Saturday, 2 November 2013

Nicole Lippert Kiggins' Event Muse Contest Entry

Feeling Her Destiny

Violet could finally feel them, warm pulses of energy heating her back and temples! She hoped…no, she knew she would one day feel them. She knew she was meant to be more than a Social, the common man. She was meant to be an Enforcer, a Slayer that defends and protects all members of the FieldView Clan. Oh she was proud of her parents who were Socials as well as her younger brother and sister, but she always knew there had to be a reason she was taller, stronger and more graceful than the rest of her family. Violet had the sharp eagle like vision common to all her people, but she also had whip-like reflexes and perfect balance, common only to those destine to be a Slayer. 

Slayers are born to their destiny, and mostly born to mated Slayers. They started to feel their markings warm and then pulse around their fifteenth year, signaling that they are meant to begin training as an Enforcer and one day become a Slayer. Violet’s entire clan are hard working proud people. Everyone’s encouraged to fallow their interests and perfect their greatest skills for the betterment of all. Most children fallow one or both their parents to continue the family trade, but any of them will be encouraged to explore other ways to add to the benefit of the community if they exhibit unique skills. 

Violet was used to working in her family’s garment shop, and she has perfected the sewing and tooling of cloths and leathers to her parent’s high standards, but she’s never been content. She’s always been grateful to be able to help her family, and to be strong enough to take on more of the difficult leatherworking with her Father, so that her mother could do more of the cloth work with her younger siblings. It’s just never made sense that she was destine to be a Social. Even her parents expected her markings to beginning to warm by her fifteenth year, but every year that passed, Violet’s markings stayed cool and calm. 

Every year Violet secretly hoped and prayed that her time would come to fulfill what she knew was her destiny, but also with each new year she ultimately renewed her attempts to become content with her current duties, and every year she failed. Her soul screamed out from within that she was different, that she was meant to be more! Today however, of her twentieth year…Violet felt them! As she balanced on the rocks and gazed out over the water, she felt whole. It was time for her life to make sense. It was time for her to begin to give back to her Clan the way she was meant to! Maybe destiny wanted Violet to delay her future so she could help her family till the young ones were ready to step up, or maybe destiny thought Violet needed more time to appreciate her humble roots before meeting her powerful future. Violet wasn’t sure, but she had five years of training to make up, and Violet promised herself that she would triple her efforts to be the best Enforcer, Slayer and defender of the FieldView Clan that they have ever seen!


  1. Very good story beginning! I would read the whole book. (wink)

  2. I love discovering new talent. Keep writing!!!!