Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Jaz's Facebook Short Story Competition - Entry by Tabbie Lea

Rebecca sat at her vanity staring at herself in the mirror, she was only four hours from her wedding day. She dreaded saying the words "I do" to the man who would be her future husband, the warlock.

He was a hateful man, using his black arts to get his way whenever he needed. The demons he summoned were used to kill no matter good or evil he would kill anyone who got in his way. He didn't respect his demons that he summoned, instead he treated them as tools; something to do his dirty work.

The Warlock got what he wanted and after tonight, when the wedding was over, his final task would have been complete taking. Rebecca as a bride. his final task to world domination taking the one and only heir to the throne.

Rebecca at first said no, knowing the man's evil means. She raged war on him hoping to defeat him. But after men were slain and her kingdom overtaken she was left with no choice.

After the world, the warlock wanted to take things further. The warlock then wanted to take on the underworld; the demon world. Rebecca was afraid if that were to succeed everyone would die including her.

Rebecca didnt know what to do now that she was stuck. How does one defeat one so powerful? She cried silent tears for her people, for the innocent souls she knew was going to be destroyed. Rebecca gave up hope nothing or no one could destroy the warlock.

"Woman, why do you weep?"

Rebecca's head snapped up searching for the voice immediately thinking it was one of the Warlocks minions. Rebecca could see nothing no one was in the room with her until she turned to look back at the mirror.

"Answer my question girl!"

The demon was in the mirror glaring at her but Rebecca did not recognize him as one of her future husband's minions. He looked huge, at least what she could see of him, his long pitch black hair flowed freely down around shoulders and his bare chest had no markings but was an odd shade of blue almost a slate blue.

His sudden movement caused Rebecca to cringe with fear as she watched the unknown demon reached through and grasped her wrist.

"I can save you from him! We know what he has done, what he is planning and master has sent me to persuade you to join me."

"How is that possible? I spent all of my resources trying to defend my land, my castle, my people so how is it possible that you a mere demon can defeat him?"

"So, you are more than a pretty trinket to be played with, I am impressed. I can defeat him because master has made it so but only if you join me."

"What do you mean when you say, join you?"

Realizing her wrist he turned his hand palm up he encouraged Rebecca to join him. "Come with me now and I will explain everything."

After several moments she laid her hand in his and gingerly stepped through the glass...

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  1. Oh wow!! You left me ready to read more! :) Excellent except for realizing instead of releasing.