Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Jaz's Facebook Short Story Competition - Entry by Surina Harilal

Perched on the edge of a rough wooden seat, I feel the splinters fraying the silk threads of my dress, my wedding dress. Yet I sit entranced by the subtle ripples along the mirrors surface, I run my fingers along, able to feel a faint pulse. Closing my eyes I try to concentrate on the feeling, trying to unravel this mystery, this feels familiar.

The pulse grows stronger and in a flash of insight I see a glimpse of what was... or perhaps what is to be. Grasping on the fast fading images racing through my mind's eye, I catch a glance of someone, piercing eyes, startling me from this trance.

My eyes fly open and meet a pair of murky red, soul piercing eyes. I want to scream, I want to run screaming! But all that I can do I sit immobile; a hand reaches through the veil of the mirror's surface, grabbing me by my wrist, firmly but not harshly.

I feel it drawing me closer to the mirror, my breath quickens, not simply because I am terrified, but because the blurred figure comes into focus. Behind the veil, is my Love. But how is this possible!? I had lost him so long ago on that treacherous day, when I lost myself. But now, here he stands.

"Sue! Sue! Everyone is waiting!" Pounding on the door my sister waits for a response, and as the door handle turns, I am released from my temporary paralysis. My head whips around to face the door and my sister, tears beginning to trickle a path down my face, I turn back to the mirror and it is placid once more. Nothing more than my tear stained face staring back at me, with my sister's concerned face rapidly descending upon me.

It must have been a dream; a heartbreaking dream...I chant this mantra as I walk down the aisle toward the man I have promised the rest of my life to. The man, whose easy manner pulled me from my depression, and taught me to smile again, looking at him I feel myself settle. I reach him with teary eyes and a trembling smile and as we both face the Priest a sight behind him catches my eye.

A mirror.

Flashing red eyes, hurt, anger, disappointment... I do not know. The mirror stills once more.

Winds pick up, a slight tremor shakes the walls and a whispered voice is heard...

I. Am. Free.

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