Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Darci's December 2012 entry

He watched her float across the room in the arms of another. He had dreamt of holding her close, close enough to feel her pulse on his. But that would be impossible. He was just a servant to the family, a lowly human slave, and she was the only child to the ruling family. Shoving his serving tray into the hands of his best friend, he was half across the room before he realized what was happening. “May I cut in?” he asked her current partner, hoping beyond hope that the man would say yes. To his surprise, as well as everyone else in the room, the man acquiesced. Stepping tentatively towards her, he decided to embrace the moment and grasped her waist and extended hand. At that moment the band struck up a new slow tune that required his body to be closer to her’s. Not believing his good fortune he pulled her closer. At that moment her human side breathed in exasperation, but her other half screamed one word, “MINE.”

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