Saturday, 2 November 2013

Danielle James Event Muse Contest Entry

Diliges stared out over the valley. She had been there a millennia before when the glacier carved out the mountain and valley she now beheld with her eyes. Humans had no clue. They took for granted the beauty of their land and the gifts they had been given by Father. They did not know how the colors of the land stood out in stark contrast to the grey sky nor did they care why. All they knew was that it just was. They took for granted their ability to form their own decisions and their ability to love freely. 

Love. That was what her name meant. Father had blessed her with the unique ability to love, and that was what set her apart from the other angels. Some were warriors, others were guardians. But Diliges was gifted with unconditional love. She cared for the humans she had been set to watch over in a way the other angels could not understand. That love was contagious among humans whenever she was present. She had been given many names over the century, but the most popular and the name she disliked the most was Cupid. It was that ability to love that had caused her to give up her heavenly position and fall to the earth. Not for the love of humans in general, but the love of one human man. 

For his love, Diliges had tucked her wings close to her back and spread her arms wide. She allowed herself to free-fall from the heavens and landed hard on the tallest mountain in Antarctica. She woke to find herself sore, hungry, and exhausted. She stood, though, brushed herself off, and set out walking in the frigid temperatures to find him. Without her angelic gifts, travel had become much more cumbersome. She could no longer move with a single thought, but had to walk like a regular mortal. A local family found her and offered her room and board until she could manage a way to get from the small village to the city of LA, where she knew her love to reside. It was there that she had the likeness of her wings permanently etched into her back. She felt naked without them and she wanted to always remember her former home. Diliges stood and brushed the snow from her legs. She straightened her spine and continued forth on her journey. She would not stop until she found him.