Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Phoenixbreeze's December 2012 entry

The smell of blood was strong in the air as he ran through the forest, tinged with the scent of the pine needles littering the floor of the forest. Stopping he closed his eyes and lifted his nose to scent the wind, determined to detect the direction of the odour.

Once he found it he burst into motion, his body a blur of fur as he dodged the trees in his quest to reach the source of the blood. The feral part of him recognising the base of the smell underlying the iron richness of the blood… his mate was out there and she was hurt.

Nearing the edge of his territory he slowed his motion, in this area danger was something real and tangible to any of his kind. He knew humans would not accept the presence of shape-shifter without fear and loathing; which in turn would mean death and destruction for his pack, his family.

The scent of blood was stronger now along with the smell of scorched metal car triggering random images to pop into his head as to the source of this metallic emanation. His superior sight spotted the gleaming mass of mangled automobile lying at the edge of the road that twisted itself on the edge of the forest.

Eyes fixed on the wreckage he used all of his other senses to reconnoitre the area. Sensing no danger other than the obviously semi scorched hunk of metal in front of him; he shifted into his human form. As shifters could not conjure clothing he stood naked, eyes narrowed and locked on the slumped form just outside of the driver’s door.

He now understood the human term ‘heart in his mouth’ as he watched the female’s chest raise and lower albeit shallowly, indicating she was alive. Knowing some of his pack members were on their way to back him up he strode out of the tree line and approached the unconscious form, going to one knee beside her.

There was blood on her face, tracked down from her temple where she had obviously taken a blow to her head; otherwise he could not detect any other injury. That was not good, he knew how fragile human were and a car crash could cause internal injury’s his senses could not find here and now, she needed medical assistance if she was to fulfil his dreams of having a mate and a family.

Even in his human form the sound of the approaching pack was loud to his ears and he growled a warning deep in his chest as they exited the heavily wooded area he had deliberately cultivated to deter intruders into his territory. The feet sounds slowed behind him and as he glanced back, he saw his chief warrior leading his crew out, heads lowered in deference to his position as Alpha of the pack. One by one the wolves adopted their human facades and hit a knee.

Torn between the knowledge he needed to get the injured female medical help and not wanting any male near her until he could mark her and make her his own, he took a deep breath.

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