Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ashley Partin's Event Muse Contest Entry

Leaving her village and Family behind, Rosalind sets off to find the savior they so desperately need. Her father was killed some months ago by one of the invasions and they nearly took over the haven if not for her taking arms to defend her homeland. She knowing it twas to happen again she sets out to campaign for the land that holds her soul.

Its rich lavender fields where the cattle graze and the cool moving sea at its board. The hard working people the land had been in her family for hundreds of years and until the new king took over to reign had always been at peace. The people of the country Edinben had come to find him a cruel and evil man. King Tarlon had been the brother of the last king. The last King Heron had met his death during his sleep and his death was still unexplained. From the time Tarlin took over his reign the country of Edinben had been at war against the new King.

Other townships would war against the ones standing against the King and his ideas. They would ravish the land and kill everyone to gain more controlling power as the largest landholders. Rosalind knew that being the farthest from the capitol city, Stien Edinben, helped out their chance to survive a while longer till she got help. Them killing the last remaining force of their neighbouring township just a fortnight ago.

Rosalind sets out to obey her father’s dying words to reach out to the isle to the south of their township where her distant cousin reigns as Barron of the land there to help save both hers and his land from being taken by the King. If this cannot be then to at least allow safe passage to his isle where they may be protected by his mighty force at arms. He has a large ship that could possible transport them all in a day or two. Where she has just a tiny boat to make her way across the canal with its rough currents and tide pools it should be an adventure she would not forget ever.

The boat is made for at least three people to row but the town couldnt spare letting another able body to leave to help her. Her family tried to convince her not to but Rosalind made the promise to her father and being oldest oat twenty and one she must make a go at it and try.

Coming Out Party for Ms J C Gordon aka Jaz Cullen