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A Reluctant Love Ch 15

Chapter 15: Throw Back Thursday.

Emily perched on the left arm of the throne. It was very wide so it was quite a comfortable seat.
"Does the royal bottom require a cushion?" Alexander quipped, his eyes dancing with laughter.

"The royal bottom is perfectly comfortable, thank you, Grandfather," Emily laughed gaily.

"I take it your muttering means you do not wish a throne?" Alexander asked.

"No thank you, Grandfather," she said pertly. "Cullen's too big to sit on the arm of a throne and I prefer to sit with him."

Alexander threw back his head and roared with laughter again. "So did your husband beat you soundly for your misbehaviour the last time we met, child?"

Emily rolled her eyes. "Worse, Grandfather, he gave me the silent treatment."

Alexander quirked an eyebrow in surprise. "And the silent treatment was worse, why?"

"It lasted almost five month's, Grandfather," Emily sighed. "And he evicted me from our home too. In fact, it has only been in the last week or so that he has deigned to speak to me. He's very stubborn." She smiled lovingly at Cullen as she spoke. She saw his lips quirk in a little smile as his eyes promised her retribution later.

"And how did you manage to tame his stubbornness, child?" Alexander smiled.

"I let him win, Grandfather," she said softly. "It was the only way to make him see that the prize for winning was not what he really wanted."

Alexander was intrigued by the look that passed between Emily and Cullen as she spoke. "What was your prize, Cullen?" he asked curiously.

"Eternity without your Granddaughter, Sire," Cullen said quietly, his eyes fixed on Emily's.

"Not a prize I would be happy to win either, Cullen," The King said soberly.

"Not a prize I could live with, Sire," Cullen agreed.

"I'm glad to hear it," Alexander sighed. "It would have grieved me greatly if my little Emily was so distraught she refused to come to us."

The mood was sombre for a moment and then Alexander smiled another beautiful smile.

"Is your little human friend here, child?" he asked suddenly. "Little Alice with the dark haired beauty which you thought I did not notice the last time we met in this room."

"She is, Sire," Emily smiled waving at Alice who flushed red but waved back. "She is to be married to Dorian," Emily said happily. "Soon I will have a sister to complete my family."

"Who is the human male beside her, Granddaughter?" Alexander asked, looking at Anton.

Emily laughed gaily and ran down the steps to hug her brother. "This is Anton, Grandfather," she sighed happily. "He is my human brother."

The King rose and walked down the steps. He looked at Anton closely.

"He doesn't look anything like you," he said in a loud stage whisper causing Emily to peal with laughter at the shocked expression on her brother's face. He was so bewildered by everything going on.

"That's because he's my half brother. He takes after our father but I favour my mother. He's very loving and protective though."

The King inclined his head to Anton. "Thank you for taking such good care of our little Emily, Anton," he said with a soft smile. "We will do our very best to take as good a care of her as you have."

Anton could only stare and nod dumbly. The vampire standing in front of him literally oozed power. It was almost overpowering yet Emily laughed and teased him and called him Grandfather as if she had known him all her life. He knew it was something to do with her taking the King's blood but he didn't understand it.

"I guess it's time to do the boring bit now," Alexander sighed with a wink at Emily.

"Will you be long imparting your words of wisdom, Grandfather?" She asked as she walked beside him back to his throne.

He laughed as he sat down. "Do you have other plans which I am impinging on, little one? Do you chafe to be away from me so you do not have to sit for up to four hours in silence waiting for me to speak?"

"It's my coming out celebration, Grandfather," she smiled. "Sitting in silence is not on the top of my 'to do' list. Though I will if you require it of me."

"What would you rather do, child?"

"Dance and sing and laugh and kiss my husband," she said gaily, smiling at Cullen who was watching her with a rapt expression on his face.

Alexander raised an eyebrow at her. "It has been almost a millennia since there was last dancing in this room," he said quietly., his expression thoughtful.

"You've sat here in silence for almost a millennia?" Emily exclaimed totally stunned. She stared around the room at all the faces turned toward them. "Seriously? A millennia without dancing and laughter?"

She walked down the steps and came to stand in the spot she had stood in all those month's ago. Silent tears fell down her face as she turned to look at the King.

"Why are you weeping, Granddaughter?" Alexander asked softly, his expression pained as he leaned forward in his throne.

"I weep for all the joy that has been lost to my people for almost a millennia," she said sadly.

She looked around the room again. "I know you each must have laughed and danced with the ones you love in your private lives. But to come together here for a millennia and never know that joy as a nation? It's so unbearably wrong! It's so incredibly tragic! Oh, Cullen, I can't bear it," she cried, flying across the room and throwing herself into his arms.

Cullen wrapped his arms around his weeping wife. He held her close and murmured soft words of comfort as she wept for their people, for the awful stagnation their nation was in. He stroked her hair gently, soothing her as best he could while the King watched them, his expression still pained.

The King finally turned to his people as his Granddaughter sobbed in her husband's arms.

"There weeps an angel who's heart breaks for all we have lost as a people," he said quietly. "We should all be weeping for what we have lost only there is not one among us, myself included, who realised we had lost anything at all. Times must change or no amount of ceremony or royalty will be able to hold us together as a people. We must look to our little angel for guidance. If we fail to do so, we are lost."

Emily hiccupped and scrubbed at her face. She watched the King sit back in his throne, his face pensive.

"Have you finished, Grandfather?" she asked quietly.

"I fear I am at a loss for words this night, child," he said thoughtfully, "When I looked at you all those months ago I knew in my heart that we needed you badly, Emily. I am just beginning to realise how badly and I am shaken to the core that I have been such a terrible King to my people that I have let such things come to pass, under my watch."

"Rubbish!" Emily snorted.

Alexander blinked in surprise. "Rubbish," he repeated his tone astounded.

Hugo growled under his breath and Emily rounded on him.

"Never mind growling at me," she said tartly, walking back up the steps. "It must be getting right up your nose that you have to even acknowledge me. You were more than happy to look at me as if I were a piece of dirt the last time we met."

Hugo flushed and inclined his head. "My sincerest apologies, Highness," he said respectively and she saw Philip's lips twitch as he tried to hide a smile.

"Yes rubbish, Grandfather," she continued perching back on the arm of his throne. "You've been an excellent King and will be for many more millennia to come. There may have been one or two little things you didn't get quite right but everyone makes mistakes, even Kings. The best thing about mistakes is they can be easily fixed as long as you're willing to try."

Alexander stared at his little Granddaughter. "You go from tears to smiles in less than five seconds flat," he finally said, a hint of a smile on his face.

"Well, up until tonight I'd always found that life was too short to wallow in self pity," she quipped impishly. "It might take me a few centuries to outgrow that."

The King smiled and his pensive mood lifted as she smiled radiantly down at him.

"So, are we having a ball tonight, Granddaughter?" he asked.

"If you have no other words of wisdom to impart, Grandfather," she laughed.

Alexander laughed. "Let the festivities begin then," he announced.

Emily jumped up and nodded to Chris who ran to the sound area with CDs in his hand. She skipped across to her friends and family. "You guys are going to have to help me out here," she whispered.

The sound of music suddenly filled the room and it was a haunting love song which Chris had chosen for the first track to play.

Emily turned to Cullen, her eyes shining brightly. "Will you dance with me, my husband?" she asked softly.

"It will be my pleasure, my wife," Cullen smiled, taking her in his arms and whirling her around the room in time to the melody.

Emily laughed as Cullen spun her around endlessly. She was aware of Alice and Dorian dancing too and then slowly other vampire couples took to the floor and began to dance.

Chris carefully orchestrated the music so that it was more traditional waltzes and tangos at the start of the evening, music which most of the assembled vampires would be more comfortable with.

As the room came alive with talking and laughter, he increased the tempo slowly until he was playing more upbeat music and there were still plenty of vampires on the dance floor.

Emily laughed gaily as she danced with Cullen and then Alice. She danced with Anton and then Dorian and not to be outdone, Liam kept her on the dance floor for two dances in a row.

A slight hush fell over the room when Emily climbed the steps and held her hand out to the King when a haunting waltz came on.

"Will you dance with me, my King?" she asked softly.

"It would be my honour, my Princess," Alexander answered quietly and took her hand and led her onto the dance floor.

The other dancers left the floor and all watched spellbound as their King and their Princess twirled elegantly across the floor.

Their grace and beauty was joyous to behold as they danced.

Alexander smiled down into his Granddaughter's radiant face and couldn't remember a time when he had felt so alive, so carefree. He glided gracefully across the floor with the tiny woman matching his steps in perfect harmony until the music ended.

There was silence in the room as Chris held off putting another track on.

Tears of joy ran down King Alexander's face as he slowly released Emily and brought her hand to his mouth to kiss it reverently.

"Thank you for the greatest gift I have ever been given in my entire long lived life, Emily," he said softly. "The gift of true joy and true happiness."

"Thank you for allowing me to bestow the gift upon you, my King," Emily smiled. "You are one excellent dancer," she added with an impish grin. "You should do it more often, Grandfather."

Alexander burst out laughing and shook his head. "You are quite incorrigible, do you know that?" he asked as he escorted her back over to Cullen.

"My husband was only just telling me that last night, Highness," she laughed happily.

Cullen chuckled as she snuggled into his arms, a thoughtful expression her face as she watched the King return to his throne.

"What are you cooking up in that beautiful little head of yours?" he asked quietly.

"I was just thinking my Grandfather is a very lonely man," she sighed contently. "I think I may have to do something about that."

"Emily, you can't go around playing matchmaker to the King of Vampires," Cullen groaned softly.

"Oh, can't I?" she laughed, her eyes sparkling with amusement as she gazed up at her beautiful husband.

He groaned again and brought his mouth to her, unable to resist her. He kissed her deeply, moulding her body to his. He finally raised his head and his eyes were shining with love.

"I suppose I'm going to have to give up telling you that you can't do something," he said, his voice warm and loving.

"Now you're learning, my darling," she whispered and reached up to kiss him again.

"Are you happy, my Emily?" Cullen asked, nuzzling against her neck.

"Blissfully," she sighed happily.

"You've brought us alive, tonight," Cullen smiled, looking out at the room and the watching his people dance and laugh, as a collective group for the first time in such a long time.

"And I've only just started," she said softly.

The night was a huge success. Granted there were a few dark faces around the room but overall everyone seemed to have a good time. The King left after having a quiet word with Emily in private. Whatever he had said made her smile happily.

"Are you ready to go home, love?" Cullen asked, lightly trailing a finger down her jaw.

"Let's stay here tonight," Emily sighed. "Let Anton have the apartment to himself."

"Oh, good," her husband laughed, his eyes twinkling devilishly.

"What?" she asked smiling at him.

"You'll find out," he winked and pulled her across the room to let Anton know he would be going home alone.

Emily smiled at her brother's flushed face. He really was having a great time once he'd gotten over his awe of the whole experience. He was locked in very animated conversation with a very beautiful, brunette haired, vampire whom she had seen around but didn't know her to talk to her.

"Em, come say hi to Charlotte," Anton called.

The woman was a young vampire and she flushed and jumped up when she saw her Princess approaching. She bowed deeply and Emily fought down a groan. All this bowing malarkey was taking some getting used to.

"Please Charlotte, rise," she said with a soft smile to take the slight edge out of the tone of her voice . "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"It is my honour, my Princess," the woman said respectively.

"Oh, come on, it's only Em," Anton laughed. He'd had a couple of drinks and Emily smiled fondly at him.

"She is my Princess, Anton," Charlotte said shocked. "I do not have the luxury of a familial bond with her as you do. I must show my respect."

"Charlotte, relax," Emily smiled gently. "I will not take offence, young one. I am new to all this myself. I know how confusing it can be trying to find your place in the larger scheme of things. Please sit and enjoy yourself."

Charlotte sat back down but still appeared unsure of how to act. Emily tugged lightly at Cullen's hand and he sat down beside the other couple as she did.

"You look like you're having a good time, big brother," she said with a fond smile. "We are going to stay in our room here tonight so you will need to find your own way home. I hope that won't be a problem."

"I am your Big brother, Em," Anton laughed. "Which means I've been taking care of myself for a lot longer than you have. I think I can make it home in one piece."

"I could escort him for you, my Princess," Charlotte offered quietly.

Emily laughed as she saw her brother's eyes light up at the thought.

"You might get more than you bargained for if you do that, Charlotte," she said.

Charlotte looked at Anton and then she blushed. "Or I may get exactly what I bargained for," she smiled and then gasped as she realised she'd actually said that out aloud.

Emily laughed and touched the other woman lightly on her arm. "Have fun," she said and winked at Charlotte.

The other woman tensed for a moment and then she relaxed and smiled shyly at her.

Emily decided that she liked this young vampire a lot. And Anton could do a lot worse. "I'll see you tomorrow, Anton," she smiled giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Night, baby girl," he said. "You really were glorious tonight, Em. You made me so proud to be your brother."

"As I am proud to be your sister, Anton. Love you," she called over her shoulder as Cullen led her away.

"All this bowing is driving me nuts, Cullen," she said tiredly as they made their way to their room.

He slid his arm around her shoulder and hugged her to his side. "You'll get used to it , love."

"That's if I don't make it an offence to bow to me," she laughed as Cullen closed the door behind them and locked it.

"I somehow think Alexander will find that to be one step too far," Cullen chuckled, coming up behind her and unlacing the back of her dress. "Oh, and speaking of Alexander. You were very naughty tonight, my wife."

He spun her around and pushed the dress from her shoulders watching her body being revealed as the dress slid to the floor.

"Was I?" Emily laughed innocently, stepping out of the dress and kicking off her sandals.

Cullen took his shirt off and slid off his trousers. "Very bad," he nodded with a huge smile. "You were having way too much fun telling tales about me to Alexander."

"My King asked me a question," she giggled. "It was my duty to answer him."

"You didn't have to take such pleasure in doing so, Emily," Cullen said, moving towards her. "What were your saying about being naughty and needing to be punished last night?"

Emily laughed and spun away from him. She flew around the room but she was new to this speed thing and she overbalanced when she tried to change direction too fast and fell onto the bed.

Cullen was on her in a fraction of a second. He pinned her struggling body underneath his and stared down into her laughing face. "Punishment time, my Princess," he growled and flipped her over and stripped off her panties in almost the same movement.

Emily shrieked with laughter as he brought his hand down on her backside with a stinging slap. Cullen spanked her until her laughter faded and she began to moan with pleasure. He brought his mouth to her heated skin and feathered light kisses over her abused flesh.

Emily moaned at the sweet pleasure coursing through her. Who would have thought being spanked could be so erotic? She twisted sharply, taking him by surprise and Cullen's next kiss landed between her thighs.

Cullen groaned when she moved suddenly and his mouth was tasting her sweet nectar when he'd least expected it. He growled and pushed her legs apart, opening her up to him. He licked slowly along her silky folds, tasting her arousal and eagerly searching for more.

Emily moaned and pushed her body against his mouth. His hot tongue dipped deep inside her and he began to stroke it in and out of her body, licking deeply to tease her juices out. She dug her fingers into his hair and held him to her pussy, moving her body against his face, begging him silently to pleasure her.

Cullen was intoxicated by her sweet taste. His mouth became rougher and he brought his fingers to push deep into her. He gloried in the lack of restraint he could use, now she was no longer so fragile. His fingers sawed in and out of her sweet body roughly as he sucked her hard clit into his mouth, grazing his teeth along it as he laved it with his tongue.

Emily was going crazy with the pleasure Cullen was giving her. She bucked wildly and cried out as he pushed her relentlessly toward her orgasm. He stopped before she reached it and laughed when she cried out in frustration. She flipped him over onto his back and impaled herself on his rigid cock. She ground herself desperately against him as he filled her so completely.

"That's it, my Princess," Cullen groaned, his eyes glittering with his need for her. "Ride me hard. Take your pleasure."

Emily growled deeply and began sliding up and down his cock, her head thrown back, her long red curls brushing his thighs as she moved.

Cullen watched his wife ride him and his heart thundered at the sexy sight she presented. She was truly breathtaking. Her face was flushed with passion and her lips slightly parted as she moved wildly upon his cock. He gripped her tiny waist and began moving her body, lowering her hard onto his cock as he thrust hard inside her.

Emily thought she would die with pleasure when Cullen took over the tempo of their lovemaking. He was taking her so hard and fast and she was loving every second of it. She dropped her head forward and founding him watching her intently, the wild passion of his gaze making her moan with pleasure.

Cullen growled and moved, flipping her over. They fell off the bed and landed on the floor, Emily laughing as he landed on top of her. He thrust into her hard and she moaned as her husband continued to take her where they'd landed.

The carpet was rough against her back but it only heightened the ferocity of their love making. Emily suddenly reared up and pushed him away from her, springing to her feet. "If you want me, you have to work for it, Cullen," she said throatily and then dashed away.

"Witch!" Cullen growled, grabbing her ankle as she went to speed past him. He pulled hard and she toppled off balance, falling against vanity table. Cullen was on his feet before she could regain her balance. He swept away the items on the table and lifted her onto it, sliding inside her as he did.

Emily groaned as Cullen began moving hard and fast deep inside her. Her husband was taking her on the vanity table now. It was just so erotic. She could see them in the mirror, their sweat slickened, bodies stunning beautiful as they ground against each other with a desperate need.

"Watch us, Emily," Cullen growled breathlessly. "See the beauty that is our love." He kissed her desperately and then turned her head to the mirror.

Their eyes locked in their reflections as Cullen thrust hard into her and she bucked up to meet his every movement. Their movements became more frantic and they were kissing desperately, tongues joining deep inside Emily's mouth.

Emily could wait not longer. Her need was intense. She dug her nails sharply into Cullen ass. "Now, Cullen," she demanded hoarsely against his mouth. "Make me come now."

Cullen growled and thrust into her so hard and so fast that he thought they'd break the table. His beautiful Emily was crying out in pleasure as he took her so hard that she was coming over and over again on his throbbing cock. Her tight tunnel clenched around his cock and he roared as his hot seed erupted from his balls as white, hot pleasure coursed through him
"Emily," he groaned as he bucked against her and heard her cry out once more and shudder beneath him. His upper body fell on top of her and his head ended up against her breasts. He looked at their reflection in the mirror and he couldn't ever remember seeing a sight that equalled the beauty of their joined bodies, slickened with sweat as they trembled in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Cullen took a deep breath and stood up, pulling her with him. She wrapped her legs around her waist to keep their bodies joined a little longer. He carried her over to the bed and fell onto it so they were lying on their sides.

"God, you're amazing," Cullen sighed as his heart began to slowly calm down.

"We're amazing," Emily laughed, leaning up and resting her head on her hand. Her other hand ran over his chest as she watched his face intently.

"I agree," Cullen smiled, taking her hand and moving it down his body until she was cupping his flaccid cock gently, rubbing slowly in circular motions. "That feels good," Cullen sighed. He lay there a moment longer and then brought her hand to his mouth so he could kiss it.

"What did Alexander say to you when he was leaving?" he asked curiously.

"He was asking me if I had consulted my intuition about something we had discussed privately earlier." Emily answered.

"And had you?" Cullen asked.

"No," she smiled, her eyes dancing.

Cullen flipped her until she was on her back and he was leaning over her. "Where you not the one swearing at a roomful of vampires earlier tonight about prevarication?" he chuckled, massaging a breast in his large hand.

"I believe I was," Emily laughed. "They were really annoying me."

"As you are beginning to annoy me," Cullen growled with mock anger. "Are you going to tell me about it, my Emily?"

She closed her eyes and thought about her question. She waited for a sign and then she smiled and opened her eyes. "Sorry, had to consult my intuition first," she giggled and then gasped as he tweaked her nipple hard.

She stared deep into his golden brown eyes, her beautiful husband. She wondered how he would react to her question and felt nerves flutter in the pit of her stomach.

"Whatever, if you want to ask me, just ask it, Emily," he smiled gently at her.

"Will you drink of my blood, Cullen?" Emily said softly.

Cullen's heart missed a few beats when he heard her question. He stared into his beautiful wife's face seeing the nervousness in her eyes as she waited for an answer from him. "I would gladly drink of your blood, my sweet Emily," he whispered huskily, his eyes glowing with love and anticipation.

"You know it would be permanent, the link between us," Emily said breathlessly as his eyes shone with happiness.

"I know, love and I want that so badly," Cullen whispered. "But only if you're really sure that this is the right thing to do, Emily."

"I'm sure, Cullen," she smiled. "My intuition tells me it's the right. Even if it told me it was wrong I would still want it. I need it, Cullen."

His eyes flared with emotion and he ground his mouth against hers.

"Now, Emily?" he asked against his lips. "Can I taste you now, my love?"

"Yes," she moaned as she felt him harden again. She spread her legs and reached down to take his cock in her hand. She moved him to her opening as he groaned and moved his mouth down to her breast.

Cullen thrust into her at the same moment he bit into her breast. He sucked her sweet blood deep into his mouth as he began to move slowly inside her hot body.

Emily moaned in ecstasy and bucked up against him. Her hands were on his hips and she urged him on as he suckled at her breast. She felt him close the wound and then take her nipple in his mouth. He began to lave the hard peak with his tongue, all the while thrusting deep into her pussy.

"Cullen!" Emily moaned deep inside his head. "You feel so good deep inside me."

Cullen cried out in ecstasy as he heard her in his mind. He began thrusting deep and hard inside her, his mouth rough as he moved from one breast to the other, feasting on her sweet flesh.

"Emily," he whispered inside her head. "You taste so sweet, my love. I could feast at your beautiful breasts for hours."

"Cullen!" Emily cried out loudly thrusting against him as he continued to ravish her tortured nipples with his lips and tongue, all the while taking her with hard, deep strokes of his cock.

Cullen was so consumed with need. The new, increased intimacy between them was a powerful aphrodisiac. He slid away from her and knelt on the floor beside the bed.

"Come to me, my Princess," he said hoarsely.

Emily slid from the bed to come stand before him. He parted her legs wide and then slid between them, his mouth coming to her aching pussy. His tongue dipped deep inside her and she moaned deeply.

"That's it, Emily," Cullen groaned. "Grind your sweet body against my mouth. Take your pleasure from my tongue."

Emily cried out and dug her fingers into his thick hair. Her thighs trembled as he held her hips tightly and licked eagerly at her wet pussy. If she had thought he had feasted on her breasts it was nothing compared to the way he feasted on her hot aching pussy. The level of their lovemaking was more intense than it had ever been before. There was a hot earthiness to it as Cullen's tongue dipped endlessly inside her and his words in her mind became cruder which only served to excite her more.

"Fuck my mouth, Emily," he chanted. "Ride my tongue hard. Take your sweet pleasure so I can drink your hot juices when you come on my face."

"Oh, fuck!" Emily screamed as his words drove her wild and her body began to shake uncontrollably. She frantically bucked against his hot tongue, her hands pulling tightly at his hair as she came hard against his mouth and he licked and sucked ravenously as he drank her sweet juices deep down his throat. She would have fallen if he had not held her up.

Cullen let her fall to the floor in front of him. Her beautiful face was flushed with pleasure, her lips parted as she stared at him with her lovely violet eyes shining with passion and love. He leaned towards her and kissed her slowly, rubbing her scent on her lips. His eyes darkened when she moaned and licked her taste from his lips.

He rose to stand before her and threaded his hands into her thick curls. Her hot little mouth open and slid slowly down his throbbing cock. Cullen trembled and hissed out a long deep breath as she engulfed him. Her tongue began to lick the length of his cock as she moved her head up and down in long, slow strokes.

"Your turn," Emily sighed in pleasure as she began to pleasure him with her mouth.

Each time Emily slid down his cock, she took more of him inside her sweet mouth. Cullen could feel the head of his cock touching the back of her throat with each thrust and he groaned deeply each time at the hot pleasure which coursed through his body. He cried out when her next downward movement had him breaching the back of her throat to slide down deeply.

Cullen froze as he tried to take in the incredible pleasure he was feeling as he slid into Emily's throat. As vampires, they didn't need to breathe, they did so because it was how they scented things. His stillness and cock was not harming her in anyway.

"Take my mouth, Cullen, " Emily moaned in his head. "Fuck me hard deep down my throat. I want to taste your hot seed in my mouth."

Cullen growled hoarsely and began to fuck her hot mouth hard and fast. He slid deep down her throat with every thrust and she urged him on by digging her nails sharply into his ass.

"Harder, Faster," Emily chanted. "Fuck my throat, Cullen. Come in my mouth!"

Cullen was out of control. Her earthy chants were driving him mad with the need to come. He bucked wildly down her throat, feeling the blood boil in his balls and the first hot sticky fluid start to erupt from the head of his cock. He roared in ecstasy and pulled out of her throat so his hot come spurted into her eager mouth. He shook and cried out over and over again as Emily sucked and swallowed his seed.

Cullen dropped back down to his knees. He took her mouth desperately with his, licking and tasting his tangy release on her lips. He couldn't get enough of his hot little wife. She was a Goddess. She was his Princess. Finally he pulled away and looked at her, his eyes shining brightly. "You have the sexiest, most talented mouth in the world, wife," he laughed.

Emily laughed and licked her lips. She rubbed her body against his. "I think I might have some stiff competition from you, husband," she said saucily, her eyes glowing.

Cullen laughed and rose, picking her up as he did so. He pulled her onto the bed beside him and dragged the covers over them. He lay on his side, stroking the curls away from her face, his gold brown eyes so loving and tender as they stared into hers.

"Eternity isn't long enough to be with you, Emily," he said quietly. "Each day I learn something new about you. I'm constantly surprised by what you're going to do or say next."

"I surprise even myself sometimes," Emily smiled. "I'd never even imagined I would do what I just did with you. I'd have done it a lot sooner if I'd known what I was missing," she added with a chuckle, though she blushed slightly.

"Don't be embarrassed, love," Cullen said softly. "There are so many different moods to lovemaking. Sometimes, it sweet and tender and loving. Other times, it's hot and earthy and intense. Never hold back what you're feeling, Emily. Surrender to the mood and take the pleasure that's waiting for you."

She smiled at him. "Oh, I intend to, husband," she said with a lustful leer."

Cullen roared with laughter. "I bet you will," he sighed, pulling her close to him.

"Goodnight, my Princess," he whispered softly.

"Good night, my husband," she whispered back.

To be continued....


  1. Another great chapter to a story i can't wait to have continue. Thank you Jaz.
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