Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Liliana's December 2012 entry

It was just one second, no, less than a second, and the dungeon was painted with dark hot blood. The huge dark shadow overwhelmed the room. Oh he loved that smell. He just loved it. Blood, sweat, and fear; too much fear. By now his own friends were frightened. They've heard about this side of the man leading them. But no, no, they had never imagined it. And now, they could never forget it. Staring at the head rolling beneath his legs, the men realized that a new era has just begun.

"Mine. This world is mine..."

With these words being announced in a thick hiss, the men kneeled to Alexander, The Emperor of Darkness.

25 years later

"My lord, the soldiers are ready", Roth said barely raising his head to see his master's reaction.

Alexander did not have to look at this man to sense his fear. After all of these long years serving him, Roth was still terrified of the Emperor, and Alexander didn't mind this feeling. In fact, he enjoyed its scent tickling his sensitive nose. He did leave some bad nightmares for his men to remind them of that night when the previous emperor was set to execution in the most merciless ways. Hell, some of them still wake up during the night when the pair of the most terrifying black eyes haunts their dreams. Even if they were
their lord's eyes, they couldn't but fear them.

Roth stood aside while Alexander entered the training hall. The loud screams of the men drew a little smile in his mind. 25 years have passed since his controlling of the whole world. Still Alexander made sure that his soldiers were the best and the most savage creatures that could conquer any planet he wishes to. He could hear the shouts of his commander before he sat eyes on him.

Jackson was the best…He stood at the height of 6.5 feet, yet still shorter than Alexander who was 6.8 feet. With huge broad shoulders and his muscular physique, Jackson was the monster of that hall indeed. No one even dared to look at him while receiving the unbelievable commands of the torturing training. He was trained by Alexander himself after saving his life in one deadly battle at the Vonics Mountains. Since that day, Jackson has proven his loyalty over and over to his friend, and when Alexander became the new emperor, nothing changed. Jackson was ready to die for that man.

The Emperor of Darkness entered the training hall, and every soldier went pale. The sound of the commander that was howling few seconds ago was shut down immediately, and the whole training hall kneeled to the man standing on the high stairs.

Yes they feared him. He was so sure, and again, he just loved it. The scent of that fear with blood and sweat was his favorite indeed. He never got bored when it came to that fragrance.
Then, Jackson yelled the usual command that announces their loyalty to the emperor:" obey your lord!"
Instantly, in one swift move, the soldiers stood up and punched their chests with their fists.

"Till death."
Their terrifying roar was mixed with the sound of almost crushed bones. The echo of the scream that shook the entire castle kept going like a melody in Alexander's ears. They belonged to him. Everybody and everything belonged to him, and he wouldn't accept any less.

It was his right which he has earned that night, the right to be the Emperor of Darkness. 

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