Saturday, 2 November 2013

Julie Carter's Event Muse Contest Entry

New Blood for the Dragons

  I am so lonely. Even amongst all of my people, I still feel as if I am alone.  I have just reached the age in which my people, the Lilac Dragon Clan, are able to mate. On my birthday I turned 18 years. Our people have been dying off due to an illness that no one has seen before. Once dragons used to live to be hundreds of years old, but now are barely making it mere decades past the age of mating. Very few dragons have given birth during the decline of my people and because of this, leads to the reason that I am feeling so lonely. I have very few friends close to my age and THERE ARE NO MALE DRAGONS, of mating age, for me to chance upon meeting my mate! Ugh.

  I am Leila, princess, and only heir to my father’s throne.  I have grown up learning to fight for my people both as my dragon and human like forms. I am a strong warrior and have decided that I need to leave my clan and search for not only a cure for this deadly disease, but to also bring new blood in the form of new dragons to my clan, to build it to its once strength and glory!

  My father, King David, would never allow for me to leave, so I must make my plans and preparations in secret. I will leave during the night in as little time as a week. I may be female, but I am my people’s only chance and as I have said, I have been trained right along with the male warriors and am unafraid of my journey and destiny. My father might not believe in the mixing of the clans, but I can see no other way. In order for my people to survive, we must find our future amongst other clans, and who knows, maybe I will find other species as well. To be truthful, I am the most excited that I have ever been in my young life! Maybe, just maybe, I will find my one true mate out there in the big world. I pray so, because my dragon and I are tired of being virgins.

Coming Out Party for Ms J C Gordon aka Jaz Cullen

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