Saturday, 2 November 2013

Amber Livingston's Event Muse entry

The captivating angel crouched beside the large stream as she stared at the body of water stretching before her.  The small ball of light beside her gave off a glare with a brilliance that nothing in this world could match.  It was the Light of Heaven. However, this angel wasn’t what she seemed.  She wasn’t one of God’s cherubic little messengers. Aeila had fallen from the ranks of heaven long ago, before Adam and Eve.  What was coming was a war older than man was.  The war between Heaven and Hell was long overdue, and Aeila’s mission was to make sure that the Earth was their battleground.

                Ages before history, an angel named Aeila had been banished from heaven for trying to steal power from God.  She had become greedy and wanted more than what He offered her.  Shortly after, she was tried by the Council of Guardians and found guilty.  Her wings were removed and she was cast out of heaven.  But before she took her fall to Earth, Aeila managed to lock away some of the Light of Heaven in her earrings that she had from one of her missions on Earth.  They had been used previously to lock away a little bit of the Light to do a field study for one of her Creating-Life classes. 

                When she woke on Earth, another wing-less angel was sitting beside her.  She had heard of him before. The Betrayer, the Creator of Evil, the Dark Master. He had created Hell. Heavens match of power, but instead of light, it was dark. Seeing him in person, he was gorgeous.  He still had the light, radiant skin of an angel, a sculpted chest, and chin-length brown hair.  His muscular legs were crossed under him as he watched her stir from her death defying decent.

                “Hello, I don’t suppose you have also fallen from our Father’s kingdom as well?” he asked.
“Yes, I have fallen from the place they call Heaven.  I do not wish to call him Father anymore.  I wish to lead my own life, by my own rules,” Aeila said evenly.  “And, I know who you are.  I wish to join you.  I know others have.  I want to give you something that will help our resistance in the future. They don’t know I have taken it, and it will be of great importance in the future.”

                He took her in after that, and gave her a place to stay.  They watched, and waited for the perfect time to strike on Heavens’ empire of humans.  They gave the humans the power of choice.  Aeila showed them that there is more to life than doing God’s bidding.  She brought to them rebellion, sin and dissent.  Now, it was time for the battle Hell had been waiting years to fight.    

                Aeila released the Light of Heaven, and it sat patiently beside her, waiting to be used.  She picked it up in her hands, and began to channel her dark energy into it, using powerful Olde Magyk.  Concentrating, the whole world around her seemed to slow.  The water stopped flowing down the stream bed, the crows settled in a nearby tree, and the lake took the appearance of glass.  Then, an evil smile spread across her lips as she held the Darkness of Hell in her hands.