Monday, 31 December 2012

La Chica's December 2012 entry

"Do you have any concept of the danger you put yourself in!?"

It wasn't the first time she had heard 'reckless, impetuous, volatile' to describe her and surely wouldn't be the last. That is what made her the best at what she did.

For the second time she was dealing with a new Alpha. She had been second to his grandfather, unheard of for a female, and voluntarily stepped down when his father took over but continued to serve him with the same fierce loyalty. Now she was getting her ass chewed by this child, whom she had practically raised, though she didn't look much older than him.

There was no doubt in her mind he would eventually take after his predecessors. She knew he had it in him but she also knew she intimidated him and why not she was revered in the pack, had been for centuries. However by the way he was letting her have it this time, it seemed he was finally growing a pair. 'Good for him' she thought as only a proud parent could. Her face and stance never deviating from the hard veteran beta that she was.

The weary sigh that accompanied the hand he raked through his shaggy hair said it all. "I don't know what these suicidal tendencies of yours are all about but you need to rethink your methods. I would hate to lose my best Beta, dismissed." he said in the most authoritative voice he could muster when it came to her, but she could still hear the love and concern in his voice however much he might try to hide it.

Many times she had been asked why she was still a Beta but in all honesty she didn't know what she would do if she wasn't.The truth was she had been around for so long, seen her friends find their mates and form families some even having great grandchildren by now. Her own litter mates had given her many nieces and nephews who also had their own little ones.

The children of the pack came to see her as another mother, teacher, and most hated and feared disciplinarian, eventually earning their love and respect as they grew to understand, but it would never be the same as if she had had her own family. Again it brought back the memory that had plagued her for most of her life.

Not long after she had come of age she had been sent on an assignment one that only a female would have been able to fulfill. Such assignments were few and far between and she was not about to waste it. This had been her chance to prove herself to her pack and her Alpha.

While following a person of interest through the dark streets of the seaside town she had caught a scent that threatened to pull her away from the man she had been tracking. The fresh crisp scent of the ocean called to her as it never had before but she was puzzled as to why her wolf was having such difficulty resisting it. With unyielding resolve she continued her mission but promised her wolf they would come back.

Several hours later she had comeback to pursue the scent that refused to leave her. She came to a place near the pier but as she scented blood, death and a vampire nearby, likely taking his prey, she decided not to proceed. She felt a deep sadness for the human that she was witnessing being taken more than she should have, but she was no match for a vampire. 'Another day then' she told her wolf they would find the source of that scent as it became more and more faint.

                                                           *    *    *    *

A familiar face entered the cabin. "Good Morning young man, sleep well?" The stately gentleman asked.
"Umm...good morning sir. What happened?" The young captain asked as he searched for the stab wound he was certain he had suffered the night before.

It was going to be a very difficult question to answer, more so because his first feeding was going to have to happen soon and he had to accept what he now was. Luckily they had set sail quickly and they were far enough away form the town to not be a threat.

The elder businessman thought very highly of the young captain, they had been in business together for several years. He was one of the few honest sailors left as was his father before him and as a merchant those connections were vital. However, the loyalty the elder vampire had received from this family over the years, was what had ultimately prompted him to sire the captain.

They made they're return to the town with the shadow of the evening. The elder vampire was proud of his youngling having adapted so quickly to his new situation. He knew he had made the right choice. He had a comfortable life there. Soon he would have to sell his businesses and move on, but would rather not do it hastily. However his goal was to depart within a year at the most. Months passed, deals were struck and arrangements were made. It was on their final day in port that the newly heightened vision of the young captain, spied her in the distance.

He had seen her from his ship, the night he had lost his human life. She had been lurking in the darkened alley and he had thought to follow her to ensure her safety as well as gain information about who she was. By the time he had raced down to the pier he had lost any trace of her. Now here she was but there was something more, the fragrant scent of freesia invaded his senses and consumed his every thought in that very moment. He was moving before he even realized it. "And where exactly do you think you are going young man?"

"My apologies sir, but that is the girl I had told you about while we were away. I must go to her, there is something about her scent that calls to me."  He said with a hint of desperation that made his sire a bit nervous this was more than a simple infatuation. If she was meant for him he could not keep them apart and he would end up with two younglings to mentor. Just the thought exhausted him, but would give in to altered plans if need be.

"Very well let's have a look then" he sighed as he came to where his youngling stood looking down towards the town. "Yes, she is quite lovely, but we've discussed your situation regarding huma..." As her scent finally reached him. "Are you out of your mind! Do you not realize she is were? You have no idea of the repercussions should you pursue her she is forbidden to you!"

"Why! If anyone could understand what I have become it would be another nonhuman regardless of the species! Something draws me to her and I need to know what that is!" His voice pleaded.

"I forget how new you are to all of this. I know you make a good point but it is not that simple. Our kind would never allow it, they destroyed their own queen over it! I am among the few privy that information because my own sire was there and watched it stricken from records. Now I entrust you with this knowledge as well. I would not have you meet the same fate.
We will set sail within the hour." He announced


"Do not force my hand boy, you will do as your sire commands! I promised your father I would protect you and I will keep my word."

The young captain had little choice against the will of his maker but knew he would have another opportunity soon or he would make one.

The elder vampire knew this was not the end it and feared for his protege. The stories passed down to him from his sire were frightening. However to keep true mates apart would be just as dangerous if not more. Thankfully they had not yet had a chance to meet and  with any luck, distance would keep curiosity at bay. A thought then came to him. He would seek out an old friend who had the gift of manipulating and even erasing certain memories. Hopefully it would not come to that but he was very doubtful.

                                                          *    *    *    *    *

'There it is again' she thought as the same scent she tried to forget about the last few months began to dominate her. She followed it towards the pier but again the scent of a vampire slowed her pace, this time another joined him. They would never risk exposure among humans so she felt relatively safe but maintained a fair distance. She could see the docked ships and it seemed one was preparing to set sail soon. There were two vampires on deck arguing in tones too low for her to hear from where she was. "We leave within the hour!" she heard one of them say. She could wait until they left. She noticed the younger of the two seemed reluctant to leave. He was very handsome, but then their kind always were.

As the ship began to move she began to make her way toward the pier. Following the scent, she noticed it was moving as well. She gasped as she realized it was coming from the departing ship. She found herself running towards the end of the pier but didn't have a plan after that. All she could see in the distance was the handsome young vampire she had seen earlier.

                                                        *    *    *    *    *

She awoke from her tormented memories as she had on many occasions, each time more certain that her mate had been on that ship. Many times she had hoped to cross paths with him, wondered if he had survived among the two vampires that sailed with him, but was sure that was impossible.

Over the years her assumption the vampires had taken her mate had made her resentful and the face of the young captain was the one engraved in her mind. Her alpha was right about one thing though she had become suicidal, and that was what made her the most lethal member of his pack. She held on to the hope that one day she and the captain would settle accounts.


  1. This is an intriguing piece, it would be excellent if developed into a full story. Well done

  2. Definitely has the potential of a full blown story brilliant but please continue FTI first love all your work

  3. It's my first attempt at an actual storyline instead of just a character description, so thank you very much it means a lot . :-)


  4. Oh WOW! That could SO be in the FTI series! Awesome!