The doors opened and they were suddenly in a large room filled with humans and vampires.

It was more like a gentleman’s club rather than a dance club, Emily realised surprised. The room was dark but not too dark, discrete lamps decorating many tables about the large space. Plush black leather sofas and chairs filled the room and the carpet underfoot was thick and plush.

As they entered the room, Emily found that she could quickly tell the vampires from the humans. The vampires were simply more beautiful than the humans.

“Are you all so incredibly beautiful?” she whispered quietly and then blushed as a few vampires close to them burst out laughing.

Cullen laughed too. “Yes and our hearing is hypersensitive,” he chuckled.

“Oh God, how embarrassing,” Emily groaned, letting her hair shield her hot cheeks.

Cullen laughed again and tightened his arm around her. “Don’t worry about it. They’re used to a human’s reaction when they first visit. They don’t take offence. In fact, Pablo is thoroughly jealous right now that you’re on my arm and not his.”

Emily looked back and saw a beautiful, swarthy face regarding her intently. The vampire smiled and winked at her and she blushed again and looked away.

Cullen led her to a sofa which was mostly empty save for a solitary vampire. He was stunning to look at. His hair was jet black and fell down his back in thick, inky waves. His eyes were a piercing blue and Emily could tell that he was tall even though he was sitting down.

“Cullen,” he smiled, his generous lips curving upwards. “You haven’t visited for a few days.”

“I’ve been otherwise occupied, Liam,” Cullen answered, sinking onto the sofa and pulling Emily down beside him.

The vampire called Liam ran his eyes appreciatively over Emily as the satin of her skirt parted to reveal her body beneath.

“I can understand your preoccupation,” he laughed with a twinkle in his eye.

His appraisal of her body was so overtly sexual that Emily found herself blushing hard again.

“I take it this is the lovely Emily?” he continued, raising a glass of red liquid to his mouth and sipping slowly.

“Emily, the reprobate is Liam,” Cullen laughed. “Don’t let him get to you. He’s an outrageous flirt and uses his charm ruthlessly.”

“Pleased to meet you, Liam,” Emily said in a slightly shaky voice. She wondered if she should offer to shake his hand but as he made no move to do so she decided against it.

“Mon dieu, Cullen, she even has a voice of an angel,” Liam laughed throatily and sipped his drink again. “You are the first human I have seen in a very long time who is almost as beautiful as our kind,” he said kindly to Emily.

Emily blushed yet again and thanked him breathlessly.

“Would you like a glass of wine, Emily?” Cullen asked with laughter in his voice. “Maybe it will calm your nerves a little. Your delicate little blushes are exciting far too many males in here for my liking.”

Emily groaned in embarrassment and buried her face against the crook of his arm, causing both of the vampires to laugh.

Cullen ordered her a glass of sparkling white wine. He ordered himself the same as Liam and nodded at her silent question.

Emily processed the thought that both Liam and Cullen were drinking blood. She wanted to find it repulsive but it just seemed natural somehow.

She rested against the back of the sofa as Liam and Cullen chatted about some friends, catching up on the latest news about their own kind. She felt the wine start to kick in as she became more relaxed.

Cullen was absent-mindedly tracing his thumb against her exposed thigh, just above her knee, the rest of his fingers wrapped lightly around the back of her thigh. His touch was hypnotic and she closed her eyes and concentrated on the wonderful feelings his hand was generating.

She felt his eyes on her face and smiled, opening her eyes slowly. His deep golden gaze was like liquid fire as his lips curled up into a beautiful smile. She was surprised to see that Liam was gone.

“He was finding our chemistry far too tempting,” Cullen said softly at her unspoken question. “He’s gone to find himself a companion to play with.”

Emily sat up straighter her eyes widening in shock and Cullen laughed quietly as her sudden movement brought her lips mere inches from his. He lowered his head and caught her startle gasp with his lips, his thumb moving rhythmically against her skin.

Emily moaned as his lips teased hers gently. Cullen sighed softly against her mouth and slowly pulled away.

“You’re so intoxicating, Emily,” he breathed huskily. “Your scent teases me mercilessly and your soft skin burns my hand wherever I touch it.”

“Everyone can hear you,” Emily protested weakly and he chuckled softly.

“I want everyone to hear me,” he breathed. “I want every male in here to know that you are mine, Emily. They may look all they want but they may not touch you, Emily. You belong to me.”

He kissed her again, harder and with more urgency. Emily felt as if her body was melting into his as he pushed her back against the plush sofa and leaned into her.

Her mind screamed at her that they were in a public place but her body overruled her head as she surrendered completely the fierce heat and longing his lips were fanning deep inside her.

Cullen finally dragged his lips away with a tortured groan and rested his forehead against hers, his eyes dark with his need. His hand on her thigh stroked slowly upwards as he watched her intently.

“Cullen,” she groaned in warning, her hand coming to his to still his upward movement. His fingers were just a fraction away from the hem of her dress. He stroked her lightly and breathed deeply on her sweet scent.

“You have no idea how crazy you make me, Emily,” he growled seductively. “I could take you right here, right this very moment, and to hell with other people seeing us.”

Her breath caught in her throat as his fingers moved slightly higher, slipping slowly under the hem of her dress. He watched her beautiful face flush with a combination of embarrassment and passion. Her sweet lips trembled softly as she fought to hold in a moan of pleasure.

Cullen had to taste her again. He groaned and caught her trembling lips against his and parted then gently, sliding his tongue erotically into her mouth. His hand seemed to have a life of it’s own as it slid further up her thigh until it reached the delicate lace of her panties.

Emily stiffened at his touch and she pushed against Cullen’s chest. He groaned and seemed ready to resist but finally sat back, sliding his hand back down her leg until it rested lightly against her knee.

“I need a drink,” he said shakily, a rueful smile on his beautiful face as he removed his hand from her knee and raked it through his hair.

Emily tugged the hem of her dress down and managed a shaky smile at his self mocking tone. She glanced around the room but no one appeared to be looking at them and she relaxed slightly. She picked up her wine and drank liberally to try and calm her ragged nerves.

Cullen watched her and wondered how he had gotten to be so lucky to have her in his life. He was slightly shocked by his own behaviour just then. He was normally so good at holding onto his self control but with Emily, he just lost all rational thought. The dress wasn’t helping much either, he thought and smiled ruefully. He’d told her to dress sexy. It was his own damned fault that she had taken him so literally at his word.

Emily watched him smile quietly to himself. He really was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. His kisses and touches made her want to throw caution to the wind and just see where she ended up.

“You’re not drinking,” she finally said, a small smile on her lips. “Does it help your self control to drink blood?”

“It usually does,” Cullen said softly. “But when I’m around you it doesn’t work as well as it should do.”

“Maybe a fresh source would help make it easier?” she asked curiously.

Cullen stiffened at her words and then slowly relaxed again. “I find I have no taste for a fresh source since I’ve met you,” he finally admitted. “It is an incredibly erotic experience to drink from a human. I have no erotic interest in anyone but you now.”

Emily stared at him, her eyes wide. Cullen was telling her that he hadn’t been with woman, sexually or taken blood, since she had come into his life. She closed her eyes as her thoughts raced wildly through her head, shielding those thoughts from him until she reached a decision.

She slowly opened her eyes and found him watching her curiously with a slight smile on his beautiful lips. “What are you cooking up in your beautiful little head?” he asked, his voice amused.

“Can we go somewhere private?” she asked breathlessly.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Emily,” he sighed softly. “Being alone with you is far too tempting.”

Emily smiled at him and stood up, holding her hand out. He took it and rose slowly, his eyes questioning.

“Where can we go?” she whispered.

“Emily,” he said warningly, a slight frown marring his beautiful features.

“Just tell me where we can damned well go, Cullen,” she hissed fiercely, tugging at his hand.

His eyes flashed and then he pulled her towards a door at the far end of the room. It led on to a long hallway filled with more doors. She had to run to keep up with him as he tugged her swiftly down the hallway until they reached the door at the very end. He opened it with a key and pushed her inside.

She tried to catch her breath as she heard him close and lock the door behind them. The room they were in was quite large. It was darkly lit but she could clearly see the large four poster bed in the centre of the room. It was luxuriously draped with red and brown swathes of material over the wooden posters, with matching bedding and scatter cushions piled thickly against the pillows.

Emily walked slowly towards the bed. Cullen hadn’t moved from the door. She could almost feel his impossible stillness as his eyes tracked her movements across the room.

She skirted around the bottom of the bed until she was on the far side. She stood draped by the silky material over the posters and looked at him. Cullen was standing with his back against the door. His gaze was dark and impenetrable. She thought she saw a muscle twitch at his jaw.

She pushed aside the long, satin material of her dress and slowly crawled onto the bed and came to rest on her knees in the middle. Yep, definitely a twitching muscle, she thought with a small smile crossing her lips.

“I have more questions,” Emily said quietly. Cullen nodded slowly but didn’t speak.

“How many women have you lain with, Cullen?” she asked softly. “You’re nearly two thousand years old. It must be in the thousands if not the tens of thousands.”

“The latter,” he answered truthfully, his voice low and strained.

“Do you remember them all?”

He swallowed hard. “I probably could if I tried,” he said.

“Did you ever marry any of them?” she asked next. She saw a flash of pain in Cullen’s eyes and then he closed them to her.

“Once,” he finally said. “A very long time ago.”

“Did you love her very much, Cullen?” she asked gently.

“Yes,” he whispered, his eyes still closed. “Her name was Elizabeth and she had hair as golden as a midday sun.”

“What happened?” Emily didn’t know why she pushed him when she could see that the memory caused him pain. She just needed to know.

“She didn’t love me as I did her,” he finally said. “She loved the idea of becoming like me. I was just a means to an end for her.”

Emily sucked in a deep breath and felt a sudden hatred for the woman called Elizabeth who had hurt him so badly.

“Did you make her like you?” she asked gently.

Cullen swallowed hard again and nodded. “She left me a year later,” he sighed. “I still bump into her from time to time.”

“Do you still love her?” she whispered, her voice harsh.

Cullen’s eyes flew open and found hers unerringly. “No,” he breathed softly. “She hasn’t had a hold on me for a long time now.”

Emily relaxed, her gaze locked with his. She smiled suddenly, an impish smile. “I haven’t seen your incredible speed yet. Care to demonstrate?”

One second he was by the door, the next he was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching her intently.

Emily gasped and then laughed and clapped her hands, her eyes shining.

“That’s pretty impressive,” she said breathlessly.

He smiled his beautiful smile at her, his eyes warm as they travelled over her delighted face.

“Will you remember me?” she whispered softly, her eyes searching his intently.

“Always,” he whispered back without any hesitancy. “I wouldn’t be able to forget you no matter how hard I tried.”

“Does it hurt?” she asked next, her eyes curious. “When you bite into human flesh?”

“I believe it stings a little at first,” he answered with a wry smile.  “But then the endorphins kick in and it becomes pleasurable.”

“Do you bite the neck like vampires do in the films?” she giggled.

“We can do,” he laughed back. “But there are many, much more pleasurable, places to bite.”

“Where do you like to bite, Cullen?” she whispered.

He groaned and closed his eyes briefly. When he opened them, they were dark with arousal again. He slowly reached out a finger and lightly touched the swell of her breast. “Here,” he breathed softly.

Emily sucked in a deep breath as his finger stroked gently against her soft flesh, his eyes riveted to the spot.

“Emily,” he finally said softly. “You test my self control to the limit.” His jaw was clenched and she could see the strain on his face when he finally looked back at her.

“What do I have to do to finally break it?” she asked breathlessly, her lips curving in a soft smile.

Cullen groaned and closed his eyes, his breathing ragged. “Not here,” he growled harshly. “Not like this, Emily.”

“This is your world, Cullen,” she said softly. “I want to be part of it. This is the perfect place to know everything there is to know about you.”

“You are my world, Emily” he whispered, his eyes opening to meet hers. She gasped at the hot fire in his gaze, the deep need he was trying so hard to hold back.

She reached behind her and tugged at the zipper of her dress, pushing the top down to free her breasts to his gaze. “Then take what is yours, Cullen,” she said breathlessly.

He gave a tortured groan and then reached for her, pulling her towards his questing mouth. His lips caught the hardened peak of her breast in his mouth and he pulled gently, laving her erect nipple with his tongue.

Emily moaned deeply as his mouth worshipped her breast, the hot, moist heat of his mouth causing fire to explode deep inside her. Her hands raked into his hair, holding him to her breast as her head fell backwards as he began suckling against her, his touch rough with need.

“Do it,” she whispered urgently. “Please, Cullen, take what you need from me.”

He groaned against her breast as she whispered her encouragement. He felt his fangs elongate and then he was sinking them sharply into her warm flesh, feeling her gasp of pain as they slid in. Her hot, sweet blood filled his mouth and he was lost in his need to drink from her. He sucked deeply, swallowing her essence down his throat.

Emily felt sweet bliss come over her once the initial pain of his bite receded. His mouth pulled at her breast as he sucked down her blood, growling in ecstasy with each mouthful. He fed greedily, the sweet pulling motion sending liquid fire down her belly and between her legs. She was moaning throatily as he sucked, her hands clamping him to her breast.

Cullen finally pulled away, his tongue lapping roughly against the puncture wound, closing it, and then lapping up the small rivulet of blood that flowed down her breast.  “You taste so heavenly,” he groaned, licking his lips before dragging them up to hers in a hard, urgent kiss.

He pulled the zipper of her dress all the way down, pushing her backwards onto the bed so he could slide the satin and lace garment from her body, leaving her lying there with just a scrap of lace around her hips. He discarded her sandals quickly as he threw the dress to the floor.

“You are so beautiful, Emily,” he whispered hoarsely, his eyes flaming pools of molten gold. “I have to have you.” He moved over her, his mouth prising hers open so he could slide his tongue deep inside. His hands cupped her breasts, his thumbs rubbing against her hardened nipples.

Emily moaned against his mouth, thrusting her breasts into his hands. She reached for him, her trembling fingers fighting with the buttons of his silk shirt and failing miserably. He left her briefly and returned before she could finish her cry of disappointment. He was naked, his hardness throbbing against her stomach as he slid a thigh between her legs as he kissed her again.

Emily rocked against his hardness, her body craving more. His lips were travelling along her jaw and down to her breasts. He decorated every inch of her skin with hot kisses, suckling firmly at her nipples before he trailed lower kissing her taut stomach and dipping his tongue into her belly button.

She tensed slightly when she felt his hands tug at the elastic of her panties. He kissed her though the lace and then slowly slid the scrap of material down her legs. Emily cried out as his hands pushed her thighs further apart and she felt his hot breath against her pussy.

He teased her open gently and kissed her, breathing in her wonderfully musky scent. He groaned and slid his tongue against her hot flesh, licking slowly along her silky folds until he reached her hard clit. He laved the hard nub roughly with his tongue as she cried out again and bucked against his mouth.

The intimacy of his touch was so heady and erotic that Emily thought she would forget how to breath. His mouth was teasing relentlessly. She felt his tongue dip inside her and her body rose up to meet it, wanting more.

He moved his tongue rhythmically inside her, fanning the hot flame of desire coiling between her legs and pushing it higher and higher. She surrendered to him completely and let him push her onwards until the most amazing pleasure crashed over her entire body and a small scream erupted from her as the sensation overloaded her senses.

Cullen licked her sweet pussy leisurely as her heart started to slow down, loving the sweet taste of her release. He kissed back up her body until he was back at her mouth, his body moving between her legs, his throbbing cock pressing gently at her opening.

“Look at me, Emily” he whispered tightly. Her violet eyes met his golden ones. The need in his eyes was unmistakable, his jaw was clenched tightly as he fought for control. “This will hurt a little, love,” he said softly. “I’ll be as gentle as I can but the first time is always a bit painful. Just relax and breathe through the discomfort. It will get better quickly.”

He pushed gently into her and she tensed as she felt his hard cock invade her body. He felt so big.  Her body felt so full as he pushed slowly until he reached her protective barrier. He paused and let her become accustomed to him.

Emily sought Cullen’s mouth desperately. She knew he was being as gentle with her as he could be. She felt a mild discomfort but she knew that the worst bit was still to come. “Do it quickly,” she whispered against his mouth. He caught her cry of pain with his mouth as he thrust deeply, ripping aside her protective barrier to bury himself deep inside her.

Emily felt a tear slide from the corner of her eye as the pain engulfed her. They lay still, their breathing ragged as she slowly adjusted to his intrusion. He moved again, slowly and gently. She gasped as the pain ebbed quickly and she felt a deep pleasure take it’s place. She pressed against him, urging him on with body. He groaned deeply and began to move inside her.

She met his every thrust, her hands stroking against his chest, tangling in the light smattering of body hair she found there. The slow, hard thrusts of his throbbing cock were coiling intense pleasure deep within her and she moaned and feverishly dragged her mouth over his chest as they moved together.

Cullen growled when her hot mouth touched his skin and he moved faster within her tight body. His hands gripped her hair and he pulled her mouth to his, kissing her urgently and groaning his deep pleasure into her willing mouth. Hearts thumping, breaths come in tortured gasps, they ground against each other as their need became more frantic.

“Oh, God, Emily,” Cullen groaned hoarsely. “You feel so amazing.”

He kissed her feverishly as he moved faster inside her, his hand coming to her hip to press her harder against his aching cock. Her tightness surrounded him, gripping him hard inside her. He buried himself deep within her over and over again as her beautiful body stroked against his cock rhythmically.

Emily was desperate with need. She arched against him as waves of pleasure began to build so high that she thought she would pass out with sheer joy. “Cullen, I need,” she groaned and then gasped because she couldn’t put into words what it was she needed.

“I know what you need, baby,” he groaned hoarsely, kissing her urgently. His body pounded harder and faster as he pushed her higher and higher and faster and faster until the world exploded around her in a whirlwind of pleasure so intense that she completely forgot to breath once her scream of pleasure left her throat.

Her body trembled wildly, her tight tunnel rippling around his aching cock, pushing him over the edge. Cullen gave a loud guttural cry of pleasure and felt his body spasm within her as he jerked against her and his seed flowed deep into her beautiful body. He thrust hard again and felt his cock pulse over and over as more of his seed bathed her insides. The pleasure he felt was like nothing he’d ever had before. His body thrust once more and he groaned as he felt Emily tremble from a second, intense orgasm, her cries of pleasure filling the room.

Cullen rolled onto his back, taking her with him so she was resting on top, their bodies still joined. They breathed raggedly as they fought to get their heart rates to turn to normal. Cullen stroked her back in long languid movements, loving the feel of her sweat slickened skin under his hands.

Emily rested with her head buried in the side of his neck. He smelled so good and he felt amazing still inside her. Her hands traced lightly over his chest, a finger flicking idly at a hard nipple. Her breathing finally slowed and she felt him slip from her body. He rolled them onto their sides and he pulled her head back so he could look at her face.

“Emily,” he said softly, his finger lightly stroking her jaw.

She opened her eyes and her breath caught when she saw the look of tenderness in his.

“Thank you for the most precious gift you could ever give me,” he whispered.

Emily felt herself blush and saw his lips twitch in a smile.

“I love the way you blush so delicately,” he teased, leaning forward to kiss her lightly on the lips.

She kissed him back and smiled. “That was amazing,” she said shyly. “Is it always like that?”

“It will be between us,” he laughed softly. “Sometimes it may even be better.”

“I don’t think anything could be better than what just happened,” she said with happy smile.

“Nothing will ever be more special than this moment,” he agreed, his hand trailing over her shoulder to slide down her arm and take her hand in his. He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it gently, his golden brown eyes looking deep inside her soul.

“I love you, Emily Swan,” Cullen said softly.

Emily gasped and felt tears well up in her eyes at his unexpected declaration. Her heart pounded fiercely in her chest as a tear of joy spilled over.

“I love you, Sebastian Cullen,” she whispered. “So very much.”

He gathered her tenderly in his arms and kissed her with all the pent up feelings inside him. She moaned and clung to him, her mouth opening under his, her tongue searching for his so they could mate erotically again.

Cullen groaned and felt his body respond to her passion. He pulled her on top of him and slowly slid his hard cock back inside her. She gasped at the sudden movement and the unexpectedness of being the one in control.

“Just do what feels natural,” he smiled and kissed her, deep and hard. He groaned when she moved against him experimentally. His body rocked up into hers and his hand moved to her hips.

Emily moved up and down his cock in long slow strokes as his hands on her hips helped her to set a pace that was pleasurable to them both. It felt so wonderful feeling him deep inside her. She pushed up from his chest until she was sitting astride him. She rose above him and then sank down, riding him slowly.

Cullen groaned, his eyes glittering brightly as he watched her move up and down his cock, her head thrown back, her lips parted and her eyes closed as she took her pleasure from him. Little moans were issuing from her throat as she concentrated on the pleasure his body was giving hers. His own need was deep and he used his hands on her hips to increased the tempo slowly.

Emily thought the fist time with him could not be surpassed but her body was humming with pleasure as they moved together faster and faster. She fell forward, her mouth needing his. She kissed him wildly and he thrust his cock upwards with every downward stroke of her body.

“God, I love you,” Cullen groaned against her lips as their movements became more frantic. “Take your pleasure, Emily.”

She began moving faster and harder. He responded to her movements and soon their breathing was harsh and ragged and Cullen’s hands were gliding over her sweat slickened skin feverishly.

Emily’s passion erupted in a rush of blinding, white hot pleasure and she cried out in ecstasy at the same moment Cullen jerked deep inside her and cried out his own release.

Trembling she fell against him and his arms held her close as he gently soothed her down from the dizzy heights she had just reached.

“I’ll love you forever, Cullen,” she whispered softly against his neck.

“As I will you, my Emily,” he said softly, his lips brushing hers tenderly.

Emily slid off him and lay on her side watching him intently. “What does the future have in store for us, Cullen?” she asked quietly. “I’m human and you’re a vampire. Will we be together while I grow older and you stay so beautiful? Or will there come a day when you want to change me so I can be like you and stay with you forever?”

“I don’t know,” he whispered, his voice having a slightly strained sound to it. “There is no rush to make any decisions. We have time, Emily.”
She moved to rest her head against his chest and sighed in contentment as his arms held her close. She kissed him lightly on the chest. “We have time,” she agreed and closed her eyes.

To be continued...


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