Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Jaz's Facebook Short Story Competition - Entry by Andi Downs

Love Through A Mirror.

They sat gazing at each other through the mirror, each wanting to be with the other. Neither caring in which world just so long as they could be fully; to live and love.

Elyra sighed, frustrated that they had not yet found a way to be together. She needed him in her life, whole, not just fleeting moments through the mirror.

Vorago too felt the same frustration at not being able to hold his love completely but they had struggled to find a way. He was a Demon that could normally move between worlds but for some reason had had difficulty in meeting Elyra in hers.

He reached through taking her wrist as she frowned before saying "It is not enough Vorago!"

He sighed "I know love and it kills me we can not be together as yet. Do not give up hope Elyra, I will find a way."

He pulled her hand through to kiss as she sighed wanting him to hold her, to enjoy so much more than these mirrored moments.

In mere minutes it would be Halloween the one night miracles could happen. It would be their first and each secretly hoped this would be the time for them finally. Elyra jumped as she heard the downstairs Grandfather clock start to chime, Vorago too heard it watching his love as she counted down to midnight.

Vorago's grip tightened as Elyra almost stopped breathing. She pulled her hand towards her as more of Vorago came through the mirror. Neither one appeared to breathe as his body slowly came through, each worried there would be a sudden halt. Vorago was finally through as Elyra lept into hos open arms crying with joy, finally able to hug her Demon as he now did her.

He moved her back to take her face in his hands to kiss her for the first time as he had always wanted to. Elyra sighed into it, holding him tightly as they both enjoyed their kiss.

When both eased back for air, they smiled together, each so happy finally. Vorago couldn't stop touching his love, as Elyra also needed to know he was whole, really there and not going to disappear on her.

Vorago chuckled "I am whole love as are you. I guess neither of us had given thought that All Hallows Eve would be the right time, but we are together now my dear lady." He kissed her again as she sighed clinging to him.

Elyra finally said "I did not think of this particular time Vorago, I was too concerned with any form of magic to bring us together. I'm scared you will not stay though, I don't want to lose you after waiting so long and knowing we can be together."

He chuckled "We will be love, this holiday is merely a portal between our worlds, we did not realize we could use. I am not going anywhere without you my love."

Elyra sighed enjoying his tight hold, moving away from her dressing table to the bed. They sat holding each other, talking, touching, loving being together finally. Vorago reached up to take the clip from her hair, letting it all fall down around her shoulders and back. He ran his fingers through it as she leaned into him, enjoying his touch, needing it.

Elyra was touching her Demon also, feeling his strength, his muscles as she ran her hands over his chest and down his arm, feeling him shudder as he enjoyed. She opened his shirt to trace his chest, she had seen many times in the mirror, wanting to touch and now she could, loving the way he reacted to her light traces over his skin. She heard him suck in his breath as he groaned before he gripped her hair pulling her face to his to kiss.

The passion ignited by her touch needing a release as he poured it into his hungry kiss. Hearing her sigh as he lay her back onto the bed gripping her hands in his to stop her touching him further.

Vorago moved back gazing at her lust filled eyes now saying "My love I can not take much more from you."

She smiled up saying "Then don't my Demon, I need you, I have waited too long and can not wait anymore, please take me Vorago? Make me yours for all time? I have loved you for so long and can not bare to wait any longer to be yours always."

Vorago sighed, kissing her adding 'As I desire so too my love, I have hated waiting, needing this more than you can know. To take you as mine I need to mark you my love, will you let me? Will you join with me as my mate, my partner for the rest of our long lives?"

Elyra smiled up, raising herself up to meet his kiss despite her hands being held by him as she whispered against those lips "Yes Vorago, I am yours, always."

He sighed, kissing her hard, forcing her back down onto the bed before releasing her hands to undress her. Elyra did the same of Vorago, pulling his shirt off his broad shoulders, tracing the odd battle scar, even kissing them as he sighed. Once totally naked he lay her back upon her bed as he covered her with his body, kissing her, nipping at her lips as she moaned.

Elyra said "Please Vorago."

He smiled "I shall love, be patient, we have waited this long a few more moments will not hurt."

She moaned "I don't care Vorago, you can take all the time you wish afterwards."

Vorago chuckled "I shall love now that we have the rest of our lives together."

Elyra sighed as he kissed her to stop any more talk, then nipped at her lips drawing blood as she groaned in pleasure.
He kissed down her throat, to her breasts, suckling them as he gently bit each at first then added more pressure making her cry out. Vorago was loving how sensitive his mate proved to be, knowing that she would always enjoy their loving. He moved down enjoying her bare mound to find the jeweled ring in her hood smiling at the Amethysts. He had given them to her many months ago forgetting to ask what had become of them, now he knew and approved. He nipped her there drawing a cry then smile as she remembered too.

Elyra whispered "You approve?"

He chuckled "I love Elyra, very sexy too, thank you for decorating my prize love."

She grinned as he again nipped her then licked to soothe each spot, before kissing them. Vorago continued to pleasure his mate as she now freely clawed at the bed, moaning, begging for more. He chuckled to himself as he continued to draw such pleasurable sounds from her. Finally moving back up her body for another passionate kiss.

He felt her reach down to grab his cock, but stilled her saying "No love, I will not last, you may any other time Elyra, but I need to have this first time as mine, to give pleasure then share in it with you."

Elyra sighed but pulled back her hand to just touch her Demon, to enjoy his reactions above the waist for now. Though she could feel his cock twitching against her mound, wanting to feel him inside her now. He chuckled taking her hands again, holding them above her head with one of his then spreading her legs with his body as his free hand found her clit rubbing it gently.

Elyra arched up suddenly gasping; he chuckled pleased she was more than ready for him then but continued his rubbing, applying pressure the more she moaned until she started to beg, cursing him for holding back.

Vorago chuckled pleased she would be quite the little spitfire in their bedroom, or would be where ever he decided to take his mate. He leaned down to kiss her as he had her finally come, crying into the kiss as he ravaged her mouth. Elyra was gasping when he finally allowed her to catch her breath then moved to join with his love for the very first time. Vorago eased the head of his cock into her tight vessel, then as he kissed her hard, thrust hard all the way into his mates tight passage as she cried into their kiss.

Elyra was gasping again as he let her breathe, as she accepted his thickness within her small body. She managed a smile up at him before pulling him down once again to enjoy another kiss biting his lips also. He growled smiling at her, then slowly started their movements as she arched up to meet his thrusts. He watched her expressive face as she took him in fully with every hard thrust he made, loving her beautiful sensual sounds she made.

Eventually she needed more begging him to thrust harder, faster, though he also needed to and happily did so for his mate. She sighed between thrusts then cried as he increased his the power of his thrusts; harder, feeling himself hit her cervix with each powerful inward thrust. Elyra was literally crying as he brought them both to the most amazing climax, each lost in their own powerful orgasms.

As Vorago collapsed on top of his mate, biting her breast as the waves rolled over them. Drawing that all important blood to seal their bond as life mates with Elyra holding him tightly, not wanting to let go. He smiled as he kissed her again saying "We are one now my love, mates for life, a long one at that. Though I would ask that you also seal the bonds with some of my blood please?"

She smiled, a very satisfied smile as she nodded. He sliced his wrist to her gasp then moved it for her to drink a little, having it taste like a sweet nectar as it slid down her throat. She moaned as he too moaned enjoying the sensations of her delicate sucking. When she stopped at his request, she licked it watching it seal, smiling back up at her mate as he beamed down.

Elyra reached up moving his long hair to trace his face as he leaned into her palm before she said "I love you Vorago, now and forever my sexy Demon."

He chuckled replying "I love you too Elyra, my sexy mate; now and forever my love."

They kissed again as Vorago pulled her into his tight embrace, enjoying being able to just lay together finally. To have her always as his and she him. They eventually talked about their future life, what they would like to do. Elyra had a part time job in an antique book store which she loved so Vorago said he would buy her their own store, they would share in the role of buying and selling interesting books for all to enjoy.

He chuckled when she suggested a little nook for those who wished to maybe sit and read, perhaps enjoy a coffee or tea as they lost themselves in the many books they would have. He loved that idea and would happily hunt down books of interest, careful of those that would do harm in the wrong hands.

Vorago knew he had to let his family know of his new life. He knew they would be happy for him and they could use the mirror still to communicate, unless they were able to travel between the worlds. Neither dared think beyond the there and now, not wishing to think that the following day could be so different.

They did both move eventually, enjoying a shower together before Elyra led Vorago downstairs to the kitchen to enjoy something to eat and drink. Both constantly talking or touching, loving each other as they could by touch or thoughts.

Elyra joked "We will move the mirror to a spare room, I have no desire for your parents, friends or siblings to visit
unannounced Vorago, nor see us as we love each other."

He laughed "Nor I my love and a wise move I agree. So we will do later, before we do retire for the evening. Let us eat now and relax, I wish to settle with my mate that I have longed to hold with me for so long now and only later will I be content to let you move freely about."

She laughed "I have to agree there as I feel the same sexy, I'll happily enjoy as well. Food and drink first then we can move to the lounge."

They did, soon settling in front of the fire, with drinks, chatting away. Vorago had noted she already had an impressive library of books on various subjects and was happy to add to her collection over time. Elyra suggested even having a clean out, saying some could go to new readers to enjoy. He agreed but said they decide together on what to part with when they had the store to fill.

Both secretly wondered what the next day would bring, both a little wary of the magic from this day, if it would grant them a forever love and life together.

Vorago made the moves to love his mate as often as he could, where ever they moved too within Elyra's home - Ours she sent.

He smiled "Ours my love."

They napped when exhausted but held each other every moment they were awake. As the day drew on and it neared another midnight they literally clung to each other. Elyra cried silent tears hoping, praying they would not be parted ever again.

Vorago was also quiet, hugging her tightly praying for the same as they soon heard the clock start to chime again.

Elyra buried her head in his chest after a hard passionate kiss as they both hugged tightly listening to the clock as it seemed to take forever to reach 12 midnight. When the last chime had been heard, both were still holding each other tightly, barely breathing in the fear it would be their last. They remained that way for the next half hour and only when they heard the half hour chime did both release their long semi held breath.

Elyra cried openly now as he rubbed her back soothing her, relieved that they truly would be together - always.

He said "My love we are as one now and always will be, no more tears please Elyra, only happy ones are allowed in our long life love."

He kissed her before she could reply still crying "I was so scared Vorago, I have never felt so relieved as when I hear that half hour chime, still in your arms, feeling you holding me tightly. I never want to lose that, ever."

Vorago chuckled "You will not love, I will always hug you, hold you, touch as we will with of each other. You are mine and I am yours love, now and forever as we now know."

He kissed her again smiling at her as she managed to grin back touching his face, enjoying the love she felt from him as she sent her own back.

Vorago finally moved from the rug by the fire lifting his mate then carried her back to their room and bed. He left her briefly to take the mirror to the room next door, then returned to Elyra, getting into bed before drawing her back into his arms and firm hold. They kissed with I love You's then settled for their first true contented sleep. The first of many in a long life to be enjoyed by both.

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