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A Reluctant Love Ch 11

Chapter 11: Throw Back Thursday.

Emily couldn't believe her wedding day had arrived so quickly. She felt nervous and excited at the same time. She hadn't seen Cullen since yesterday, deciding on being traditional and spending the night before the wedding apart from her intended.

Alice had stayed overnight, sleeping in her bed as Anton was in the spare room. They had whispered and giggled into the early hours, both too excited to sleep. Her friend had begged to see the wedding dress Emily had specially commissioned but she had refused. No one was going to see it until today.

Emily smiled when she thought of Cullen's face when he saw the dress. She had changed the materials but it was, in essence, the exact same design as the purple dress she had worn on the night they'd first made love. She had altered the slip dress part to be silk covered with lace but left the satin long skirt as it was. It was all in white as was traditional, but the lace part was full of tiny embroidered diamantes, which matched the lace circlet she would be wearing in her hair. She'd even managed to get white sandals that were almost identical to the purple pair she had worn.

Emily smiled as she sat patiently as Alice's hairdresser friend gathered the curls at the side of her hair up to the top of her head, leaving most of her hair to spill down her back. She had wanted to wear her hair loose but Alice had been tenacious with her demands that she needed to be a bit more adventurous as it wedding day.

The hairdresser clipped the hair in place with a diamante clasps and then secured the circlet over the clasp, so it was still visible. A train of lace and diamantes settled over her hair at the back.

"It's beautiful, Emily," Alice sighed as she watched from the bed. Her hair and makeup was already complete. She just needed to slip into pale lilac bridesmaid's dress that Emily had bought her. It was taffeta and figure hugging wit off the shoulder straps. Alice loved the dress and couldn't wait to put it on. She was still dying to see Emily's dress.

Finally Emily's hair and makeup were finished and they could get dressed. Alice's friend left and she hurriedly unzipped the garment bag so she could slip into her dress.

"It's so beautiful, Emily," she said, twirling around when her friend had zipped her up. "Now, finally, I get to see your dress!"

Emily laughed at her friend's excitement and unzipped her garment bag.

"Oh. My. God!" Alice said slowly as the dress was revealed. "Cullen is so going to throw you down on the ground and have his wicked way with you in front of everyone if you wear that dress, Emily!" Her eyes were large pool of liquid blue as she laughed at the thought.

"As long as he marries me first," Emily chuckled sliding into the dress. "Zip me up, Alice."

"You look so amazing, Emily," the little dark haired woman said softly. "So perfect."

Emily viewed herself in the full length mirror and had to agree with her friend. The dress was stunning. The whiteness of it screamed chastity while the cut of it screamed lust. Cullen was going to die when he saw her. He might even be sorely tempted to do just as Alice had said.

"That is a deliciously, wicked smile," Alice laughed. "I wonder what you're thinking about?"

"I'm thinking we're going to be late if we don't get a move on," Emily smiled. "That's one tradition I don't want to do today."

"Emily, there's been a delivery for you," Anton called, knocking on the door.

"We're decent," she answered, turning as her brother opened the door.

"That's a matter of opinion," he said dryly as he looked at her, but he was smiling. "You look truly stunning, Emily."

She smiled warmly at him and crossed to give him a kiss on the cheek. He handed her a package and she smiled.

"I know what this is," she said, ripping open the package and pulling the jewellery box out. She opened it slowly and there inside was the matching necklace to the bracelet, Liam had given to her.

"Wow," Alice said, her eyes shining. "It's beautiful, Em."

"It's from Liam," Emily said softly. "The second gift of a matching set. He told me he would give it to me on my wedding day."

She dug out the matching bracelet and fastened it around her wrist. Then she put the necklace on. The effect was stunning with the dress.

"You don't have any earrings," Alice said disappointed.

"I don't need them today anyway," Emily smiled. "The two pieces are perfect as they are."

She slipped her engagement ring from her finger and transferred to her other hand until after the ceremony.

"Okay, let's get this show on the road," she said happily.

Cullen was nervous. He was pacing in his room at Karpathia's while Liam and Dorian watched him trying not to laugh at his agitation.

"Do you think the room looks okay?" he asked suddenly. He had transformed his room into a light airy space, full of white silk and lace material hanging from the posters on the bed. Around the room were vases full of lavender, the sweet scent mixing with the vanilla and coconut he had sprayed lightly on the delicate fabric. Beside the bed was a magnum of champagne and two glasses. There was a basket of coconut macaroons and another with strawberries. The room screamed Emily's scent.

"The room looks fantastic, Cullen," Dorian said for about the seventh time. "I'm sure Emily will love it when she sees it."

Cullen frowned slightly and wondered if maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bring Emily here for their wedding night. They were off on honeymoon tomorrow but he had wanted their wedding night to be something special, something perfect.

The most perfect moment he could think of was the night she had given herself to him, in this very room, for the first time. So he had chosen this for their wedding night.

He smiled as he remembered that night with perfect clarity. Dear God, that dress had been the stuff erotic dreams were made of. He wondered why she had never worn it again since then. He'd make a point of asking her about it sometime.

"It's almost time," Liam said. "Let's go wait for your Emily, Cullen."

Swallowing, Cullen tugged at the deep purple tie around his neck. He hated ties but Dorian had insisted that he wear one as it was tradition. Cullen had only agreed to it when he had seen that it was Emily's favourite colour. He started to follow Liam and Dorian from the room and then he stopped and tugged the leather thong from his hair and shook his golden brown locks loose,

"Cullen," Dorian groaned, exasperated when he saw what his friend had done.

"Emily likes my hair down," he said unrepentant, his beautiful face set and ready for an argument.

"That's true," his friend agreed and then he reached up and pulled his own blond hair free too. "What Emily likes is what she gets today," he said breezily when Cullen raised an eyebrow at him.

Laughing they hurried to catch up with Liam.

The main room of Karpathia's had been transformed for the wedding. An artificial screen had been placed a few feet from the elevator doors, to give the bride a brief respite from prying eyes as she arrived. The sofas and chairs had been moved to either side of the room to allow for an aisle to be created down the centre of the room.

The seating was already full of vampires and humans alike. The vampires were on best behaviour so the humans from Cullen and Cross would not be able to guess their true nature. It was slightly uncomfortable for them but they did it anyway because it was for their special human woman whom they all held a great affection for.

The air was thick with tension as they waited for the bride to arrive. Cullen tried really hard not to fidget as he stood beside Dorian who was serving as his best man.

"Aren't you going to ask me if I remembered the rings?" his friend said in a very loud stage whisper. Laughter filled the room at Cullen's startled look.

"Just kidding," Dorian laughed. He laughed even harder as Cullen glared at him.

The sound of the elevator arriving caught everyone's attention and the room went silent.

"Are you ready, baby girl?" Anton asked Emily, a tender smile on his face.

"As ready as I'll ever be," she quipped lightly, kissing him on the cheek.

The sounds of an acoustic guitar began, a hauntingly beautiful melody filling the room.

Alice kissed her lightly and stepped around the screen to begin her slow walk down to the bottom of the room.

Dorian's heart stuttered as he watched his little Alice glide across the floor towards them. She looked so beautiful. She would be stunning on their wedding day, he thought and then stiffened slightly. He smiled suddenly, a beautiful, loving smile as he caught Alice's eye and she blushed delicately at his expression. Yes, she would be stunning on their wedding day, Dorian smiled.

As Alice reached the bottom of the room and moved off to the left, Anton appeared around the screen with Emily on his arm.

A gasp resounded around the room as the bride came into view.

Cullen felt as if he had just been punched in the stomach. His Emily was simply breathtaking. His eyes quickly travelled the length of her body and back up again. The little minx, he thought, a smile curving over his lips. She had turned that bloody dress into a wedding dress! And she was just breathtaking in it. Innocence and lust all rolled into one.

Emily's eyes sought Cullen's the moment she came into view. Her smile was smug as she saw him swallow hard as his eyes flew over her body in stunned surprise. The achingly beautiful smile that crossed his face when his eyes finally met hers was worth all the effort.

She had eyes for no one else as she walked slowly towards him. He was so incredibly beautiful as his love shone naked for all to see. She wondered if her expression looked anything like his. She hoped it did.

Finally she was at his side, and Anton kissed her hand gently and then placed it in Cullen's large hand. Alice slipped forward to take her bouquet and the guitar melody faded away.

Emily gazed up into Cullen's eyes, her smile radiant. The minister cleared his throat lightly and went to speak.

"One moment please," Emily said suddenly, her voice sounding loud in the silent room. Cullen frowned slightly when she spoke, wondering what was going on.

She smiled at him and then reached up and undid his tie, sliding the material free and handing it to Dorian who was muttering under his breath even as he began to smile. Emily undid the top two buttons of Cullen's silk shirt and ran her hand lightly over his chest before she stepped back and took his hand again.

"You can start now," she smiled at the minister and there was laughter from the assembled guests. Emily only heard Cullen's laughter. His eyes were shining brightly with his love for her as he kissed her hand gently and turned to face the minister.

It wasn't a long ceremony, neither of them had wanted anything too elaborate. They spoke their vows and then they exchanged rings. Both their hands were shaking as first Cullen slid her ring in place and then Emily placed his ring on his finger.

Hands joined, they heard the minister declare them as husband and wife and finally Cullen's lips were against hers and she was melting into his arms as they sealed their vows with a kiss so loving and sweet that Emily thought she would weep from the beauty of it.

The roar around the room finally broke through the haze around them and Emily was laughing as Cullen picked her up and hugged her ecstatically.

Alice and Anton were suddenly hugging and kissing her and then Dorian swept her up and gave her a bear hug. Liam followed Dorian, his eyes shining as he saw her wearing the necklace. She touched it lightly and smiled. "Thank you," she whispered softly as he embraced her.

"Thank you for honouring me by wearing it on this special day, little Emily," the dark haired vampire smiled.

The next hour was an whirlwind of people hugging and kissing her and she lost track of where Cullen was. Finally she had circled the room and saw him, chatting with Anton as his eyes searched the room intently.

She felt like she was floating on air as she made her way towards him. His golden brown eyes tracked her, his expression joyful as he saw his bride coming to him.

Emily flowed into his arms as he bent his mouth to capture hers in a tender kiss.

"Mrs Cullen," he breathed against her lips as Anton disappeared and they were alone for the first time.

She smiled against his mouth. "Say it again," she whispered, her eyes shining.

"Mrs Cullen," he sighed softly. "I have to tell you that I was so close to throwing you down and making love to you in front of everyone when I saw you in this fantastic dress." He ran his hand underneath the satin to stroke the back of her thigh softly.

Emily sucked in a sharp breath and chuckled. "Alice said she thought you might do that," she said softly.

Cullen laughed softly and kissed her again. "It may still happen, " he groaned, his mouth moving more urgently against hers.

"Behave, Cullen," she laughed, though her breath was ragged when she pulled her mouth from his.

He laughed happily and held her tightly.

"You look so beautiful, Emily," he whispered. "I can't begin to describe how happy I am right now. How proud I feel to have you at my side. I must have done something right in my life to be granted the honour of having you as my wife."

"Oh, Cullen," she sighed happily. "It is my honour to have you as my husband. I can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with you, my love."

"I want to be alone with you, Emily," he said, his hand stroking her cheek gently, his expression fierce. "Say your goodbyes quickly, love, and then come back to me."

He kissed her head as she moved off to find Anton. It was another half an hour before she managed to extricate herself from their friends.

Cullen was suddenly at her side, taking her hand and pulling her from the room. He picked her up as soon as they were in the hallway and kissed her softly.

"Tomorrow you get to find out where we're going on our honeymoon," he smiled. "Tonight we celebrate our love in the room where I first tasted the sweetness of your pure body."

Emily moaned softly and buried her face in his neck as he strode down the hallway and into his room. She gasped as he set her down on the floor and turned her so she could see the changes he had made.

"Cullen, it's perfect," she gasped, taking in the sights and the scents, all the things that reminded him of her.

"I'm glad you like it, my love," he breathed against her ear. "Now, about that dress," he laughed and she squealed as his hands stroked down the sides of her body and he tickled her.

He scooped her back up in his arms and dumped her unceremoniously into the middle of the bed where she lay laughing.

He stared down at her, his eyes molten pools of gold. "I love you Emily Cullen," he said softly.

"I love you, Sebastian Cullen," she smiled back, her face radiant with her happiness.

Cullen joined her on the bed, pulling her up into a sitting position. He opened the bottle of champagne and poured a glass for her and then one for himself. He popped a strawberry into her glass and handed it to her. He clinked his glass against hers.

"To eternity," he said.

"Eternity," she echoed.

They sipped the champagne slowly, their eyes making love to each other. Cullen picked up another strawberry and brought it to her lips. He watched spellbound as she bit into the succulent fruit and chewed slowly. A sliver of juice ran down her lips and he leaned forward and lick it lightly before he popped the rest of the fruit into her mouth and sat back and sipped from his glass while he watched her eat.

"Those strawberries are delicious," Emily smiled. "Nice and sweet, just the way I like them."

"The coconut macaroons are sweeter," Cullen laughed. He picked a candy from the basket and slipped it into her waiting mouth. He could watch her eat all night. There was something so fascinating about the way she embraced each flavour with such relish.

Emily finished chewing the sweet and sipped her champagne. "Are you going to feed me all night?" she asked with a smile.

"I was just thinking about it," Cullen admitted ruefully. "Your mouth is so incredibly erotic when you taste something. I could stare at it for hours."

"Why don't you take your clothes off and let me taste you then?" she said boldly, her face flushing slightly.

He sucked in a deep breath and his eyes darkened with passion. He stood slowly and removed his clothes.

She watched him undress and stared in wonder at his beautiful body. Her words had excited him and his body had hardened instantly.

She slowly moved off the bed, her hands pulling the circlet from her head. It dropped to the floor as she slowly sank down to her knees and her hot breath fanned across his rigid hardness.

Cullen groaned deeply as he felt her soft lips kiss slowly up the length of his throbbing cock. Her lips were cool from the champagne and it felt so amazing against his hot skin. Her sweet little mouth opened and suck the head of his cock inside.
"Emily," he groaned, his hands coming to her head.

She slowly worked her lips down around his cock, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could. Her head moved rhythmically as she moaned softly and began to stroke him smoothly with her hot mouth, loving the sounds coming from his throat as she used her tongue to lick along his length.

Cullen reached for her, pulling her up and fastening his lips onto hers with urgency. He had to have her. He couldn't wait long enough to take the clothes from her body. He lifted her and snapped the lace of her panties, dropping the ruined underwear to the floor. He pushed the dress up around her hips and groaned as his fingers touched the lace of her silk hold up stockings as he spread her legs wide so he could impale her onto his cock.

Emily cried out in pleasure as she slid down Cullen's hard cock until he was buried deep inside her. The delicious naughtiness of being taken while she still wore her wedding dress was incredibly erotic. She wrapped her legs around his waist and moaned as he moved until her back was pressed firmly against the wall. He began to thrust into her, hard and fast, his lips feverish as he devoured her mouth.

Emily's breath was ragged as he took her roughly. The lustiness of their coming together was such a turn on and she could feel her pleasure building quickly as Cullen smothered her with frantic kisses as his body pushed deeper and harder into her.

"Cullen," she cried breathlessly, her hands threading into his hair, so she could grind her mouth against his. "Harder," she moaned. "Faster."

Her cries spurred him on and he began moving faster into her body, feeling his need grow hotter with each stroke into her hot, tight tunnel.

Emily was crying out over and over as his relentless pace pushed her towards a blinding orgasm with shattered her body to pieces as waves of pleasure engulfed her and her body shook wildly.

Cullen cried out in ecstasy, his head thrown back as he arched deep inside her again and again, bathing her insides with his hot seed. He trembled, his breath coming in pants as their bodies shook together with the intensity of their release.

Cullen finally moved, laying her gently on the bed. He fell beside her and struggled to get his breathing under control.

"Dear God, Emily. I didn't intend for that to happen," he said, his breathing harsh.

"I'm so glad it did," Emily laughed breathlessly. She rolled onto her side so she could look at him. "That was so naughty," she smiled. "When can we do it again?"

Cullen laughed and opened his eyes to gaze up at her. "Any time you want, my love," he chuckled. "But I had more of a nice, long, slow lovemaking session planned for our wedding night. The sight of your sweet mouth sucking me was just more than I could bear. I hope I haven't ruined your wedding dress."

"The dress is fine," she smiled, sitting up and turning her back to him. "Unzip me, husband."

"Certainly, wife," he laughed, pulling the zip down and peeling the dress slowly from her body. He slipped her sandals off and then rose to place their clothes on a chair. "You can keep those on," he said huskily, referring to her stockings.

Emily laughed and picked her champagne back up. She sipped slowly and then grabbed a strawberry and took a bite from the sweet fruit. She moved up the bed, resting against the pillows so she was in a sitting position. She popped the rest of the strawberry into her mouth and then crooked a finger at him.

She looked so sexy, resting against the pillows in just her stockings and the necklace and bracelet. Cullen swallowed hard as he crawled towards her as she sipped again at her champagne.

"Do you need a drink, my love?" she asked, her voice soft and throaty. She stroked a hand lightly against her breast as she watched his eyes flare with hunger. "Come and take what you need, Cullen," she said softly.

She put the champagne down as he reached her, his hands coming to cup her breasts. He licked each beautiful globe, his tongue rough against her soft skin. Her nipples hardened and he suckled each one gently until she was moaning in pleasure.

"Bite me," she urged, pulling his mouth to the swell of her breast. He groaned and sank his fangs into her tender flesh as she stiffened and cried out. Her hot, sweet blood filled his mouth and he drank greedily, sucking hard as his need to taste her grew stronger.

Emily stroked his hair rhythmically as he fed from her breast. The pull of his mouth was driving her crazy with need. "Cullen," she moaned softly. She felt his hand between her legs. She parted her thighs for him and cried out as his fingers pushed into her wet body. He drank slowly as his fingers moved fast inside her, his thumb finding her clit and rubbing against the hard nub.

Emily shuddered and writhed against his fingers as she felt another orgasm begin to build quickly. Her body rose to meet the thrust of his fingers as his thumb pushed her higher and the sweet pull on her breast finally pushed her over the edge and she was shuddering and crying out in ecstasy.

Cullen licked the puncture wounds in her breast, sealing the flesh and licking away the stray blood. "You are so amazing," he breathed against her skin.

She smiled her beautiful smile at him and his heart thumped loudly in his chest. He sat up and handed her back her glass. He leaned forward and gently unclasped the necklace and bracelet and placed them on the bedside table.

He drank from his own glass of champagne. The drink wasn't as bad as he thought it would be, Maybe it was the significance of drinking the champagne that made it bearable.

"Do you want some more?" he asked, taking her empty glass from her.

"Yes, please," she smiled.
He refilled her glass and then moved to kneel in front of her. He pricked the tip of his finger and let a single drop of his blood spill into the fizzy liquid. It turned pink straight away.

"Only if you want to," he said quietly, handing the glass to her.

Emily stared at him in amazement. She remembered the story he had told her about the significance of drinking a drop of vampire blood. The thought both frightened and excited her. It was Cullen's blood though. She didn't think she would have even consider doing anything so intimate with anyone else.

She smiled gently at him and raised the glass to her lips. His eyes flashed as she drank the entire glass down in one go. Her body felt as if it was energised. The sweet taste of him tantalised her taste buds as the liquid poured down her throat. She felt so alive, so hot, so sexy. It was simply amazing.

"You taste so good, Cullen," she said huskily. "I can understand how a human could become addicted to the sweet taste of a vampire. My body feels amazing."

"Your body is amazing," he laughed delightedly. "Eat some more, my Emily. Because you'll need all your strength. I plan to sample some more of your sweet body before this night is over."

She stretched sensually. "I don't need food, Cullen," she purred seductively, her lips curling in a teasing smile. "I just need you."

Cullen groaned and gathered her up into his arms. "Tell me what you want, Emily," he breathed. "I thought this night would be for sweet loving but I find you driving me so crazy with need that all I can think about is being deep inside you and taking you hard and fast."

She crawled into his lap, kneeling with her legs outside his. "Deep and hard and fast sounds perfect to me, Cullen," she whispered and then raised her body and sank down onto his hard cock.

Cullen groaned and grabbed her hips tightly. He slid her up and down his rigid hardness, thrusting deeply into her as he pulled her down onto him with hard, fast strokes.

Emily's head fell back and she cried out as he stroked into her fiercely, taking her with such passion and need that her body shook with the intensity of their lovemaking.

He lifted her from him and turned her until she was on her hands and knees. He slid between her legs, thrusting back into her. He gripped her hips and began thrusting fast into her tight body. He growled as he banged against her sweet ass with each hard thrust. She was wild beneath him, pushing back hard to meet his cock as it plunged in and out of her.

Cullen leaned forward and slid his hands under her so he could cup her breasts with both hands. He tugged at her hard nipples as he moved inside her. Her beautiful sweat slickened body slid against him and he groaned and began to run his tongue across her back.

They movement became more urgent, more frantic as their passion built swiftly. Emily's cries were almost continues as Cullen stoked the burning fire deep inside and she was coming with a scream of pure bliss as her body shuddered wildly.

Cullen answered her scream with a guttural cry. He spilled his seed over and over inside her, his pleasure so intense that he thought he wouldn't be able to bear it if it didn't end soon.

"Are you some kind of sex God?" Emily laughed breathlessly as they fell back onto the bed. "That was out of this world."

Cullen roared with laughter and hugged her close. "No I'm not," he finally said when he could breath again. "I think you may be experiencing the effects of the increased libido my blood has given you."

"Why didn't you give me some before?" she pouted and then she laughed. "I think it would have scared me to death any other day than today," she chuckled. "It felt right tonight, that I join with my husband as completely as I can without actually doing the other thing."

"It'll certainly make for an interesting honeymoon, my love," Cullen smiled, kissing her gently.

She sighed against his mouth and her eyes closed sleepily. "Don't let me sleep too long, Cullen," she whispered. "I want to try for long and slow before the night's over."

She fell asleep to the sound of her husband's beautiful laughter in her ears.

Cullen had awakened her again as she had asked. Their lovemaking had been long and slow, full of tender kisses and gentles touches. Emily had felt as if the heat of their passion would burn her alive it was so intense. They had finally fallen asleep, arms wrapped around each other, after they had taken their pleasure from each other.

To be continued..


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