Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Gwendolyn's December 2012 entry

She could feel it, so deep it touched the core of her very being..Hunger. Slowly, she opened her eyes and without moving a muscle she let her eyes wander the room. Each object was just a thing, she felt no emotion as she surveyed the room; with its wheat colored walls, blood red curtains and various mementos of their life together scattered about. The hunger was all there was, it staved off all other emotion; it kept the pain at bay. She briefly allowed her thoughts to touch on the source of her pain and then, she slammed a door deep in her mind shut.. once again the only feeling was the deep abiding ever present hunger. The smile that slowly crossed her face was one of satisfaction; she knew she was once again in control. Jeff Alsens the man that betrayed her, her mate, her husband of 18 years would pay; Shyla was angry; deadly angry.

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